Good design wasted on shit anime

Good design wasted on shit anime

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No, this one is an example.

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The entirety of BnHA.

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Shizuku's design is wasted on a throwaway character

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Date a Live

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Yuri and Androssi sex

I haven't watched season 2 yet, but this gets way too much hate.

It was good

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Sena and Kuroneko

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Hori has an issue with constantly introducing new characters and then doing nothing with them

Any DxD female

Every time I see Hotaru's design, it becomes less & less ridiculously hot. Probably because she has a lot more competition these days.

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Most magic side girls in Raildex. Especially Birdway and Itsuwa.

people say shit anime but never say which other genre or anime she should've been in

a actual romcom instead of a infomercial

>a actual romcom
please please please die I beg you end your pathetic existence

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Anime so bad she literally died

It really just drops the ball since they never really tackle the problem. Bizarre how this "fuck puritans" anime has its villains be the pervs.
Anna a cute though.

looks literally the same
nuanime is so unoriginal

I enjoyed this anime

Even in death her voice continues to bring me joy. You're still here and yet every day you accomplish nothing.

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>generic big boobed blonde
how is this a good character design?

this is a good anime

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what the fuck is this image, what is he holding to

I like big boobed blonde


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Just so you know user, I hate you 1% more every time I see you post that boring hag

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It was wasted on her role. I thought she was gonna be Simon's second partner, but it ends up being Rossiu of all people while she is just support/damsel in distress

there isn't even much appreciable good fanart of her

what a waste

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Kek. Forgot about this garbage.
Fuck moeshit

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You're all little babies. Here's a whole squad of waste.

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Good design good anime

It is honestly amazing how hard this design fucking carried this show. I'm thoroughly convinced it never would have seen adaptation if this particular character design wasn't in it. The guy who wrote this trash should just stop writing, and offer his service designing characters for other people instead.

They actually made a spin-off specifically dedicated to her in a world filled with young girls, just read the novels.

He’s the only romcom protag who has non retarded hair

Turn your head. It's nipples.

This right here.
Tried to watch it for the clock chick, but couldn’t make it past 3 episodes.

I honestly wish she is in the Author new series.

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she is but the disrespect her character and mocking she gets incredibly devalues her
I have no idea why author would write series about female cuckoldry

it's unironically the only thing i remember from it

Eh, Kyouka was only esdeath-like in the first chapter.
After that, she became a shitty tsundere.

how's kyouak tsundere?
she is literally forced to be with some noodle arms faggot with no principles who molests her using the reward system