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Why is everyone so obsessed with Riho? Why her in particular?

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Riho is worst girl

Because she looks like Orihime

I don't see the resemblance

Girls named *i*o are autism magnets

Nobody gives fuck about her character
Where is the new chapter?

30 min

apparently it's a rather serious chapter for today

How serious?

>New chapter is out
>It's Ruka chapter again
I can't believe Ruka got her arc before Ami

no actual fanservice

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the rest of the gang scheming something

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i've seen this doujin before

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Wrong manga

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I think it's only one or two people

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and done
maybe i'll come back with a bit of summary of this but hopefully someone with better grasp at japanese can do that

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Riho will win

>no actual fanservice
that's ok, Mao's still hot, even when not doing anything lewd

>the rest of the gang scheming something
against the original cast, or the old man?

it seems mao is finding a new place for the new gang to live in so they no longer have to bother hayato
and yeah the rest of the new gang will help ririka's effort to open a new shop

but at least they'll still be in the same neighborhood so maybe we can still meet them

Don't suppose you guys can help me with something?
I've been experimenting with compression/optimization programs and options, and seem to have found good ones, but I'm trying to make sure I haven't subtley made the image look worse in some way that I can't see.
I look between this image, and the compressed one, and I honestly can't see any difference. I wanted to double-check, and have other people look at them, and see if anyone can notice something I've missed?

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and here's the compressed/optimized one for comparison

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I called it since the beginning this ugly old man is Ami's grandfather

I wonder if this is the guy who used to always talk about Ami, but also got her name wrong each time?

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Ninofags have clung to her

aww, from this page
I thought Ririka'd come in for a "thank you" kiss and cuck the original cast, but they just did this

what on Earth?

Isn't ninochink an Amifag now?

Pixels that are the same are shown in black, only the differences between both images are visible

who would have thought we'd one day see a Seo series where one of the most praised aspects of it would be the protagonist?

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also it seems the bad old man will sell the store for the price of 13 million, and hayato somehow will be the one paying the whole price?
ririka is kinda mad sus here saying somethinig "I pretended to get along with him, and when he looked a little annoyed, he immediately offered to take over my shoulder.
And he says, "I trust you and don't need an IOU"? That's crazy." but maybe she's just playing the old evil man

oh, thank you.
I'm mostly looking to see if there's any difference that people can notice with their naked eyes.
I'm looking to do some image editing and I want to keep the filesize down, but I don't want it to come at the cost of making the images look worse when I do it

how do you do this?

>I'm done with this Manga,Ami gets no focus , I hate how Seo doesn't seem to even think about giving her something to do . I guess he was a hack all along

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>Wrong manga
Rika Ruki Rishit all R girls are shit?

Is this something that even happens at all in Japan? From manga to ero games, they're flust with "Go ahead, look as much as you want" stuff.

Like I've said many times before, I'm pretty sure most of the shitposters who clung on to this series either don't even read it or binged through it in a short amount of time and thus can't even remember anyone's names.

>i've seen this doujin before
I kinda wish it did go the doujin-style plot there.
Will we have to wait until the fantasy sex chapters to see Ririka's delicious body worked over?

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>Break next week
>No cute Ami next week

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ami will never stop being a comedic relief character, when she does, i can bet the manga is ending because it means seo is running out of characters he wants to flesh out first

Most image editing software have an option to blend layers this way

what do you think the second group's height/measurements would be compared to the original group?

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will legit gonna buy the new volume (whenever it'll come out) with the slightest hope seo will include that

Akane manages to be worst girl once again

see? Mao-sama's still sexy, even when doing nothing lewd

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it's on break next week, right?

Mao mogs the entire original cast so hard