>If Kagome is a reincarnation of Kikyo, how can both be animated by her soul at the same time?
Kagome inherited Kikyo's chi or prana, but not her yi or atman and because "chi follows yi", Kagome is able to take back the majority of her chi after Urasue completed the resurrection ritual.

you're welcome

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2 version of her soul. One already moved on and reincarnated, one that still haven't move on yet.

I'm two volumes into the manga and so far i really like the character dynamics and the pacing as a whole.

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two volumes or two VIZ volumes?

two viz volumes, i've read a bit over 1000 pages

I would have guessed Kikyo is just clay and memories but no soul.

What happens to the souls of the women Kikyo absorbed?

>just clay and memories
Kikyo already lived, her Yi or individual soul is still intact but she's furthermore animated by a part of her Chi or life essence, which was reincarnated into Kagome

She's not. Kagome is from the fucking future. This isn't complicated.

Maybe they get recycled and start over. Kikyo making someone suffer a true death and erasing them from existence sounds villainous as balls.

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Always wondered about this, thanks for providing some insight OP

What I didn't understand about Kikyo is why does she want to go to hell? She is clearly not a evil spirit, but rather a wandering albeit broken up soul.

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Because all living beings share one soul and the brain restricts consciousness.


See, I like my reasoning cause idk what the fuck you just said. But you're probably right.

that's a load of horsecrap

in western terminology: Kagome and Kikyo both have their own "will" but they share a "spirit"

you're already like 9 volumes in, bro

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First drop your westernized view of hell.

There's plenty of different sins and being jealous, possessive and controlling certainly helps if you want to go to hell. Literally or otherwise.

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i think they're gone for good, that's what made her existence somewhat 'evil'

This should've been addressed with at least a single line because as it is, the impression is that Inuyasha and co made such an effort to save the souls of the dead women when the incident first occurred, but when they found out it was Kikyo, they all just went
>oh it's just Kikyo, it's okay if she's the one stealing souls

Does inuyasha have barbed penis?

It's a lot more than somewhat evil

In a setup where reincarnation is a thing and everyone is basically immortal, taking someone's immortality should be a pretty big deal. Rumiko forgot to add one line and it turns into cosmic horror by omission when you think about it.

but can you blame her?
the feelings which tie her to the mortal plane are certainly Naraku's responsibility

I based my assumption about how the afterlife works in Inuyasha on the story with the soul piper, which clearly indicates that there are two different places a spirit can go: an evil spirit goes to hell and a contented one goes to the afterlifeI deliberately do not call it heaven

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nice digits

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>but can you blame her?

I do not know but sex

the soul piper looks so funny i couldnt take that episode seriously

I totally can. She got hurt once and has an excuse on a personal level. Since this is a very shintoistic story, her decision to continue the cycle and hurt others is just her refusing to mature past her own character flaws.

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The soul piper creeps me the fuck out

For such a simple monster it's an excellent design.

the chapter was literally called "To Hell", though i wonder which exact word Rumiko used in the japanese original

his flute was done excellent in the anime, by the time he opens his eyes it sounds incredibly exhausted and fed up

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the soul piper and the noh mask are my favorites, the body horror was just too good in the mask story.

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>a new general
Newfags can't learn.

>Since this is a very shintoistic story, her decision to continue the cycle and hurt others is just her refusing to mature past her own character flaws.
but only if we say that her falling in love with Inuyasha was a flaw insofar as that she neglected her duties as a temple priestess, which i don't.
her feelings of hatred and anger which tie her to the world of the living were solely caused by Naraku, he should be to blame

if the wiki is to be trusted 地獄へ (Jigoku e)

i think Yomi and Jigoku i.e. Naraka are different from each other and Jigoku is more of a purgatory, but i could be mistaken

>noh mask
the manga chapter and the animated adaptation were quite different from each other, weren't they? too bad the anime didn't went all out with the horror and violence like the manga did

Riiiight. And everything she does out of her hatred and anger is Naraku's fault.

Is it not a realm of judgment and punishment that is somewhat limited in time, rather than an eternal damnation?

Have we met? I know this sounds like complete bullshit considering which thread and context it got posted in, but seriously, have we met?

he's responsible for her being a restless spirit and therefore for all damaged caused by Kikyo after her death, yes
what is more, he did it on purpose

You mean like an abusive ex boyfriend? Or a fake boyfriend who put her into a parasocial relationship to drive her into suicide and basically try to kill her?

>seriously, have we met?
i-in an Inyasha thread, probably

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>falling in love with Inuyasha was a flaw insofar as that she neglected her duties as a temple priestess
but it has been stated several times that this is in fact the case, because she has allowed herself to become more human, and thus has given the demons more room to act, which in turn has allowed Naraku to become what he is.

Cause this all seems really familiar, I've seen the exact same setup before.


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that's just self-blame from her side, innit?

>somewhat limited in time
really don't know, is it?

how does this creep you out? it looks like a mf meme edit

As I understand it, you are sentenced and punished until you are rehabilitated and ready to re-enter the world.

so, like purgatory?

isnt purgatory eternal, once there you're fucked for good?

Well there is something in the thread that creeps me out a lot, being dragged into someone's hell.

something about eyes and the souls of dead children

no, i think purgatory "purges" you until the day of judgement, but hell is damnation and that's forever

Soul cloning?

Isn't the day of judgment a more general thing and not just the end of ones personal punishment?

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So is Moroha related to Kikyo?

i dont know who that is and i dont care

I'm still pissed onigumo/muso wasn't a reoccurring antagonist.
He was such a great character and having onigumo and naraku around would be amazing.

they're the same person though?