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this author is very fun, the one-shot he did about an idolfag falling in love with his now-distant childhood friend was painfully adorable

One of my favorites

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boss, i need the sauce. cant find it

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Total bait btw, it's usuzumi no hate, inspired by early nihei, but the catch is i can only find the first two chapters

Nine Award winning submission, meaning it will never get TL

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same, wanted more but i guess no

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flying witch sure took a dark turn

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Oh shit, I really liked this one.

One of my favourites. So glad I got my hands on it.

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is the one on the right supposed to be a boy

idk what do you think

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Context? I can't find this in english anywhere.

Bill Cipher's into some weird shit.

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that was an adorable read, thank you OP

>freemasonic symbol
makes sense

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Cute dorks

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Do you afraid of ghosts?

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Are they scary?

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>you will never be defended by a wild kitten who followed you across the country
Why live?

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