One Piece

Early leaks this week according to some anons, what are your predictions for the gigafist attack?

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he misses

Kaido manages to pop him.

I'm still assblasted Moria didn't show up to give Luffy shadows from Kaido's army.

Can we leave Wano now?

Who took care of Usopp after his mother died?

Both translator wrote it as Haki, but was kaido talking about haki the power or haki the ambition which fuels the power?

Love yourselves, drink a lot of water, excercise your body, tomodachis

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Waiting patiently for the true couple to be together in the manga.

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Does it really matter? People need to understand that his whole haki spiel is his own opinion. Considering the dude is a bitter, evil, suicidal drunkard that doesn't know what Roger actually did to get to one piece you should take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

I mean it seems like Kaido is pretty worn tf out, generally Oda doesn't draw scratches/wounds on Kaido's Dragon form but I think this is finally the end for Kaido, but idk about him dying considering how much it took to kill whitebeard

Kaido was huffing between sentences while attacking last chapter. He might not get knocked out but rather get too tired from beating Luffy's shit to continue fighting. This still counts as a win for Luffy

Most of the village people

Well yea, he fought like several different people lol my question though, are the marines gonna come and arrest him?? like they did with Crocodile & Doffy etc..

Oda made Kaido's crew too big to easily sweep under the rug like that. There are so many beast pirates that defected mid raid that Oda has to explain what will happen to them in detail. Yamato will likely not join the crew but rather join the fleet as a captain of the reformed beast pirates. The ones that didn't defect get arrested.

If Kaido isn't finished next chapter, I'm going to drop One Piece for at least for a week.

Zoro will kill Kaido. Yamato will join, reformed beast pirates will be forced to help rebuild Wano. Still actually no clue what happens to the F6 or Calamities, Big Meme will run away.

Didn't Jimbe just join the crew?? I don't see why Yamato would join WORORORORO I was thinking more of something like a reformation leader like OP said

Isn't this the 10th time in the arc Luffy is going for the supposed ultimate fight ending attack

I just want this shit to be over, im feeling really hyped for the next arc


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Do people still read this shit?

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Don’t worry Koby will make that reunion happen

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>Yamato will likely not join the crew but rather join the fleet as a captain of the reformed beast pirates.
Be careful, you may die of copium overdose.

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Aren't holiday spoilers supposed to come out next Sunday?

He's been huffing since he fought that scabbards, doesn't mean shit.

Wano Panel Time (909-1047):
>1. Luffy: 1447
>2. Kaido: 843
>3. Zoro: 836
>4. Kin'emon: 589
>5. Sanji: 496
>6. Momo: 476
>7. Linlin: 445
>8. Oden: 437
>9. Kiku: 424
>10. Yamato: 379
>11. Queen: 376
>12. Nami: 354
>13. Law: 348
>14. Kawamatsu: 343
>15. Tama: 311
>16. Orochi: 300
>17. Kid: 287
>18. Raizo: 283
>18. Hiyori: 283
>20. Usopp: 272
>21. Hyogoro: 260
>22. Denjiro: 256
>23. Shinobu: 254
>24. Robin: 249
>25. Franky: 248
>25. Chopper: 248
>27. Inu: 240
>28. King: 234
>29. Ashura: 231
>30. Kanjuro: 222
>31. Neko: 203
>32. Hawkins: 168
>33. Brook: 167
>34. Killer: 162
>35. Marco: 143
>35. Ulti: 143
>37. Jinbe: 141
>38. Izo: 130
>39. Drake: 127
>40. Yasu: 118
>41. Black Maria: 113
>42. Page One: 109
>42. Toko: 109
>44. Apoo: 108
>45. Sasaki: 104
>46. Onimaru: 98
>47. Toki: 97
>48. Who's Who: 92
>49. Carrot: 88
>50. Roger: 83

Kaido is now number2
Yamato is now number10

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Two outcomes:
1.) Luffy defeats Kaido, making Oda claim he can't win just by punching harder empty words
2.) The fight is not over yet dragging this shit out even more
Which is the worse?

2) because it doesn't ruin the story as much

how the fuck do you even arrest him? I struggle to imagine seastone cuffs holding him

Ulti only in 143 panels and with more motivation, personality and grace than someone with more than 300.
Maria with 113 and on par with Ulti but with super nuance and a trauma that didn't even need a flashback to shine (but I would have loved a flashback).
When Oda cares it's amazing what he can make.

