you CAN'T fix evil women Yea Forums

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why fix what isn't broken?

Good thing Homura isn't evil then

You're right, she's something worse: Retarded.


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Pick one

Laios is gonna fix her.

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>wanting to ever fix them.
Why do you think I went for evil women in the first place?

No but I can pound their backsides without remorse.
It's close enough.

i do not wish to fix them, i want to enable them

>you CAN'T fix evil women Yea Forums

Why even try?

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She can't be fixed by a man.
If a man can't fix her then she's not broken.

Who /homu/ here?

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What's wrong with that? She's like you, can't you relate now?

homu isn't evil, she just has a sickness, so yes I can fix her, or rather cure her, and I have the perfect medicine.

Correct, I just wanna fuck 'em

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why you keep posting this everywhere

no dykes allowed

Better than being a 'good girl' and doing the 'right thing' and thus condemning hundred of magical girls to their deaths when they were one feet aware of salvation.

She did nothing wrong.


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Not with that outfit.

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All Homura needed to do was feed Madoka food until she becomes morbidly obese and has a hard time moving anywhere so she can keep her to herself.

My own experience with barely veiled yandere femdom was kind of the opposite. I wasn't allowed to drink, smoke or do drugs and I had to exercise all the time.

how did you escape

She became a vegan and met a whole bunch of interesting people. She kept repeating that sentence before we broke up, because she had sex with them in a threesome. I stopped talking to her and texting her, I literally never spoke to her again despite her stalking me and texting me on shitbook for half a year.

The FPBP, OP BTFO of the decade.

>Sacrificing ALL of her happiness to ensure that all her friends are alive and safe

I honestly, unironically can't understand why people say Homura is evil.
Is it just for (you)s ?


Because Homura bullied Sayaka

Sayaka likes when she is being damaged so she actually did her right.

Fix them? No, I want to kill them.

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We know. Your mother decided to create an unapologetic weeaboo.

Homura will be defeated in the next movie.

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You can't fix a stupid out of character plot twist

But can you fix dykes with the dick? That is the real question.

It's in character and the entire Rebellion movie explains exactly why it is in character.

give a quick rundown for a brainlet then because it makes no fucking sense to me

This hopefully Sayaka put Homura in her place

The quickest rundown possible is probably rewatching the flower fields scene in the movie because that's the closest the movie ever gets to spelling out exactly why Homura did the thing. She talks to amnesiac Madoka and she basically tells her that she would never want to leave her friends and family and Homura no matter what happened. There is a meaningful debate to be had of whether this is an authentic answer given Madoka doesn't remember the events of the series, but that's when Homu makes her decision.

But besides that the entire movie is created to explain why Homura did it. All of the symbolism in her barrier (her subconscious), every happening inside of that barrier and her interactions with all of the other characters can be viewed through a lens of explaining who Homura is as a person and why her actions make sense with her character, that's why the movie is so rewatchable. It's a character study of Homura.

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Nothing evil about Humu

In episode 12, Madokami explicitly remembers the events of the series AND the events of Rebellion — and she approves.

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She doesn't look very evil to me.

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And then they make out

File under hatefuck.

... They are so inviting though..

I wanna try.

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Sinfull woman are cute woman

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If she’s so evil, then why did she not rape Madoka?

Why is every other thread about "fixing" now?


what did the retard mean by this


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Post the gif