IIT: untraditionally attractive women

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Now this is a true monster girl

Why is she so cute , bros.

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I think you're just a coomer. That's a man's body, but since it's a female voice and you masturbate daily, you've conditioned yourself to respond to the slightest feminine trait. Get help


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Every human born on our homeplanet naturally feels the appeal of Mother Nature.

Daily reminder that Kubo was 1000% right

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Absolute semen demon

Damn, right in front of him

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It's her love of nature and the fact that we see her finally breaking out of shell during the fight. So moe! UWU

Imagine her ravaging your dick every night. Imagine how strong would be your spawns.

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Kill yourself, election tourist.

Is he wrong tho?

damn kubo is really rude...
i had no idea...
what a dick.

Based Kubo putting the fag in his place.

Imagine being this unbased.

Bestest girl

He just feel threatened.

>people reposting my edit

It warms the heart

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Is my wife alive bros.

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Gege Akutami is really a woman who thinks she is unattractive so she reflects this in characters like OP picrelated, and all the attractive girls like Nobara and Mai/Maki get their face all messed up.

was there any indication that hanami had a female voice in the manga, or is that anime-only faggotry?

Tell me user. How bad does the female faces get in the manga

That's a boy.

Where are the tits? All I see are pecs

>traditionally unattractive
Fucking faggot

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Over what? He just stated he didn't like Gege's women. What's so bad about that?

He's the senior mangaka in the room, so he can ""critique"" his junior's work and they can't say anything back without it being a social faux pas.

>He's the senior mangaka in the room
He should have punched fag in the throat and asked him to redraw all manga.
One did the same thing with Murata

I didn't say I wouldn't do it, in fact I'd do a lot.

>without it being a social faux pas
I don't think the gay cat cares. He probably didn't talk back because he doesn't give a shit about Kubo's opinion.

>no coomer bait = bad characters
lol what a shit take
that's exactly why it took so long for anime to become mainstream. Look at most of the popular animes/mangas that aren't shonen shit, they don't try to appeal to the coomers.
Fanservice is the cancer of anime

I think the messed up faces are just because of his artstyle. No character looks good 100% of the time. Even pretty boy Gojo sometimes looks like shit

Anime was super mainstream when I was in hs and college. It was just a period after that when it went down in popularity, probably cause of marvel.

I'll defend Maki at least

Isn't this the version that was translated for maximum shitposting?

>implying being mainstream is a good thing

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You need to stay the fuck away from anime

the "coomer bait" are the male characters instead

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Bro I just fapped

>untraditionally attractive
On what planet?

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Just salty that JJK literally blew bleach out of the water in a shorter publication time.

hit a nerve jjkbaby?

homo kissen is for fags retard

Why would it matter to me how people anime is with Americans?

There's one female in jjk

>b-b-but that's a cute cat waifu
She's a bug

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anime-only faggotry. It's just not worth it to correct anyone. Curses don't reproduce and technically have no gender.

Fuck your stupid genderless cat that obviously represents a femboy and fuck your stupid hiatus forever anime

dangerously based

A man with a female voice still is a man...

>Fem Mahito is canon

that's good

I've got a real answer here.

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>Got fucked so hard didn't ever get to use domain expansion.

What a shame. But i sort of hate the mechanic. I like how they actually made partial expansion with Megumi interesting. But the actually applications of the state are fucking gay.
>Muh cannot miss combined with some form of really gay attack.

Is the only somewhat decent fight involving domain expansion even if he just gets ass pulled the former cripple vs the cheating queermo with the touch your soul shit? Fishman gets robbed by just overpowered physical strength and Jogo just gets his own overridden.

>Have critiques the other dude cannot answer properly
>Dude what a dick!

You're thin skinned.

I remember I once had fanart of Hanami in lingerie. Wish I could find it for OP

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If Hanami applied the energy eating seeds to the DE, it would be unbeatable. Damn shame