Did you like it?

Did you like it?

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I'm glad the ntr doujins have become official.

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the original OVA (which you've never seen) isn't bad
the movie wasn't bad
the two anime series weren't bad
the manga wasn't terrible, sort of comfy slice of life with various day-to-day crisises.
ended badly though.

belldandy was my first and only waifu

I like ntr both in doujins and canon.

I like the dark skinned one

We know, milkman

Why the ending?

Yes, I liked it.

I like NTR but I've never seen this. How is it canon?

>How is it canon?
It's not.
NTRniggers like to force their fetish into everything.
Basically, when Keiiichi made his wish, Belldandy sealed away K1's ability to have sexual desire, because God doesn't like race-mixing gods and mortals.
the queen demon reveals that Keiichi's been magically neutered by Belldandy and that Belldandy has been sponging off of him for all these years.
God forces Keiichi to undergo an impossible task, which he does after several attempts, and he and Belldandy are allowed to get married and K1 gets his balls back.
When you re-read the manga, you notice that Urd keeps pushing Keiichi to score with Belldandy, because she knew he was magically neutered and she actually wanted them to be together.
Skuld is a massive cunt.

I always liked Skuld.

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>ntr doujins
wasn't there an artist or doujin circle that pumped those things out for decades?

me too

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oppai for ants

They are better small, but not like that.

I couldn't find a bigger version at short notice

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The midgard series ngl it was pretty hot

I thought it was often a cozy slice of life series, with a really relaxed atmosphere, but also some fairly interesting stories, like the one with the clumsy goddess and the music sphere that got broken and had its contents spread all over town.

Having said that, I always had a bit of trouble getting into it, probably because I never really took to Belldandy or Keiichi as characters

I wanted to ride Urd, Chihiro, Megumi, Lind (and maybe Chrono, if it was a slow day)

I like the comfy nature and i don't care about the NTR

The anime is okay. It was the first show I watched and I just recently rewatched it. I was going to read the manga but the lack of furigana makes it too hard right now.

How would Bell and K1 children act and look like ?


I don't know how this manga about angels managed to incorporate those in the story but it sure found a way

Peorth is super sex

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I read the manga, didn't bother with the anime.
How many anime series did it get anyway?

Yeah it was fine


I love Urd and Skuld. Belldandy a shit.

I like Urd.
I like Urd a lot.

But she makes the other characters so boring that I literally couldn't care about them.
Urd is just that great.

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Bell is so boring I never understood what the MC saw in her.
She's barely a character.

It's one of those situations where you had to be there. Fujishima himself didn't think that highly on his Urusei Yatsura fanfic, he planned the manga would run for around six months, but unexpectedelly he hit the zeitgeist for a generation of Japanese young men unable to grow up and looking for a nurturing mother figure. Those ronery young men became ronery middle-aged men still buying AMG tankoubon and having Belldandy as their virtual girlfriend

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I take it back, there were TWO other characters that I liked in this show.
Neither of them are Bell or 'the other one'.

But look at the designs of the characters that aren't Bell. They're actually fucking amazing.
But because Bell was the main, she sorta held the show back from being actually good.
Instead it's just 'okay' for me. It's not bad, just nothing spectacular.

Marlier was intriguing and strange for that time. From memory she reminded me of Envy from FMA.

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I like Bell and K1 relationship the most followed by Urd shenanigans. Don't care about Skuld. All i want from the franchise now is for someone to make a series about Bell and K1's Children

K1 is not only a literal incel but also a manlet and Belldandy was the first girl who was nice to him and she's a pretty gaijin. This isn't rocket science

Its mad how Bell has more stuff made in that area than basically any other anime girl

Belldandy sells, at least in Japan. It's a cultural difference and it's not only the lost decade or the kawaii culture but it comes from far beyond

>The religious mentality of the Japanese is —just as it was at the time when the people accepted Buddhism—responsive to one who "suffers with us" and who "allows for our weakness,"...In brief, the Japanese tend to seek in their gods and buddhas a warm-hearted mother rather than a stern father. (Shusaku Endo)

>Marlier was intriguing and strange for that time. From memory she reminded me of Envy from FMA.
My crazy fan-theory was that Merler was conceived as a male character and K1's rival, just like Rei from Urusei Yatsura, but the editor cockblocked it because the audience was full of purityfags so Merler's gender reveal is at the last page of the chapter, almost as it was edited at the last minute.

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>K1 is not only a literal incel

Seriously are you even trying not to be a newfag?

>All i want from the franchise now is for someone to make a series about Bell and K1's Children
That sounds god awful.

Also why wasn't Marller the competing interest and Urd the main interest?
That would have made the show so much better.

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She was the only character trying to get Keiichi some action and end that horrible bullshit Belldandy forced upon him.
She is best girl


The best part is how her mom is like her, but even more ara ara (from memory, I haven't watched this in years).

Literally a glownigger meme, fuck off.

Seriously though, Marlerr gives me vibes between Oboro and Flandre Scarlet.
Unutilised potential.

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I heard you have a god(dess) problem. Me and my friends can help

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Christ, it seems like this thread was on life-support all day, then it suddenly got some activity

Not on my watch.
This thread has been blessed by this old hag.

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It's about gods but in the pantheistic way. Shit can get really weird there. For example the Hindi hero Arjuna spent one year as an eunuch for a curse

Belldandy already said sorry. Get over it

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I have a better show that did this in a far more engaging way.
And has a character better than any posted in this thread.

Don't get me wrong, I like the characters in the thread and Oh My Goddess, but the show has aged terribly.

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open your mind~~

open your eyes~~
I see
Your eyes are open

Urd is fine and all, but sometimes I get that Ougi-tier omniscient alter-ego/god vibe from Hild a bit.
This show did get pretty weird at times, though not nearly like Bakemono did.

But there are definitely parallels in design between Bake and Oh My Goddess now that I think about it.

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We get it, you like Nigger

Marller isn't nigger, Marller is McDonalds demon.
You take that back, faggot.

Wear no disguise for me
Come into the open

Looking back while this was one of the first manga I read, I realize now that as it went on Fujishima forgot about some of the characters, Mareller, Satoko and Aoishima kind of just disappear.

When it's cold (when it's cold)
Outside (outside)
Am I here in vain?

I think Marller was completely underutilised. It felt annoying that he focused on the character with no personality other than "stubborn okaa-san" when you could do so much fucking shit with the protagonist between Urd and Marller. Then it can become a literal battle of heaven and hell over the protagonist - a great symbol and theme to work from. You could make them both succubi in their own little ways as well. Urd being warm and embracing, Marller being stuck up, bossy - yet desperate in her own way. It could have been intriguing.

Instead it's just slice of life that is not even great slice of life. I mean it's ok, but it could have been really good.