Shingeki no Kyojin

What made Bert such a memorable and perfect character? Was his design? His manly charisma? His human traits? I can't wait to see him through reincarnation in the sequel again

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You retards still hung up on this god awful manga?

We are waiting for the sequel

AA still be canon

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BA a shit cucked by canon BY. BA trash and not canon, BY is canon.

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Best merch squad deserved to be happy

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You know, even after everything i still cant compute that bert is the Colossal titan who is the mascot of the series. Bert all along.
Understand what i mean?

He is shy, ok?

>To save the world

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Based Hunterscholar

no i dont want that!

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Not even an hunter guy, just wanted to post some "to save the world" team ups here and there as meme.

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Seeing her happy brightens my day

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I would absolutely hate to live between Reiner and Mikasa's boobs.

We know, Eren

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so cute and pattable

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This is one of the BAbies, say something nice to him!

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imagine a rose of versailles-like story but with mikasa as the protagonist

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As an EHchad I couldn’t bear to vote for EM today... so I voted for le pen

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Macron is the lesser evil
>t. Fascist



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Devil child soon

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It'd certainly be an improvement

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They're the best!

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Mimi is so cute

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I want a couple with dynamic like EM had in the first arcs, i.e. the guy trying to be protective over a girl stronger and more mature than him.

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If Hisu bomb ever blows up I wanna be first one to see all the seething.

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LH if good ending

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Smoll mimi

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All the warriors!

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Happy hanji!

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Any cute levihan fanart or you are avoid those?

Die in agony fat beruanism

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I don't particularly search those sorry, also it seems most hange artists are currently making moblit art for his birthday

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Not interested then, hide option.

Best nose.

W-why are you replying for me?

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mimi-chan... don't cry...

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Cute warriors!

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Holy shit FINALLY a high quality Falcokasa lewd

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Best trio? Best trio

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mimi be happy

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Eren trained him well.

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What a great teacher he is!

Cute zeke!

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LH is just too cute. They have that Bejita bulma energy I like

This guy still can't draw eren

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