Don't disrespect my man Kawamatsu

Ulti's impact was great

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Damn I respect the work put into compiling this list, it’s a very interesting piece of information

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Not friends.

Did Kalifa fuck Iceburg?

Mam/Kaidou in Impel Down by the end of the arc.
The WG are nearby, possible?

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Redon didn't post any hints yet so I'm calling it bullshit

Gotta love all the artists that depicted Yamato as a bully

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Correct. Nakamas.

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ZKK vlvros how we coping

He's with Blackbeard for now but maybe he sides with Luffy during that confrontation

Actually it's when he cares that he fucks shit up because his standards are all retarded, it's when he just throws shit out the door is when it works.

Yamato doesn't have any friends, spee.

Yamato spends more time with Momo than Luffy
She won't join

You mean they drew what's canon?

You forgot that the manga made it clear that she has no friends or nakamas. Did you miss it?


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She's just doing what's in her nature

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Franky spent more time with Usopp than with Luffy.

>there was a schizo at worstgen making death threats at the animators because of this scene

I swear people are way too fucking autistic for fun nowadays

Yamato has a dick.
The oni race gender is different from humans.

Kaido dodges.

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The Straw Hat Pirates Crew has
>10 main members (which include a former warlord, a prince, the aprentice of a legendary craftsman and others)
>an Adam-tree wood ship with high-tech upgrades
>a half-century old giant whale and a piece of soul of Charlotte "Big Mom" Linlin of the Four Emperors, as mascots
>support from the leaders of entire islands and other states like the ones from Drum Island, Alabasta, Dresrossa, Water 7, Fishman Island, Zou or Wano (one of these includes support from Poseidon, the ancient weapon, btw)
>friendly relationships with other crews like the Fire Tank Pirates, the Heart Pirates and (to some extent) even some marines, the scientific military kingdom of Germa and the revolutionary army
>a separated armada of over 5,600 pirates of seven different crews who swear loyalty to the main one out of pure respect and gratitude
>the location and info of three of the four Road Poneglyphs that mark the coordinates to Laugh Tale, the island that holds the hidden truth of the world
>the will of the legendary Joyboy and the pirate king Gold D. Roger, as well as the power of the warrior of liberation the world goverment fears, the God of the Sun Nika
>the glory of defeating (and sometimes even make use of) multiples members of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the strongest of the Four Emperors, known as the strongest living creature of the world at the moment, all in not even three years of voyage
The "Fifth of the Four Emperors" thing will be something of the past after this arc, at this point the entire world will start calling Luffy "the next pirate king" now

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Like Zoro his fans hates fun

Momo is a strawhat?

>there was a schizo at worstgen making death threats at the animators because of this scene


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Luffy only wants 10 friends

It would've been perfect if they implied Zero to go means Zoro Kills Crocodile

Usopp wasn't a strawhat after he fought Luffy.


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Nope. This is actually easily falsifiable. Outside of Yamato and Wano, you can actually count on your fingers the amount of characters that are important and he don't give a fitting backstory or motivation for their actions (that the SH dealt with, of course). Even in wano there are plenty of characters with amazing stories, designs and backgrounds.
He shit the bed with Yamato and the raid, I agree, but let's not act as if he was always a shit writer.

If only canon Luffy thought the same.

Luffy has many friends

Which is why Yamato will never be his friend
She'll just be a tagalong crewmate that he is indifferent towards

Okay here a question:
If Yamato refers to herself as a guy because Oden was a guy, will she also try to fuck women because Oden fucked women?
She should get dicked as soon as possible, her "I'm Oden" shit is really annoying.

Kaido is damaged and forced to use awakening.

user there are 9 scabbards, Momo, and Oden, that's already more than two hands.

ll lines spoken by Luffy to Yamato:
>Yeah. You didn't give off the impression you would.. but I need to get a move on!
>Where are you even going!?I'm not gonna just drop everything and follow some person I don't know!
>You've got five seconds! Well then, count me out!
>You bastard!
>Whoa, a journal.
>Huh? You said you were kaido's son!
>Are these the handcuffs the prisoners wear!?
>Do you want me to remove them?
>But how can I be sure that you will fight alongside us?
>I'm warning you with or without you, I'm going to beat Kaidou!!
>I get it. I'm going to remove them!!
>Show me the way quicly, or Momo is going to get killed!
>Yeah, even the retainers are still alive.
>Now as we were saying let's remove these. It should be fine as long as we do that, right?
>Wait, Yama-o!!
>The decisive battle is about to start!! But without us!!
>Yama-o!! I'll Leave momo to you! You and shinobu protect him!!
>What do you mean 'is it okay''!! Hurry up and go!!
>Yama-o! You were keeping kaido busy for us?!
>Thanks a lot, we owe you big time!!
>Yama-o! Help that coward!

