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How long until the new season of snek?

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When Yurine says its allowed

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Due to...industrial sabotage...the funding for season 3 has been lost desu no

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>S2 came out during lockdown
>this scene made me want ramen but everything was shut
I should go and get that ramen huh

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Sorry. I'm too early, I guess. I'll come back again when things turn slow.

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Fuck Per-chan!

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Love Per-chan!

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absolutely based

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i'd like to request more glasses minos in this thread.

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Quick, go to the ATM.

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We need to be careful. Glasses Minos is boner fuel not to be trifled with

FUCK jashin chan

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Very nice.

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I love snek why is it so underrated

its only under-rated in the west

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It takes an extremely high IQ to enjoy snek.

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i understand it's very popular in the south

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Definitely, one needs a sharp mind and a cultured spirit to appreciate snek's humor.

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snek ear

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Checked. Im now leaving.

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I just ate ramen 6 days in a row and I'm a better person because of it

I've only had instant ramen. I should try the real stuff someday.

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instant ramen is garbage and doesn't compare. You haven't had ramen if that's all you've had

snek song x5582 times

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Wonderful, checkĀ“d

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>a fucking snek
>with a fucking ass
sneks don't have asses, this is fucking dumb.


you could do better

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where are my snekbrehs

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I want a snek wife and Medusa mistress
What the fuck is happening

Jashin-chan would approve of this relationship, but first, you would have to kill Yurine to show dominance.

I don't know but its kinda wholesome that we share memes

It's called gleichschaltung.

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Doomer Snek here fellow sneks. Back with a 35 snek megawad.
Negative SNEK
Ones optimized and the other has environmental terrain liek snow and ETC.
>added bonus MIDI gustav holst jupiter the bringer of jollity is idmus02 idmus05. Rip n Dropkick Sneks

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pino is the lewdest, no matter what board.

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>also got the snek plushie

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>Teddy loves snek too

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>China Numbah YUAN!

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