So what's their bankai? Except for Ichibei, we got to see his. Will Kubo show it in the anime?

So what's their bankai? Except for Ichibei, we got to see his. Will Kubo show it in the anime?

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Would be great if Kubo adds in the history of the previous Kenpachis as well.

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>Ichibei's Bankai
Kek thanks for reminding me.

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The most overhyped jobbers in Shonen history.

that black swordsmith wasn't even using his own sword though, it wouldn't have a bankai

WTF Kubo based?

Didn't the Gacha already reveal theirs?

Nah they designed them as vague as possible based sorely on what was revealed in the manga. Senjumaru fought using her sewing needle and soldiers, the fat lady using her plot tree and cooking, etc. Only Tenjiro openly called his Shikai name.

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So much to fix in this arc and bleachfags want more Bankai fanservice...

Its kind of beyond the point to ask what their Bankai are, let alone their Shikai. Clearly each of them are the masters of their own craft and their powersets go beyond simple release commands. Remember these Captains were chosen not for their strength, but for their contributions to the history of Soul Society.

First rule of Bleach: everyone jobs sometimes. The feeling that there's always a bigger fish is something that keeps Bleach fresh.

>So much to fix in this arc

Let me guess: you're a shipper.

>First rule of Bleach: Overhyped THEN Jobs
this is not something fresh, it's ridiculous fanservice that gets on your nerves
Kubo just wants to show something cool, discard it and then repeat

I'm afraid you're in the wrong genre.

Not much other than revealing the remaining Bankai, novel lore and extended ending.

Oh. Maybe Kubo will be allowed to expand upon them in the upcoming anime.

This. The gatcha also doesn't reveal what Ichigo's Bankai ability is.

Who cares? Bleach was never about Bankai anyway.

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>you're in the wrong genre
No, Bleach that exaggerates in this regard
Either with the Zero division or with the Espada in the other arc and it's no use talking about the Bankais that were cool but useless...

No one cares about their bankai. What we want is more Byakuya, Hitsugaya, Mayuri and Kenpachi


Go back

Everybody dies
Captcha: momo2

If zero squad didn't job then you'd be crying that the quincy elite were jobbers.

I want to sneak my hand under Orihime's skirt and molest her while on a crowded train ride!

Kubo should at least show their Bankai before jobbing.

Brainlet begone

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>20 chapters later kubo reveals kidpachi was traumatized by the idea of winning that he sealed all his strength away

Squadzerobros...why couldn't we get redemption too?

Zero Division fights with the Sternritter and Yhwach basically survived only for several book pages in the manga, which is so unjustly to the characters... Meanwhile the battles between Gotei 13 and Schutzschtaffel lasted several volumes even though the manga said that the Zero Division is way stronger than Gotei 13...

it just got broken in the manga.

How tall is this guy, kinda weird anatomy right there

who's the chick

Such a cold take. The Gotei succeeded against the Schultzstaffel not because they were inherently stronger, it was because they had X factors that the quincy didn't know about, and even then they still couldn't beat Gerard. Stop focusing on single lines of dialouge and look at the big picture.

>zanpakuto is just langoliers

Its just perspective, makes Yhwach look more imposing.

I thought the same thing. 11th Division is supposed to be all martials, don't know why Narita made the two former Kenpachi so hax but I guess that fits his writing style better.

Urozakuro. His zanpakutou.

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Taller than Kenpachi

Azashiro has hax because he isn't a "true" Kenpachi, he doesn't love the thrill of the fight, he just got that possition because it was the easiest way to become a captain.
Kuruyashiki doesn't have hax. His shikai is basically a more savage version of Unohana's.

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Remind me again why a random Quincy whose ability was to mimic appearances (but not abilities unlike his brother) was able to kick Kenpachi's ass when Kenpachi had just killed the aforementioned brother?

Still can't get over the fact that his design is basically Shinigami Ginjo

Kenpachi fought the real Yhwach. Royd swapped with him when Yama was distracted by Bazz, As Nodt an Nanana

I hope this is true.

Rroyd was weirdly strong. Literally blocked with his bare arm the shikai that Aizen made an entire Arrancar for.


He had like a million characters. Why does he need to add more instead of developing the already existing ones?

The thing that really killed me was that the Quincy never did confirm kills here. Kenpachi and a bunch of Shinigami should have been ICE'd on the spot.

>developing the already existing ones?
He did, you weren't paying attention.


Aizen Bankai when?


People often forget she is the daughter of an abusive man and a prostitute

>when were you under the blablabla

since when were you under the impression, etc

user Kubo draws babes but I stayed for the Bankais, and fanservice off course.

So are we still getting the new bleach arc right?

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the next bit of burn the witch and whatever is happening with the hell story are fully unknown right now, assumed to be on hold since kubo is working hand in hand with the anime

Yep, everyone's asking Kubo to continue. We will most likely get an update once the anime starts airing. Would be a good PR for the anime and help boost the volume sales as well.

We better get some dope ss doujins for all the semen demons in bleach once the anime starts.

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Will pierrot be able to make most of the anime look as good as the PV in motion?

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Is it wrong if the thing i'm waiting for the most are Gremmy, Gigi smashing Bambi's head on the rock and Pernida's fights?

No, but most of the fights in TYBW are entertaining. Except for the ones towards the very end.

I thought the gacha already had them.

Best bet is in the hell arc.

Depends, with Kubo confirming a late night timeslot I hope it takes breaks like Kingdom rather than running straight for 70+ episodes.

The Kenpachi of the Langoliers?

its a bit too detailed so I hope not outside of big fights or moments