One Piece

Let's be real, it peaked at Water 7/Enies Lobby.

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Who the fuck took care of Usopp after his mom died?

It will peak at elbaf after the giant disappointment that was wano

They should've left Usopp and found a better crewmate.

Guys did I tell you how much I love YAMATO!!!

This is so fucking good

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i like it beacuse yamato is in this scene

Goddamn this was such a great episode.
>When WE ARE starts

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lots of sea lions falseflaggers huh

I hate not!japan


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Let's be real, it hit rock bottom at Wano


Man I fucking HATE Usopp. Brook too. I wish these two never existed.

yeah I wonder why

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This but unironically

But Volumes are still selling as much as hack then.

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huntertrannys still false flagging even after this amazing episode

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I really like this character
Look how cute she is.
She is joining

>as hack
Freudian slip

What is ishitani?


Holy shit the soul in this song

>coming from a yamatranny


Wasted digits.
But still checked.

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Feckin witnessed


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Japanese and Hungarian are relatives.
Ishitani -> isteni which means godly.


Why is half that page reaction shots? Did Neo-Piece start in EL?

Its almost like one piece was always the same just with less characters in the past. Hmmmm

>3-head Zoro
literally one of the worst arcs

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None of those are inherently bad, you're just retarded.

Katakuri fight, not that a woman would understand a battle between men.

For all the people who already forgot, these are some good Wano anime episodes.

892, 894, 922, 924, 925, 928, 957, 963, 965, 967, 968, 970, 971, 972, 974, 975, 976, 977, 978, 982, 990, 991, 992, 993, 995, 994, 1000, 1001, 1006, 1011, 1013 and 1015.


let this not distract you that robin has squeeze franky’s balls

>Hackda confirmed by get god

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Pump this shit up bro LOOKS GOOD

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also took literally a decade for oda to officially include him

I am kinda autistic so I can only get invested into stories that are kinda long like one piece.
Any recommendations besides that now I'm caught up with manga and anime?
So far from i looked i put Naruto and Detective conan on my list
Any Japanese vidya/vidya series is also welcome, i think im gonna play Sengoku Bsara next


Is there a list of characters we saw but only as silhouettes?

>Head bonked so hard she has to wear bandages
Kaido clubbed her retarded

Doriki was so bad, it was completely removed from the rest of the story and Ashura is one of THE most retarded power-ups in manga, you faggot.

>recap episodes incoming
Are Toei the biggest Jews in all of Japan?

idgi, I asked an honest question in and am instantly called a troll. I'm just trying to feel out whether the next 300 chapters would be worth my time.

Yes, that was utterly pointless.
>3-head Zoro
That was great, foreshadowing of advanced CoC.

vegapunk i think but it was a long time ago so don't count on it
i think that's it

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Also people will shit on Haki for removing any kind of clever and unique fights and then praise Luffy vs Lucci, which is literally just punch harder to win.

he's his own man

this + Imu is all i can think off

>foreshadowing of advanced CoC.
thats bait.Looked cool but back then biggest asspull

how'd i fucking forget Imu but remember Loki

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Seems like only big player that are left in mystery