Crusch is waiting for Tappei to break the hiatus, finish the arc and give her screentime

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cruschshit is irrelevant

Moblia a shit

aids ridden character

How would a crush route play out?

That depends, did you kiss Petra today?

Well where do you think it starts or branches from? Because that changes things a lot. Also Catfag NTR

Arc 3 is a must but the exact branching point is hard. Maybe after crush gets whaled subaru feels bad for her and decides to stick around for a while.

The branch is when Crusch offers Subaru the whisky. He drinks and they both get shitfaced and Subaru in a blackout knocks her up.

And then the rest of the plot is trying to loop to stop Felix from magic aborting the baby?

Sounds good to me.

I kissed Felt

Not good enough

Did Rem plan to kill Subaru at the end of the first loop when she came to him to fulfill the promise to cut his hair?

No, but I would like to kiss you.

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This post relies on several incorrect assumptions. But rest assured, we have no relation to horsefucker.

I think he won the twins over in that loop just to add to the devastation of dying in his sleep and it all getting reversed.

Couldn't help yourself could you?

Then why shift the blame and claim it was a Remfag?

go back Spec

Because the blame was shifted to us to begin with, unfortunately.

Because they only show up to post about "muh Remfags this muh Remfags that".
Their obsessed with Remfags and it's the same shit routine every thread.

>Because the blame was shifted to us to begin with, unfortunately.
Absolute retard the blame was never shifted to you it was placed with you from the start exactly because one of you did it.

Yep. Like I said its probably the /qa/ schizo back again. "Remniggers" was one of his favorite spams and he posted porn in the past as well.

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Only a retard would begin to shift the blame to one side when neither side was to blame for the weird horse drawings.

First loop meaning the very first time he died? No, but that's also not when she was obligated to cut his hair, that's on the next loop once he has aggro because it's a cover Ram made up to explain why Rem seemed to be staring at him. And in that loop still no because she was set up defensively and doesn't seem to have any plan to kill him unless he does something first.

No, one side was absolutely to blame since you made it a side vs side and immediately started blaming the other side when someone on your side pulled shit. And then you were wrong. And instead of admitting that and learning something from it, you are still doubling and tripling down that it's still all the other side's fault somehow. Just shut the fuck up, horsefucker.

>Only a retard would begin to shift the blame to one side
So you're a retard then? Because that's all you've been doing for days. You've even teamed up with the porn poster to do it.

Wrong. She comes to him in the first loop to fulfill the promise. The promise was made in multiple loops, including the first and the last, permanent loop:

>Rem:“A quick cut and wash will not take very long. If I do not, I cannot fulfill the cherished desire you confided in me from your own lips, Subaru.”
>Subaru:“Cherished desire is a little much!”

>“One…hundred and four Pucks…”
>Picturing a fluffy paradise, warmth enveloped his mind—and finally vanished.

As a proof tt's the loop he dies after falling asleep, that only was in the 1st loop of arc 2.

same guy

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That would actually be bad for her. It would disqualify her from the selection. You have to build to it more, if only to make Felix seethe. Felix can be the final boss.

Subaru claims he isn't the father. Satella isekai's Maury Povich so they can do a paternity test.

It was already a side vs side to begin with, except one side didnt do anything before having blame placed on them.
Horsefucker had no side, this shouldve been clear after reading his posts.

>remfags have lived in his head for over a year
what warrants such obsession?

>what warrants such obsession?
Apparently getting his Emilia thread that had a bait OP deleted was what set him off.

It's not really a matter of Subaru being the father so much as anybody is the father. They aren't supposed to have relationships during the selection process. Probably has something to do with dragons and virgin offerings, but I don't think the rule has been given a specific reason.

Sitting in a front echo chamber full of people seething about Arc 7 chapter 31 and at the same time also full of people who think Emilia already won.

>Horsefucker had no side,
He literally did. He was arguing all your crap right along with you the whole time and nothing he said changed when he started posting porn. It was obviously one of 'your side' posting it. And instead of bailing on that you immediately blamed the other side. Which turned out to be wrong. It was exactly the dumbass we said it was, he was doing exactly what we said he was and you kept defending him and saying he wasn't. You tied your entire "reputation" for as much as you have such a thing to it being some convoluted Remfag falseflag and turns out the simplest answer is correct and it wasn't. Literally all you had to do was not play stupid games but you can't help yourself. Even now you are blaming the people who were telling your side to knock it off for the shit your side is doing. Horse fucker is 100% on 'your side' and that's why you shouldn't be claiming stupid sides like that to begin with because when one of you inevitably spergs out and goes retarded like has happened many times before you're all stuck with you making a big deal out how it could never have been any of you when it fucking was and it was always obvious it fucking was.

What if it's Tomboy Femlix?

Tomboys are ghey


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How could this be?
A post of such immense magnitude of wrong, which isn't OP?
This is unprecedented!

I really want this to be in the game but it's going to be about a week I think. I just have to deal with reggie for now.

Tomboy Felix would still be a faggot

You will be gay by the time Felix is done forcibly riding your cock.

Are the remfags posting zoo shit again? Dear god

They never posted it in the first place

I can't believe Elon Musk banned Tappei off twitter...

Not anymore. Jannies got em.

Alright horsefucker.

You may lie, you may cry, you may seethe. But just like the WN, everyone knows the truth.
And so you shall be stuck repeating your delusions, just like a madman, babbling and mumbling to himself "Remfags did this!" "Remfags did that!" All while everyone knows the truth.
This your way, this is who you are, and will always be, a Mobiliamong.
Now start squirming and dancing, because that's all you can do, your foolishness has no bounds, and shame is something you don't have.
Truly, an existence that's pathetic and cowardly beyond belief.
How utterly repulsive.

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discount rem

That is an excessive amount of damage control.

There has been an update to the WN site that is greater than 4000 characters in length. Meaning there is very likely a WN Chapter imminent! The Chapter length is 16604 characters long! Paging @everyone


Updated, it's 1 o'clock.
The biorhythm is extremely disturbed. In such a case, consult milk! (old

Still not working.

Okay horsefucker.

Does this mean he drinks expired milk? That’s disgusting.

He's gotta give himself the shits somehow.

You guys are morons obviously Subaru is lying about being in love with Rem and Emilia to hide the fact that he's gay

>Immediately squirms upon being called out
How cute, seems you have been conditioned quite well to repeat the same responses.

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>hide the fact that he's gay
He's doing a terrible job

short chapter? maybe rem interlude pov


named chapter yikes

Tarita Shudrak. I guess that's her full name so named chapter.

boring chapter and she was the hunter

Taritha was the hunter.

>Other than that, there is no way to pick the buds of the disaster that causes the orgy
We called it! Everyone is going to have raunchy sex to defeat Satella.