Would you really abandon your spooder in isekai?

Would you really abandon your spooder in isekai?.

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Bros what if we write our isekai together

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Only if she's also my CF

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Korean writers seem to have a severe disposition toward materialism, which I find an abhorrent thing to write fantasy about. If japanese authors tend to be aimless, unassertive perverts, korean authors are constantly fantasizing about getting a high-paying job and a makeover/plastic surgery, or just straight up hopeless despair-porn when they can't have those things. I can almost never find any sort of spiritual or intellectual fulfillment in korean stuff compared to japanese or chinese.

It's not despair, it's drama. Gookshit is always drama on steroids. I hate ut so much

>isekai/regressor/dungeon break/100 levels tower/cultivator psycho MC
>MC "loses" in the beginning usually as a set up for a revenge motive
>not all of the time though
>literally everything after works in mc's favour whether it's op powers or a series of cosmic coincidences that give the mc op powers
Unironically more baby brained than the big 3 shounen.
Even Goku lost and had to rely on his friends sometimes lol.

What's your favorite portrayal of gods in isekai?

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Yes, cya bitch

No man left behind.

new evil lord novel chapters translated.

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And yes this includes Liam having sex with Rosetta

>bewitching charm

Zero Believers
Ankoku Kishi

The Korean is a creature that thrives on drama, drama is what they live and die for, everything else is just for the sake of creating even dumber drama, fucking Toi Car is the only Gook writer that writes proper wish-fulfillment nonsense.


I like the ones in stuff like Tree Mom or Dragon Overlord, where they're basically just a bunch of influence chasing cunts because more and higher quality believers=more power.

Is she the fell omen?

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Faraway Paladin

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There’s a picture in volume 5 of evil lord of the fujoshi girl depressed and crying.

Is this the meat?

Oh and the Sword Dad ones, because they will fucking smite your ass if you pray to them.

Is there anywhere to read the rest of vol9? I didn’t keep up cuz I tend to binge per volume

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People already tried some times in the past and it aways endup in shit like:
>gets 1k monkeys typewriter
>People try to outedge or push shitposting and then everyone is mad at everyone, like a bad DND session
>People start doing some thing fun and then a wild Contrarian/troll appear to fuck things up
>People start doing some thing fun and then someone ego takes over
>People start doing some thing fun and then someone shut down a shit idea and them the faggot try to ruin it for everybody
Still remember writing some things with some user and habings fun, and then around page 100+ some count suggest doing trap shit, everyone is against and then a shitstorm starts and ruin everything for everyone

Is it true that in the Space Mercenary isekai one of the MC's crew members says that they cannot have another male on board the ship unless MC is fucking said male? I heard this before but can't find a chapter for it.

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She already took the away the function of his dick, what else does she want from him?

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spider cunny

I'm not sure I like this series much past the start but I agree the gods are great

when the fuck is season 3 of konosuba coming

I missed the last thread, anything happen?

>nu isekai has MC forcing everyone to wear the mask and take the vax
even in shitty self insert fantasies I can't escape

When Haruhi S3 happens

>user is transported into isekai with gun and ability to make ammo
>lmao just not gonna take it

There's one episode of urusei yatsura where everyone wore masks, about toilet paper shortages too.

That user was based and gay

Goku never wins a fight solo in DBZ, he always needs his friends to help him.


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>who is Frieza

The appeal of Dragonball is the same as watching rl boxing matches: you get to see buff dudes beating the shit out of each other.

>but they get power-ups
And these power-ups will never actually give them an advantage. They live in a universe with level-scaling. The more powerful they are, the more powerful their enemies are. It's meaningless numbers and gay hairstyle changes. Nothing is accomplished.
The actual purpose of these power-ups is simple: to provide cheap turnabouts and give the audience the impression that something is happening in these endless melees, before the other party also gets a power-up and you're back at the starting point.
Regardless of whether Goku is black-haired, blond, blue-haired, white-haired, green-haired or whatever, he will always get beaten up.

Isekai has true power-ups. The MC receives them and actually grows in a meaningful way. Their problems are solved. Their objectives are accomplished.

I mean he could have males, but why would he risk having his lovers share close quarters with another man for extended periods?

The guy he kept losing against that killed all of his previous rivals turned friends?

Huh? I read chinksekai and it works exactly like that. The MC gets powerups, but all that does is bring him up to the next tier to get slapped around some more.

Yes, that guy who did all those things that don't change that he killed him on Namek, in a solo fight.

I should have noted that Cultivation works similarly to DB (since DB is a Japanese cultivation story).
But in most cultivation stories the protagonists have a much better performance than Goku does, and get to dab on their opponents without getting sent to the hospital quite as often.
Their level scaling is usually friendlier.

With a powerup that required the sacrifice of those people. He couldn't do it alone.
Wrong, he only killed him much later on with the help of a literal angel.

>required the sacrifice of those people
That's not help.

>and get to dab on their opponents without getting sent to the hospital quite as often.
Really? In major fights the MC usually gets fucked up and the whole fun is seeing how he manages to squeeze out of the shitty situation he put himself in.

You probably have read more cultivation than me.

>That's not help.
It literally is.

The good ones like RI go into great detail about pretty much everything other than the fighting, and use the fighting as a pivot point for the story. Sadly most are just shitty wuxia copypasta with DBZ scaling, yes.

The sad thing is you CAN have a power scaling system that works differently and meaningfully, authors just never write them. DBZ genuinely ruined the genre.

By running away for three chapters and extra cultivation for another 5?

Would your reaction be the same to a guy asking this to a cute girl?

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You sound like Kuririn coping that he actually participated in the fight of Goku vs. Frieza.

>The good ones like RI go into great detail about pretty much everything other than the fighting, and use the fighting as a pivot point for the story.
FY gets really fucked up most of the time there when he does fight, too. Like, every major battle in the first 500 chapters alone ends with him losing most of his Gu and sustaining major injuries while he escapes the much more powerful and numerous opponents hunting him.

>DBZ genuinely ruined the genre
Dragonball is a gag manga. Powerlevels were always meant as a dumb joke that some people took way too seriously.

Bejita, Piccoro, and Kuririn were all victims.

user said DBZ, which most people do not watch as a gag show.

Innate skill of the Mesugaki subclass.

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>user said DBZ, which most people do not watch as a gag show.
user doesn't see a difference between DB and DBZ except to point out that Gokuu stopped winning fights and killing opponents.


Fang Yuan is really not a head-on fighter to begin with. He operates on the rogue modus operandi where he traps and ambushes people if things are going right and if it's a head-on fight things are going wrong and he's getting his ass kicked as a consequence. The author understands the principle quite well that competent people do not get in evenly-matched fights because it harms both sides too much.