Why is this gremlin invading an intimate moment between a young man and his girlfriend

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she's a jealous little slut

Needs correction

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>inb4 nanashi wrecks shikkifags too

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it's like every woman in this story is autistic

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Beacuse she is as cringe as Yamai Ren


I already talked about this, but it could be that in another universe, Senpai and Shikki are a couple, but Nagatoro always had a crush on Senpai, so she always try to make them break up, but she always fails and gets cucked


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Is Komi-san wa, Komyushō Desu good


Are wholesome sluts okay in your book?

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yes, it has najimi

It's alright, gotta remember it's more SoL than romcom, with sprinkles of romcom every so often, so in some eyes its pacing is super slow. Other than that, good art. some characters are good some are less so.


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Bit odd translation since she switches from addressing Naga to Naoto instead of just sticking to Naoto like in STALKER's. How did they translate "No lewd, no escape"? That wasn't correct English but punchy thus funny

We can only lie our hopes in Yoshi, Shikki, Orihara, Hana and Prez now

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stfu nerd

What, she"s attracted to BSC too but can't say it out loud (because he's Naga's) and her actions during the shower arc reflect her autism and desires?
Also, you think another publisher would have allowed the same stuff to happen but they lose or aren't wearing towels until they leave? Naoto is nude throughout, Naga loses her towel while climbing

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>you think another publisher would have allowed the same stuff to happen but they lose or aren't wearing towels until they leave?

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how is Naoto not erect in this one
is he gay?

You have to go back



I only have a problem with sluts when they try to shame me for prefering pure girls; Hypocritical bitches just want to have their cake and eat it too.

Naga does what Presidon't.

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reach the floor quicker?
go through narrow spaces?


>no nail polish
Not my Naga

dumb turboslut

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Why did Takao want to talk about romance?

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because he's fucking Nekoba

no, after the NTR fiasco it became worse than before, don't waste time on it

Takao was the boy Nekoba was talking about. He was just excited that he got together with his middle school crush that he wanted to talk about romance with Senpai and the other dude despite it being weird.

>NTR fiasco
quick rundown

>NTR fiasco
Isnt that rent a girlfriend or did i missed something?

This is what happens when the dense harem protagonist is female and wants the harem end. I don't hate her, I just hate the system.

This is the ship I can rally about.

Pretty sure he's talking about how Tadano, the MC, accepted Manbagi's confession (the secondary heroine/Komi's love rival) on Valentine's Day, but then Manbagi herself asked him about his feelings for Komi to which he immediately drops Manbagi like a hot potato and realizes he always loved Komi. He then confessed to her and have started datingThis is after hundreds of chapters of will-they-won't-they/confession fake outs done by both heroines prior to this.
It's actually convoluted but I don't know if it's NTR if you deliberately cuck yourself.

I can't believe Yoshi is all alone now.

The beat-Orihara-for-Senpai-kisses plan is now dead, and Nagatoro is to blame.

Firstly, Nagatoro blew it by telling other people. Specifically, five teenage girl people. If you've ever met teenage girls, you know what happens next. Gamo and Yoshi probably wouldn't spread the story deliberately, but they're both dumb enough to leak it accidentally. Sakura is clever and loyal enough not to leak it for no good reason, but I suspect she absolutely would if she thought it would benefit the two of them in the long run, and Sakura probably isn't a fan of Naga and Naoto setting foolish restrictions for themselves that they're unlikely to have the nerve to break. And Nekoba and Rabi are gossip-crazed thots who aren't all that close with Naga, and this is some very juicy dirt. This shit's getting out.

Secondly, Naga blew it by specifically using Orihara's name. By the time they return from the trip, the whole school will have heard about it, and probably the rumors will have transformed as well. Poor innocent Naoto will have to field questions like why Naga and Orihara are fighting each other for his virginity. Meanwhile, Orihara will almost certainly track Naga down and have a polite but firm conversation that she's fine with sporting rivalry but very uncomfortable with being used as a condition in her romantic life, which an already humiliated Naga will have to agree with. And that will be that. Maybe Naga could try to redefine the terms by saying she wants to win a tournament (rather than defeat Orihara specifically) to earn Naoto's kiss, but by this point the damage will be done, everyone involved will already be embarrassed, and all the people that aren't too busy laughing will be saying, "Why don't you just kiss already if you like each other so much?"

I hope this doesn't come up until after the trip is finished so Naga and Naoto can at least enjoy their date next chapter, but unless 774 is asleep at the wheel I think this is inevitable.

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>those nails
off model = death

Nagatoro deserves NTR, senpai is way too good for her

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>yfw everyone expects Nagatoro to beat Orihara in the big Judo tourney so she can kiss Senpai
>gets BTFO instead
>yfw she uses the ticket instead
All is well and all the plotpoints have been closed, time for marriage.

No hagas eso Sempai :'v

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dude stop overcomplicating it, they will obviously kiss before Naga beats Orihara (besides, i don't think naga could actually beat her).

Nagatoro and Senpai will have sex and have kids before Nagatoro beats Orihara.

It's good enough early on but starts really dragging things out and getting annoying

It's kinda funny knowing that both characters have the same VA

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Most VA's are typecast to certain tropes.

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>Mindbreak Dembai

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>too late

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I hope Senpai's friends survive the trip! 童貞卒業まだ早い!リア充にならないほうがいい!

>You touched Gamo's what?!

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paisen is naga's baby boy

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It would now be out of character for Naoto to consider himself bound to such a trivial thing as the ticket, he should tear it up if Naga ever brings it out

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Absolutely based.

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Shikki's shikkis

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Started fine but then became the same joke for 300 chapters. Don't bother.

Shikki's body is even more delicious on color

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