Lovecraftian anime

Why is there so little anime/manga referencing lovecraftian horror? It's such an untapped market.

Pic is idol Cthulu.

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there's actually quite a bit of LN, manga, and anime that use lovecraft horrors.
the fact that you can't find any of them reflects poorly on you, not the industry.

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Obligatory nyaruko, when's the ln translation?

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Only one that comes to mind is Nyaruko, other than that there's no other anime that has lovecraftian themes.

this is now a nyaruko thread

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there's a light novel series where a guy gets a shoggoth maid.
there are manga adaptations of Lovecraft's books.

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Except there are a lot? There is a whole subset of Servants that's almost all Lovecraft in FGO.

All of them SHIT
Every single cosmic being is a metaphor for something and the stories reflect all of Lovecraft's fears and paranoia.

Turning them into just anthromorphized girls is no more respectful and accurate as blackwashing history

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Wish we'd get more of them in English.

>anime/manga referencing lovecraftian horror?
i don't know but i want a deep one h-manga

It would be more funny if it was an Asenath Waite gf

>wtf this shit is actually gay?

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Hey, just came back cause a ln I'm starting turns out to have lovecraft names for a god.

Murcielago has several. It's pretty weird though.

Miura and Ito were inspired by it and Nisio read all of Lovecraft's books two times.

I wonder how much power Lovecraft spinning in his grave would generate from all of that market.

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damn you suck at finding stuff

"Several" nothing. The city the manga takes place in is outright named after R'yleh, and the MC's name is a reference to the black lakes of hali from the King in Yellow, which was a major influence of Lovecraft. There's even an arc that takes place in a Lovecraft-themed amusement park

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I'd love to take a serious take on Lovecraft type stuff.
It is usually SOL or Smut (I remember that weird cult manga with the gachafag cult guy and the ayy brother). In others, its usually just referenced like in Slime with the ultimate skills.

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And Lovecraft was terrified of both women and asians

What's exactly the problem here?

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you will hear the voice of the dead is an alright one, give it a read

ITT: Nothing but generic anime girls that have literally nothing to do with Lovecraftian horrror besides a name and some lazy accessory at most

Bloodborne needs an anime adaptation.

just play saya no uta already

are any of those actual cosmic horror and not just moe girls named after the creatures or tentacle smut?

Didn't Soul Eater have quite a few Lovecraft references?

Lovecraft was terrified of anything that wasn't a white man. He wrote a fucking horror story about a fucking air conditioner

My wife Nyaruko is so blasphemous~

That's pretty relatable.

Lovecraftian Horror or Lovecraftian Moe'ror?

except it gets referenced or used ALL THE TIME.

Not even. He hates Irish, Welsh, and Italians.
Anything that does not agree with him, honestly.

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After the PC port

>OP asks why there aren't many on anime/manga
>retards cite light novels and fucking mobile gacha trash as example

>OP'S picture is a idol cthulu drawing

Lovecraftian cannot really be conveyed through drawing.

Mahoutsukai no Yome references it. It had an arc based on The Cats of Ulthar. And the current arc contains The Testament of Carnamagos. Some kind of Lovecraftian horror is inside the tome and turned a girl using it into a tentacle creature whose body and mind are crumbing to dust. And people who get affected by the tome can be mindcontrolled by the creature who can manifest in their dreams.

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Have you read Ane Naru Mono? It's quite good.
>ignoring the manga adaptations of his work
>ignoring how Ito was inspired by Lovecraft
Not sure about Nyarko-san (though I believe that she drives him insane in the end), but Saya no Uta and Ane Naru Mono have the eldritch aspect as a core part of the story.

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The air conditioner story is more about a man keeping his body from decomposing by keeping his room extremely cold.


You can have a lovecraftian story without using using more.

That's called a wallmart version

Ane Naru Mono is about the mangaka's extreme loneliness and desire for a shota to molest. All of the eldritch stuff is still depicted that completely alien and terrifying to the average person.
Actually, a lot of Lovecraft inspired stuff in Japan usually involve said eldritch beings desiring something that a human can relate to. Bloodborne has them wanting a family, ANM has them wanting a deep connection with someone, Black Souls is similar but more schizophrenic, etc.

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Sorry I meant moe. Having a 100% serious lovecraftian story that doesn't rely on cute girls would be great.

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Like another user said earlier, Ito's works is clearly inspired by Lovecraft. Some of his endings are goofy, but they're still pretty neat.

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This might be pseud rambling but I think the Japs can't really "get" Lovecraft. Especially after reading some of his writings on the sciences of the time I get the impression that what really drives his work is the fear arising from really grasping infinity (both in time and space). Human existence is just a blip in an uncaring cosmos, there is no higher ordained plan or teleology, All sorts of things could exist out there that view us as less than ants.

But we have to view this in the context of the time he wrote as Western Christianity was collapsing among the intelligentsia. OTOH, for a Buddhist/animist society like Japan, these ideas might be less shocking.

Bloodborne is about nihilism
You are always worthless and everything you defeat would cause negative consequences to everyone

It doesn't have to be "serious"
The unifying theme of true Lovecraftian stories is *madness but not just going insane. It's madness brought by the realization of your inferiority and futility to change the status qou

Gakou Gurashi is not lovecraftian but it had the same thematic philosophy of denying reality and going mad

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Also, this isn't an ironclad rule, something I felt sort of captured a Lovecraftian feel was Hellstar Remina.

I mean more about what the Great Ones want. A big part of their interactions with humanity is trying to conceive a child, but they're always stillborn.
Hellstar Remina and Uzumaki are probably the most Lovecraftian of Ito's classic works, at least in a cosmic horror sense.

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Reminder that Nyaruko novels will never be translated because they contain too much reference to Japanese culture

>Lovecraftian anime
You can basically say the same with hollywood movies and it will still not work.

It's literally unadaptable.

>though I believe that she drives him insane in the end
Gimme spoilers, please, only watched the anime

Darkest Dungeon
Warhammer 40k

Not sure, like I said. I'm sure someone has the ending where she fucks him into insanity.
I prefer the book to the movie when it comes to Annihilation. Thought it was unnecessary to have the MC cheat on her husband at the start.

I hope you're reading After God then. It's not true Lovecraft like the adaptations from Gou Tanabe but the incomprehensible power of the Gods is still the center of conflict

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Hentai itself is Lovecraftian, in that in frames sexual pleasure as beyond human comprehension and a gateway to addiction and madness. There's even tentacle monsters.

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The ocean IS scary though. I'll give him that.