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>Deniers can't even count to 10.
Many such cases.

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From what we heard and seen from Zoan awakenings I don’t think they are something that you trigger willingly like paramecia

>Implying Oden didn't fuck guys as well
She absolutely tried to form a harem of girls though

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And people still say he's too serious.

Luffy's first:
that fat amazon chick
>nude bathing
>dry hump

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Nice missing scar.

Oden fucked anything with a pulse

>toei censored it

Do you know what that is? That's 10. Stay in school, kiddo.

>She'll just be a tagalong crewmate that he is indifferent towards
My copefolder keeps getting better and better.

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Learn to read, user
>Outside of Yamato and Wano


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Yeah, you can tell how he warms up to her, your point?

>Only Haki matters!
>Only punching harder matters!
When did the series become like this

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What will be Vivi vs against BB?

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I can see him doing this as a "oh it's part of their culture to fuck men as a man, would be rude if I refuse" situation while being on Rogers or Newgates ship.

Anime scene

I just said she's joining the crew you dumb illiterate, I'm saying Luffy doesn't need to like her since it's not his call whether she joins or not

>Still twice as many lines as Carrot has said in general in the entire arc

chapter 1

>Counting Vivi but not the Merry and Karl
Shit post

A crewmate is still a crewmate dumbass, Yamato WILL be a Strawhat, but Luffy won't get a say in the matter

Warm up to her.
>Asked to join twice
Luffy changed the subject
>Every time she gets close to him he send her away.
>The only time he truly smiled to her was when she finally understood that he wanted her to fuck off.
Truly he showed how much he loves to be by her side.

>at this point the entire world will start calling Luffy "the next pirate king" now
I like this- but in that case I then expect a plot twist in which someone else becomes pirate king

You can always make a version of the manga where the fists aren't colored black so it can be exactly like pre timeskip where Luffy would punch his enemies really hard to beat them.

Merry is dead

>She's joining
>Luffy doesn't need to like her

Holy shit... this levels of cope shouldn't be possible!!! HAHAHA

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>he still thinks it's not going to be about half the Straw Hats and Fleet captains vs. Blackbeards

Moria is a mindbroken bitch why would he come to help Luffy.

>Yamato WILL be a Strawhat, but Luffy won't get a say in the matter
What are you smoking user?

>since it's not his call whether she joins or not
Why wouldn't it be Luffy's call if she joins or no? If he doesn't want her to join, she won't


man am I sick of the fishman island outfits I get that the time skip started from there but goddamn do I hate those outfits

Yeah, I meant general. Anime Yamato's a whole different breed from manga.

She's going to force herself onto the ship like Oden did dumbass, this was obvious from the start
You got outed as a speedreader of fucking Yea Forums posts, you don't recover from that

Based tomato

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>I'm saying Luffy doesn't need to like her since it's not his call whether she joins or not
Let me guess: the crewmates that she didn't interact will vow for her and fight with Luffy to stay by her side.

Not a chance.
If she joins she automatically becomes his friend, that's how Luffy is.
It's like you don't even read the manga.

Yeah Yamato's arc made it clear that her whole purpose of going out and adventuring was
to get power and come back to defeat Kaido, protect Wano, and open Wano's borders.
After she learned about the raid and that the scabbards and Momo are alive, she swears
on her life to protect Momo. Even when Kaido says just go out and sail during their fight she
refutes it by saying she'll protect and open Wano. She reminisces and is mystified by
Oden and how Luffy is like Roger but her goal is to open and protect Wano like Oden.

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Just like how Oden didn't force himself onto Whitebeard's ship, right? There is nothing Luffy can do to make her stay behind

Ugh, you guys are retarded. I'm out of here.

How much in-breeding goes on in the Charlotte Family?

the answer is clearly both