Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

"Boruto my pride and joy my only child..."

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Why can't we have more tragedy kino?

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Because they will fuck it up.

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If you don't consider kawaki attacking the leaf after everything as a tragedy then maybe you should read another series

>Dude, just wait until the series ends

Kagura just died and you got
Tragedyfags are annoying. They would rather have all the cast dead but Boruto.

Is this the only manga HAWAWAWA that we've gotten?

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Yeah, but i also want MANGA tragedy.

I don't suppose we will ever see a Sasuke last fight with Rinnegan + Hashirama cells arms back before he dies, right?

Considering his eye is gone, probably not.

Madara's eyes were gona because of Izanagi and Hashirama cells healed it back.
I still have hopes tho.

Madara's eyes were blind, Sasuke's eye has been gouged out. I don't think jamming Hashirama cells in his eyehole will regrow it but they're basically plot material so fuck it, maybe it would work.

I haven't kept up to date. has technology ninja invented a gun yet?

There is this.

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Hinata's massive tits
Tayuya's futa dick
this is a great pair
Kibabros...they are mocking us...

When will Code stop jobbing?

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> Sumiresisters... Is this the only manga HAWAWAWA that we've gotten?

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>boruto and sasuke arrive at lab
>mitsuki and sarada follow them
>naruto arrives
>are told to stay out by ino
>kawaki follows naruto and tells boruto to remember this promise
>starts killing boruto
>sasuke and mitsuki go in to kill kawaki
>eida notices, the doors open and code tries to stop kawaki from taking his sacrifice
Who wins?

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pity bump

This thread is deader than my sex life

Sarada finding another man I don't want that!!!

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Mandatory pic
Sasuke is about to job his life away it seems

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So I think this is how we're going to segue from this arc into the Kumo arc next
>Boruto kills Funamushi but before he does he learns he's the son of Killer Bee
>after returning to Konoha Boruto questions Naruto about him and learns that he was the tailed beast master who taught him
>Boruto assumes that learning to control a tailed beast can't be all that different from learning to control Karma
>because he's started blaming his refusal to use Karma for why Kagura died
>or maybe Funamushi outright says as much during their fight
Boom. Boruto has a reason to go to Kumo that's both personal and progresses the plot.

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>Doctor, turn off my simp inhibitors!

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Old Bee looks cool

I got three weird theories I just came up with last night while in bed
>Funamushi will stain his clothes with Seiren's blood after she dies
No real reason for this. It'd just be cool and he's crazy enough to do it.

>Kyoho and Boro are related
Not much for this either aside from both of them being Big Guys with purple eyes.

And finally
>Amado can regenerate because he has nanomachines
Don't you think it's weird that Code would first remove Amado's shirt in order to torture him? Why not just stab him through his clothes? Unless he's actually able to heal like Kawaki and will want to hide that fact from the rest of Konoha.

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This band right fucking here, is Naruto inspired. Good shit

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It's almost time...

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>they even gave him his signature run

Which could very well be underwhelming. We have no idea what events lead to that ep 1 scene or who’s dead. Kawakis character can easily get fucked over the next few chapters if they have him lash out over some random bullshit bc muh he must be evil which just sets up a terrible foundation for the rest of the story. Being a boruto fan is getting hyped then getting disappointed at least 50% of the time.

Yea, they have the plot excuse if they want to bring it back imo, and I hope it happens

They wouldn't just remove Sasuke's Rinnegan just to magically bring it back.

>implying Amado can't repair them


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Wait, is Storm 5 confirmed or is there a new game at least?

A popular leaker on twitter who's leaked tons of stuff before, most recently about the demon slayer game. Has now posted this.

Boro is more likely related to Mei because he's possibly from Kiri and has Lava Release.

There is also something interesting about their names. While Meis means "niece" and Boro means "tattered" in japanese, Mei can mean "great one" in latin and Boro means "great people" in India. An interesting relation in other languages.

Suicide postponed.

The only thing I'm excited about is watching compilation clips of all the jutsus and then realizing I've seen 75% of them before since they keep fucking recycling them.

Baryon Mode Naruto for Storm 5 confirmed!?

Mei needs to have at least one baby already…

Isn't he supposed to be orange?

Would it be wise for Storm 5 to go all the way to Isshiki? We would have to wait a long time for Storm 6 at the pace the manga is going.

You actually think they would make Storm 5 and not include Baryone mode and Isshiki?

Baryon Mode and Isshiki would be adapting to much content unless they're just unlockable or DLC. Storm 4 might just adapt the first anime arc all the way to the chunin exams.

Why not? They waited 7 years to make a new game.

That was because Storm 4 was rushed and did not meet CC2's vision, so they didn't want to really do another Storm game after.

>They wouldn't just [insert anything]
user, I...

No it wasn't that. They actually blew Bandai's budget for the game.

They absolutely made the game they wanted to make and more.

"Hinata my pride and joy my only wife..."

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Anime stills blew the budget?

If that was the case the 360 games would have the best budget of all the Naruto games.

I just realized that Amado is Odama spelled backwards.

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We should get one Storm for pre-timeskip and one for post.

Maybe Boro had red hair in his youth?

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We should at least get new versions of most of the Shippuden characters. Team Taka is in desperate need of an update.

>Anime stills blew the budget?
That was due to time constraints. There's unfinished CGI cutscenes in the game files. I hope if they ever remaster Storm 4 in the future they replace the stills with actual cutscenes.

>Amado attacks Naruto with a scientific Odama Rasengan

>Refuses to acknowledge Boruto
>Would rather draw for other artists, athletes, etc
Boruto is like an unwanted stepson

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>Drew for Kubo.
>Drew for this guy.
Borutobtos... I can't...

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