Every girl in this show moggs Nagatoro, personality wise and physically.

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tanlines > big honkers

True, but Paisen is faithful to his tanned gf.

All dweebs are faithful to whoever isn't outright disgusted by their presence.

but someone with big honkers can easily obtain tanlines

he has Stockholm syndrome.
He needs to snap out of it and plough the president!

Tanlines don't fix her annoying personality.

i can fix her.

Nagatoro is sweet and adorable how the heck could anyone not love her

as they should, cucked naga is best naga

This. Flatties BTFO.

How can niggatoro beat LA GRANDOTA?

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and yet for some reason anons want that string bean to win

other girls are allowed to be better

it's a romantic comedy between a boy and a girl, it's not important who the best girl is because the story is about the romance between two autists and not a shonen with powerlevels

im not going to find an anime/manga i like as much as nagatoro in years am i?

The hard truth is that Naoto is too good for Nagatoro

You can enjoy the previous works of "original author 774". That would be the gate to a new world.

Assuming he'll be treated better if he were with Gamo or Yoshi. Not sure about President though but the rabbit cousin would've been fine.

Yoshi is a sweetie.

Honestly, why do people like that shitty anime? Do they have some stockholm syndrom, were they abused as kids? The relationships the characters have is completely toxic

they want to fuck a goblin

Speaking of animes that involve teasing
Anyone excited for her anime this summer?
Personally I think it's the best out of Takagi, Nagatoro, and Uzaki because the teasing doesn't get overbearing

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remember the Manga/Anime caters to women as well.
MOST IRL women think they are uglier than the other women around.
it's a easy self insert route since Naga always wins

Kill yourself.

t. only watched up until episode 3

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This isn't a harem, dumbfuck. There's no competition.

Yes bitch, mogs

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Me on the left.


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Naga nails

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You know, the other day I was thinking when it was NGTR's bust size started to be considered smol, IRL she would have been quite a decent cup.

Her brother is better looking than her as well.

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Anime Naga has like twice the size of her tits. Manga Naga is about the size when she would obsess over her having DEFINITELY B-Cups despite half of her bra fabric just hanging loose.

The bunnies are better, Yoshi is better because she's actually pure, Gamo is better as a bully as well.
Only Sakura might be worse due to the crusty semen smell she brings everywhere.

luckily for us this is japanimation not IRL hags with no tits

you´d think you could atleast find a 720p rip to watch

>the mogging thot

There's nothing wrong with streaming stop being autistic.

Reddit take.

Only because he's just as pathetic as the toasted gremlin and mistakenly believes he can't get any better, similia cum similibus I guess, not everyone can be a gigachad MC like Kitano.

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Ssh, let the little gremlin taste love. Don’t be mean.

To be verbally and physically abused by a cute JK is the ultimate dream of the masobuta otaku. The saddest part of the manga is that their relationship isn't toxic enough.

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Because they're the only two characters with mutual affection to each other
Senpai and Shikki don't have feelings for each other
Senpai and President don't have feelings for each other
Senpai and (your favorite girl) don't have feelings for each other and they will never
It's that simple.

There is nothing wron with streaming.

>Senpai and President don't have feelings for each other
The love interest of his fantasy manga suspiciously resembles El Presidente, so it's likely there was at least a one-sided crush.

The usual moggers

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Probably, but even Senpai realized that intense autism would be too much for him

Surely Shikki's butt is just a little bit, a smidge too big right?

It needs all of the extra space to cushion paisen's massive throbbing erection and provide her a nice seat to let all of the cum in her stomach settle.

Who is the ultimate cuck?
Hayase Nagatoro
Kazuya Kinoshita

The best time line

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Now compare the ass



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Yeah, nagatoro is just a female fantasy where a titless bully can somehow get a tall handsome talented artist as her bf

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I find it hilarious that nagatoro is litterly the only girl in the manga with a physique of a child.
All the other girls are stacked and have curves&legs of a superpmodel.
Senpai has to be a pedo to pick her over all the titty monsters surrounding him.

Absolute bullshit. Her body oozes of femininity.

She's a princess! A pure princess in love!

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Im afraid to tell you, you are saying that beacuse she is the mc, if Gamo or Shikki had that role, you would be laughing at her

Axe soon.