Kakkou no Iinazuke

Why do they bother introducing best girls if they have no chance of winning?

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you're triggering my trauma from watching paranoia agent op song. please never post this again

>nisekoi rip-off series
>voiced by naobou
She's definitely the one who will win

Hiro a best. A BEST.

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laughing WHOOORES

cute nails

because you'll keep watching and it's an easy way to milk the series with cheap throwaway episodes/drama that never really matter

Erika > Sachi > Ai >>> Nagisa

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Rent free, schizo

The damage control when Hiro loses will be next level event.

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Snek pic not related.

>they see your tiny penis

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The author is a sadist and a hack. She has the best developed relationship with the MC by miles, but she's subject to repeated cockblocking by the toxic sisters because the story simply isn't allowed to follow a natural course.

Shino will never be kanojo.
Sachi will never win.

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I too wonder that. All we need is the best girl Erika. As a Nisekoi clone, Chitoge/Erika will win so hard, the others don't stand a chance, most especially Kosaki/Hiro.

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Meds, false flagging Urukafag.

Shino, Sachi, Fumino a best.

He may be an obnoxious spammer, but he isn't wrong

Marika was the best Nisekoi.
Nino is the worst girl in harem history.

Imagine seeing the absolute borefest of a girl and thinking "she must be best girl".

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Except Shino will be a kanojo. 4 girl harem is inevitable in KmK.

Does this anime have any cuckshit?

It's just nisekoi all over again.

your pic related I assume

>erikafag saying this

>Marika was the best Nisekoi
Absolutely correct

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He's not wrong. Hiro is boring as fuck.

That is yet to be seen
Either way, he's half right

Sachi soft lips are for...

jamal's cock

Hiro is fun and the best girl for Nagi

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I bet you think Onodera was fun and best girl.

As fun as watching paint dry...

It's not like he cares if he's wrong or right. He's just doing it to be annoying and a false flagger.

What's up with girls named Hiro being fat?


The imouto seems to be the girl that will suffer the most.

MC has a fiance but is trying to get with another girl
Said girl also has a fiance and wants dude to save her from arranged marriage but goes about it like a snake
MC's fiance is trying to find her long lost brother so she can fuck him, but both of them occasionally shows signs of affection for as such other like an engaged couple normally would which is dumb cause they're already fine with each other chasing after other people
MC's sister wants to fuck him
MC's childhood friend wants to fuck him to fulfil a childhood promise and is probably the most upfront about it. She's also an idol so she's essentially betraying all of moonland.

I will protect her.

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she needs more suffering desu
insufferable bitch

Suffering moe is my fetish. It makes me want to cuddle and comfort imouto-chan.

t. Hiro

She will.
She groomed the MC since she was a loli and is very protective of him, but will get mercilessly cucked by her bio sister.
She's just a walking loser flag.

This manga/anime is way too modern/close to comfort. I am genuinely feeling intimidated by an anime girl on my computer screen right now thanks to the Instagram icons and her provocative dressing.

Also is it just me or are anime OPs getting better? Every show this season has great OPs. Including this one.

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>mad because she mogged Hiro's kiss

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I thought Erika was Nino.

>be idol
>cuck your fans
Holy shit that's hot. I know what I want to be in my next life.

Looks: Sachi >= Shit > Hiro
Voice: Sachi > Shit >> Hiro
Age: Sachi(JC) < Shit(JK) = Hiro(JK)

After evaluating all properties, we must conclude that Sachi is the top best. And Hiro is a garbage. Shit is a shit.

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She's basically 2d Paris Hilton. Ughh.

Erika is a carbon copy of Shitoge.

Sure, in some similar personality traits. But Cuckoos is a Nisekoi clone, not 5toubun clone. The premise and role line up with Nisekoi.

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Also, he looks exactly like her bother she wants to fuck.

Erika is Nino and Chitoge.

Very based.

i can't into normalfag stuff
is it good or bad that she's paris hilton

Erika = Chitoge
Hiro = Tsugumi/Kosaki
Ai = Marika
Sachi = ???

I want to headpat imouto.

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Better taste than most anons.