Eating kfc around the holidays

>eating kfc around the holidays
>eating kfc ever
Post other things nips do that grinds your gears.

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What's wrong with KFC? at least it's not McDonalds or Pizza Hut.

Both of those are way better than kfc. Outside of chik fil a and bonchon, fried chicken is a shit fast food choice. Mcondalds has good nuggets and fries only imo. Pizza hut is great for good unhealthy food, just costs too much.

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>costs too much
They have large pizzas for under ten USD

Presumably KFC there isn't sickening.

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itt burger thinks restaurants in his area are exactly the same quality everywhere else

you may no know this but its totally possible for a restaurant chain to hire a good cook somewhere else.

Even people who have tried japanese kfc say its the same as everywhere. They usually say mcdonalds and buger king are way better in japan.

>fried chicken is a shit fast food choice. Mcondalds has good nuggets
U wot

>and fries
Their fries are thin. I won't say no to 'em, but they're below average if anything. Wendy's, Carl's Jr, Del Taco, Jack in the Box curlies, are all better.

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Creating garbage like OP image

>Post other things nips do that grinds your gears.
mayonnaise on pizza
>living in japan
they put mayo on pizza by default
have to explicitly tell them NO MAYO
they legitimately believe you're joking and put it on anyways

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KFC in Japan is a proper restaurant that requires reservations during holidays

I'm no expert on Japanese cuisine but based off anime it looks like when mayo was introduced to Japan they just jumped on it with both feet

McDonalds sucks ass here in Mexico, where I live in there are only 3 McDonalds. The other ones were replace by Little Caesars

This, Japan has so many good karaage food joints, be it the small family owned izakaya or multicorpo everywhere, why support disgusting americans and their fast"food"

>should you watch umaru
yes, just saved you 7 minutes.

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KFC is good on occasion. Either way, making restaurant-style fried chicken at home is a pain in the ass. Might as well let the people with all the equipment do it.

>Little Caesars

Gross. They're worse than late 90s dominos pizza.

>Live on east coast
>Ignore kfc
>Go to royal farms for fried chicken instead

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Wearing masks.

Fast food is popular with overworked Japanese salarymen.

I like kfc because they have popcorn chicken
actually I have some popcorn chicken in the freezer, i'm gonna go make some right now

Christmas being basically another valentines day pisses me off even worse than Amerifatt corporate Christmas which is saying something.

>Little Caesars

Their mobile order pick up thing is great.
Just order, wait for it to be done, go to the locker warmer, punch in a code, and there is your food. No interacting with anyone.

Sadly the one near my work closed.

Shame about Mexico bro, no glorious texmex Taco Bell. Doritos Tacos Supreme or their other items (will never not be made about them killing Baja or Nacho chalupas, chili cheeses bean burritos). In Nipland there are no sauce packets, they put it on for you while making it.
Also they have a contract with CocaCola so no PepsiCo products, yes that means no Mountain Dew Baja Blast.

Oh well gaman.

When the girls give the guy's chocolates for Valentine's Day. 1) this is backwards, and 2) I hate chocolate so it would suck to receive any. Luckily I'm a fat NEET so that problem would never come up anyway, but just in principle it's still dumb.

>1) this is backwards
I don't see why this is backwards. White Day comes around shortly after for the guys to return the favor and give the girls chocolate.

>why won't japs take my worshipping a jew on a stick seriously?

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White Day isn't a real holiday and just a marketing scam made by women to get gifts.
>Sometimes the term sanbai gaeshi (三倍返し, 'triple the return') is used to describe the generally recited rule for men that the return gift should be two to three times the worth of the Valentine's gift they received.[2]

Yeah no, fuck that.

