A friend recommended this romance to me but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP?

He assured to me this shit was the best romance manga ever and it deals wih social taboos about women or whatever but all I could see was retarded propaganda to blame men and encourage the beta cuck to save sluts.

I mean, in real life there is no such thing as inocent girls being used. 13 years old girls are already fucking older guys by they own free will and with 22 they always finds a beta to provide her and of course betray him because she can't anymore be in a healh relationship.

Fuck, even this friend of mine had his life destroyed two times because women and now I know why... he believes in this shit

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Touch grass.

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Get a better friend
Kill yourself subhuman


You’re a virgin.

What are you an elementary schooler? That being said, they're still two distinct cups, right?

Slutshaming is not cool anymore, you know?

>he's nota virgin
unvirgins out
You are either retarded or false flagging. Anybody can tell it's gonna be used goods apologia by the title.

I mean if you've never been in a relationship yourself then it's only your own fault, normal people date and fuck. But it's one thing to date a girl who's had a few boyfriends in the past and completely different to have a girlfriend like Meguro who'll fuck literally anyone who asks.

>But it's one thing to date a girl who's had a few boyfriends in the past and completely different to have a girlfriend like Meguro who'll fuck literally anyone who asks.
No, it's the same thing. You're a cuckhold either way. Thinking there's degrees of it is cope. Might as well say your girlfriend is "just a little bit pregnant".

Only antisocial virgins from Yea Forums think having an ex equals cucking your current partner. In the real world, cucking means cheating. Get out more.

He did. That's why he fucked off to 2D like most of us here.

This. You can't just take as a girlfriend some random girl that fucks everything because society says you need to save that girl or whatever.

In reality they always will say that they were used but in the end you gonna be used by those borderlines. Meguro type should be used as cum deposit and nothing more.

It's funny how the Venn diagram of extravirgins, purityfags, and self-inserter is a perfect circle.

idk if op is shitposting or not but i kinda agree in that the whole manga is just her meeting her ex and the girl goes uwaaaaa he's so kind etc etc

pic related

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I hate how this turned into some dumb post-factum story.

Rather, the character should have just awakened to the carnal joys of being ganganged.

thanks for the recommendation.
picked up

Many young and insecure girls sit on men's dicks because they are lead to believe that this is the normal thing and it's the only way to have their feelings reciprocated.
FeMC is this exact kind of girl, but she was lucky enough to find just the person to show her what actual love feels like.
The unrealistic part of this story is that the MC is such a huge faggot, no woman would agree to date him, even a clueless girl like the FeMC who would fuck anyone. But this is just a fictional wish-fullfillment story so whatever.
What makes this manga actually trash is that everyone is so happy all the time, it becomes disgustingly sweet. Like, fuck, have something actually bad happen to the MC, have him get jealous or angry and do petty things, have the FeMC be confused with her feelings for a while and see other men etc etc.
Nothing bad ever happens and everyone have these retarded smiles at the end of the chapter and it's driving me crazy. This shit is boring.

lmao she did that? I didnt have the patience to read further.

Isn't MC constantly coping with the fact that his gf is a town bike? Everyone is all too happy to remind him.

Yeah, the manga is mostly just your generic romcom shit with a slight *twist* that doesn't really change much.

Yes. Unvirgins out.

>Many young and insecure girls sit on men's dicks because they are lead to believe that this is the normal thing and it's the only way to have their feelings reciprocated
Yes. We call them "sluts", "whores" and "used goods". Being "insecure" doesn't was away the taint.

Mind you she doesn't cheat on him but i guess she's just that promiscuous that she always met them.

>people with 0 experience monopolizing discussions about romance
Lmao fuck off.

>jaded people with multiple failures discussing romance

>Purity fag

This sounds awful, are retards trying to normalize this? Who wants their significant other to encounter their exes constantly?

That's life for ya. People fail at everything until they git gud. Except you never got gud.

>until they git gud
Except that's not how it ends up working, many people stop failing because it's too late to keep re-trying or they never succeed at all

There is not warranty you gonna git gud after failing

Probably there are some portion of insecure and dumb girls that made this mistake and ended up broken but I really hate the idea that men should always believe in this narrative and make the savior role. In real life all people that tried to do this ended with a broken mind.

And women should not expect he right man to save her, go to a psycholigist or whatever

You are mentally ill

she fucked a lot of boys so meeting her exes is just so easy

There is, it's called your ability to learn.

