Yea Forums sings - Thanatos -If I Can't Be Yours-

An English Evangelion track, could use some of your vocals.

Deadline will be the end of May.
Starter pack with song, instrumental, and lyrics:
Also uploaded the instrumental to Youtube as well:
Send your submission to [email protected]

Get to it lads, see you all in instrumentality.

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>Yea Forums sings - Giri Giri (Kaguya: Love is War OP3) [TV Size]

Let's make this a memorable season finale

[OP 1]
[OP 2]

Deadline was initially planned for the season finale of Kaguya S3, but I end up with too many submissions.
So instead, I'll end the project early if I reach a submission count of 20, we're at 15 currently.

>any resources?
Starter pack with song, instrumental, and lyrics:

>where do we send our submissions?
Send your submission to [email protected] or drop them in the thread via vocaroo or catbox

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>Yea Forums sings - No Poi!

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If you're done with the Yea Forums sings above and are looking for more singing or shitposting, drop them in the thread and I'll archive it for future videos.

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Evangelion sucks. Anno is a hack. It's time to let go.

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Hello. I'm wondering if anyone is interested in doing an Yea Forums sings of the Lucky Star OP so I created a poll to assess if people actually want to do it. Answer the poll and if you can or want to, please also reply to this post why doing this Yea Forums sings is a good or bad idea.

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I'm retarded and forgot the link to the poll. Please answer this

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Nice just what I needed before kicking the bucket. I'd still rather sing Komm tho

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Fuck Evangelion

sing with good heart and keep that feeling, hope things get better, user.

Get better my ass nigger I'm going to kill myself as soon as I submit my entry fuck you

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assertive, in control, I like that

Thank you I enjoy your posts as well

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keep things peachy like your Rei fumo, user

control, mate, control

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Is my mic quality ok?

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sure, this works.
take your time. I like your voice, user

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well there's always speech therapy if you hate the way your voice sounds, but sounding like you belong on the internet is the least degenerate thing to be nowadays.

Oh well I suppose it could be worse.

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Stop bumping this garbage retarded faggot. Kill yourself.

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Give me a week or two, OP.

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Why sing when you can pick up a musical instrument and join Orchestr/a/?

or both?

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‘Cause this piece of crap is missing 2 chords

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We got until the end of May, why not get some string?

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One of the thingamajigs that holds the string in place broke. I’ve checked 2 stores already and none of them have the right size.

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Is there already an Yea Forums sings of Baby Dan Dan or the openings of Gridman or Dynazenon? I think it would be a cool project, but I have no idea of how to do it

I don't think they've been done yet, but your right in that it does sound like a cool idea. Maybe we can get some submissions from /m/ too haha

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dinner bumpu

Rei is barely a character since she has no personality

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any singfag wanna try this out?

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will gladly butcher this

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Seared bite?