KFC is a weird one for me (as an American, no less). Why do people like chicken so much? It's fine. The skin, specifically. But it's just that—it's fine. Why do people love this shit so much? Past the first bites of skin, it's just plain chicken. Also meat is very... idk, I feel guilty after a few bites. I can really dig into non-meat items but I can't get into chunks of meat anymore. I always think about the damn animal the whole time and can't help but calculate how much of the entire animal I've eaten. Ruins everything. Sorry, blog over

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Why? It's based. Sounds like you didn't make a reservation and tried to just walk in on Dec 25, lol. Cope and seethe, chickenlet. I bet you didn't even get a Kemono Friends Christmas cake in 2017.

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>Post other things nips do that grinds your gears.
How they treat weed like it's black tar heroin. Imagine how cool it would be to be high in japan.

The chicken is the same but the biscuits are different. Japanese KFC biscuits are firmer and a little bitter, kind of hardtack-y. They seem to like them, though.
Man, I think I'll get some KFC delivery today, that's a good idea.

They're trying to prevent their population from becoming like you.

nice b8

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Did you know KFCs in Canada don't even serve mashed potatoes and gravy? Shit is fucked up there.

The slope is always slippery.

Just looking at all the places in America where weed has been popular and part of "the culture" makes me glad that Japan takes a zero tolerance approach. Yeah, please turn my country into another Seattle, that's what I want.


Yeah, Oregon legalized it and everything's gone to hell since. Can't drive one mile without seeing a dispensary somewhere and some strung out dregs of society lurking around it. Can't even go to a city park without smelling that shit now even though it is still banned in public places but people don't care.

it's literally just alcohol but not shit

What a shame that the Little Caesars near you close down user.

I have never tried texmex food, but I do live in the border between Mexico and the US so maybe one day I will try them.

But I will also recommend to eat the og tacos with soft corn tortilla, mexican tacos are the best

>Post other things nips do that grinds your gears.
Demand you work 18 hours a day

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This is so far away from truth only someone whose brain has been completely addled from years of dope could believe it. No, your fucking degenerate mind-destroying drug is not "just like alcohol".

>America America America
Woah totally didn't expect this.
Euros are so interesting!

>No, your fucking degenerate mind-destroying drug is not "just like alcohol".
You're right, it's actually good for you unlike alcohol. Enjoy your liver failure.

lol imagine thinking any drug is "good for you"
holy shit

Oh boy it's the biweekly /ck/ thread on Yea Forums!

You're beyond mentally ill.

No you're right. You should get 5 years in prison for smoking a joint like in japan.

Agreed. Don't want Japan turning into a shithole like America's weedstates.

Assuming we put mayo on everything.
Nobody in america puts mayo on a pizza thats fuckin gross.

weed smells bad and people who smoke it are icky
The Law on Cannabis was the worst bill of law Canada has ever passed in its history

I don't get mayo
Like I don't hate it enough to send something back if I forget to ask for no mayo but I don't get why it's on so many sandwiches by default
It doesn't even taste like anything it just makes it messier

>Wendy's, Carl's Jr, Del Taco, Jack in the Box curlies, are all better.
This. I like Wendy's the most.

I love watching cop anime precisely because druggies get so upset whenever they bust somebody for drugs

In terms of actual fried chicken and not chicken tender/wing bullshit,
Popeyes > Chicken Express > Bojangles > Church's > dog shit > KFC
And when it comes down to chicken tenders, Layne's beats the shit out of Cane's by a long shot.

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Just make your own homemade chicken. Get a breast, slice it in half, put some butter in a skillet, put the chicken slices in, salt the top, let it get brown on the bottom them flip, salt the top, add pepper and rosemary, put a lit on to let it finish cooking and then serve with some steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes. It's really good and easy to do too.

>go out in slightly cold weather
>get a cold so vicious you literally die

Where's the part where I double batter it in buttermilk and fry it in lard?

Basic bitch ass white people food

KFC in asian countries are objectively superior, i tried one from the US and i can see why it's not as popular.

>eating healthy is now a racial issue
Clown world

Add lemon sauce or a gravy made by using the fond of the chicken. Plain chicken sucks ass