You should learn from other people's mistakes tbhdesu

>deals wih social taboos
didn't this sound like a red flag to you? Your retared friend couldn't come up with a good reason the romance is worth reading.
Well that's assuming it isn't made up for (You)s

You can be retarded/autistic
Also some people never learn

would be better if meguro were the least bit endearing but i didnt care about her or her circumstances at all

Morbid curiosity to see how bad it is

>looking at the top review of the vol 7 of this manga
wow the japanese are vocal about this and not happy something something

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This post gives me incel vibes, but w/e
FeMC is not insecure, she's just a kid who can't tell left from right. Her first man fucked her and left her and she got the message that this is just how it goes. After she got with the MC, she stopped doing that because she realized it didn't feel right after she saw how real love works.
Sluts are women who never get over their insecurity and ignorance about love, who only derive their self worth by fucking men and who only seek men that just want to fuck them and then leave them.
The difference is subtle, but it's there

this is a shoujo, also

If you fuck people willy nilly you are a slut, there is no need to delve deeper into the motivations of people.

Your friend should kill you

give me the summary of first volume, i am kinda interested

Read it nigga

Am I on /r9k/? You can't just pretend your virginity rant is about manga.

you are not obligated to reply if you don't want to give me summary

I'm obligated to remind you that spoonfeeding and asking for spoonfeeding is a shameful display.

don't use words you don't know the meaning of, and don't try too hard to fit in its pretty obvious

>timid boy confessed to a girl
>immediately answered with this "sure, but.."
>spend the rest of volume with the MC being told by people "why would date a town bike?" and something like that
>also the slut girl also has friends who are also sluts ig but i forgot and i genuinely dont want to re-read this
>i think they started dating but it just went on and on

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Why manwhores are respected, but women are shamed?

ah this doesn't sound too bad

because Yea Forums is full of incels

>Why manwhores are respected
Are they tho? Not by most people at least.
>ah this doesn't sound too bad

That's not an explanation for society as a whole and name calling is not a good argument

aren't guys who fuck multiple women respected for being a playboy and shit?

>aren't guys who fuck multiple women respected for being a playboy and shit?
Depends on your social circles

Only women likes manwhores. average men and incels hate those guys because they are fucking they future Meguro chan.

is that so but i haven't seen any kind of negative contortion for the manwhores in media or such, at most they are seen as asshole, but it doesn't really feel as berating as being called a whore

Are you a woman?
It is because it is way harder for men to do what women can.
A woman can simply ask a man out for sex and 90/100 would say yes.

but that hatresd comes out of jealousy rather than disgust like in the case of women

Any examples?

I agree. People are responsible for themselves and nobody has to save anyone.
No u
I disagree. I 'd be fine with a woman who has seen her fair share of relationships in her life, has her sentimental and mental issues in order and knows how to fuck.
I'd be also fine with a girl who hasn't, but is also decent enough to not be a pain in the ass as she goes through all that stuff with me.
A slut who would fuck me just for the sake of fucking me is no go. Nothing good can come out of that.
Life is not black and white user

>A woman can simply ask a man out for sex and 90/100 would say yes.
Sure, if they want to get nightmarishly horrible sex, and 20 psycho stalkers trying to kill them. Otherwise it's not that easy

Okay, I believe your friend exists.


that's sounds somewhat reasonable but still but just making an activity harder gives changes how society views

i really can't think of one top my head, but this is what i feel like is the case

No they wouldn't; they would find it weird and walk away.
You just think that because you're a turbohorny extra-virgin, and because you also don't know what the average female looks like and have been fed far too much idealized Japanese cartoons where everything female is a pretty high school girl rather than a 40 year old average looking ugly hag.

>who has seen her fair share of relationships in her life,
There is fair share and there is Meguro, it's very different.
>Life is not black and white user
This is not about being black and white, I didn't say someone that had 1, 2, 3 or whatever low number of relationships was a slut, the point is that the inner motivation goes only so far if you are so open, the term exists to denote your openness to having sex, not the positive reasons you have or reasons you don't have for doing it, that's just hair-splitting.

>but this is what i feel like is the case
Maybe you got conditioned in thinking that was the case by other people's imaginary complaints or you are projecting your inner feelings on the matter, lol

this manga didn't even start out too bad, i thought when they introduced the groomer teacher it was gonna frame him in a bad light and show that he was the reason she was so damaged. not that it would rub his dick at every point and become a cuck manga. always expect the least out of mangakas.

>and become a cuck manga
I don't understand why people don't think through the premise of stories or why authors would write them.

>other people's imaginary complaints
i guess that is a possible explanation

>your inner feelings
i should self reflect for a bit

Thanks for the recommendation OP. If this makes you this mad, then it's at least worth a try.

Half of people here are baiting but some are genuine, it's weird