Why did the author portray what this isekai MC here did as something cruel and unreasonable while in reality he just...

Why did the author portray what this isekai MC here did as something cruel and unreasonable while in reality he just laid out terms and conditions for his employment to the kidnapper who took him without his consent?

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B-but he made a girl cry, it's a worst thing a man could do!

Not a girl, but a goddess. Its a sin to disparge divinity.

What's going on with Zero Believer Goddess? Why do everyone act like a schizo?

It's not a sin if you are an atheist who refuses to accept her authority.

In front of divinity, there are no atheists, only anti-theists

"Next please."
Idiot is then reincarnated as an earthworm or something, reshuffled into the reincarnation pile.


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I believe in gender equality

So is this canon or just the artist's artwork?

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Who gives her the right to mess with people's lives?

The problem is he purposely acted like cunt. She summoned him because there were countless people needing his help, and he only cared about himself after knowing that. This is a humanitarian issue, not a working contract.

They're dead and she's literally a goddess of reincarnation. Oblivion/limbo as an alternative, no reincarnation, just spend an eternity conscious in total sensory deprivation as your soul dissolves.

Tanya is a legitimate schizo though. She denied god's authority even after meeting him in person and witnessing his godly power.

Let's put it this way. Reincarnating people is her job, she shouldn't use it as a leverage to force people to do her biddings. It's like the government order you to do their odd jobs, otherwise they would cancel your citizenship.

When will the next Tsuki ga anime come out? Despite what Yea Forums say, it's still better than 90% anime out there.

That’s not god though. That’s a devil with great power.

Rule of nature they themselves created, I guess? Nobody gives you official right to squash annoying mosquito, but you can, thanks to natural difference between mosquito and a human, meanwhile difference between god and a human is much bigger than difference between human and mosquito. So gods can do whatever they want, because they can and thats it.

What mango is this?

Sure. He says no. His soul goes to the reincarnation stack. Standard Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Depending on the life he lived up to that point he's reborn a human, ascends to something better, or is downgraded to something lesser.

Mouthing off to what is essentially Soul HR during promotion/demotion review time? Yeah, that doesn't end well. Universe always needs more insect equivalents and as a goddess of reincarnation she's got a few more billion souls to process after this.

Would the goddess become his gf later?

To her, he is just another supernatural being. She has no reason to believe he is the omnipotent master of the universe that lords over all existences.

He wants to bring forth peace. What kind of devil is that?

>kids look identical to their parents except with color-swapped hair
I hate this meme

Please, the author clearly wanted to point out how insane Tanya was. She even talked to herself like her current selves and past life were two different entities.

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Moto Isekai Tenisha Datta Kachou No Ojisan, Jinsei Ni Dome No Isekai O Kake Meguru

The latter.

You squash a mosquito because it's a harmful creature that could potentially kill you, so you act of self-defense is just. You will be treated as a degenerate if you go out of your way to squash every mosquito out there in the streets. What did the dude do to her?

The only god I believe is the one true god.

If she lets her emotion interfere with her judgement of human souls, she is unprofessional and unqualified for the job. Like you can report the HR staff to the higher up if they demote you out of malice.

How about the LN? Is there any development in his relationship with her?

>treated the local woman like an idiot for not knowing what yeast was
>instead of at least teaching her how to make it manually, the imbecile created it out of nothing with his cheat skill
This dude must be one of the most pathetic isekai MCs I ever saw.

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Tanya is just plain retarded. You don't talk shit to a guy who can twist you like a pretzel, much less to someone in charge of reality. She being considered "smart" is such a fucking joke.

>Doesn't have or know what yeast is.

That says more about the author than anything else.
I genuinely can't imagine a planet and it's people not knowing about yeast. Yeast is all around us: people discovered it by leaving dough unattended to rise and ferment just by itself. You can make yeast by literally keeping a jar of batter, feeding/watering it every, and just throwing out the excess- you'll have yeast in like a week.

Minor pestering by trying to tell her how she should run the thing she is diety of, people squash mosquitos on reflex because they are fucking annoying far more often than squash them in self defense, if you kill them for carrying pathogens and being danger to your life theres different method using insecticides and thats different thing altogether from just crushing insect for biting ya. Although yeah mc is closer to noisy fly thats only good for eating and shitting than mosquito with actual bite.

>Why did the author portray what this isekai MC here did as something cruel and unreasonable while in reality he just laid out terms and conditions for his employment to the kidnapper who took him without his consent?
Because women act on emotion instead of logic

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You will never be a real God

>Tanya is just plain retarded.
I suspect it's due to the hormonal unbalance after being turned into a woman.

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Hopefully not. It sounds like a lot of work.

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>I genuinely can't imagine a planet and it's people not knowing about yeast.
This. The author is a genuine retard. I refuse to believe in that world no one ever forgot their dough for sometime and figured out it was fermented later.

Lower left Suwako looks kind of like Lloyd...

Isekai chiropractor when?

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Is carrot really that delicious?

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To those that read Meikyuu no Saishinbu, does he fuck Franrhule and Snow later on?

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People knew that fruits and honey would "boil" if let alone, but knowing what yeasts are is recent, 18th-19th century thing.
It makes perfect sense for a paesant woman to not know what they are.


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>It makes perfect sense for a paesant woman to not know what they are.
user, they fucking know how to bake breads.

This. He has already changed from his past life. Accepted her new identity and business.

Of course not. Is like eating raw potato.

yes. even her mouth is weeping tears of joy.

Making bread doesn't need you to know what yeast is. Even ignoring unfermented bread, which is a thing, what they used is a pre-ferment, composed by wild yeast and various bacteria. They still didn't know what yeasts are. Also, those wild yeasts are different from what we usually call "yeast" today, ie S. cerevisiae.


>evil goddess
>turns good after sex
Many such cases.

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I just chalk it up to shitty writing and lack of research. Bread was already a thing in the bronce age.

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You guys are thinking about it the wrong way. These two guys are most correct:
If this is a reincarnation situation than the only thing that MC is entitled to, normally, is to be recycled into the endless cycle of birth and death in endless samsara. He wouldn't even pass onto nirvana/heaven since he, himself, admits, that he was just a cunty highschooler with father issues, and lacked any kind of spiritual intelligence or maturity.

The literal exchange is: "Normally after death your idea of 'you' wouldn't persist as your consciousness is scattered across millions of lives in the past, present, and future.. But we'd like you to descend into this mortal realm to do a little work for us. In exchange: you'll get to retain your personal identity, we'll be giving you divine providence, and you won't have to go through your next iteration."

>MC needed to teach a race whose home was the forest how to collect sap

user, we still have people in Africa living in the stone age after 7,000 years of recorded history.

>and they even failed at it despite living in the woods their whole life

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>harvesting tree sap
Oh no.

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Only Canadians can harvest tree sap, it's scientifically proven

>demon lord's general
bets on the demon lord being a female and MC will dick her too.

Let me rephrase it:
It's not out-of-character for that woman to not know what "yeast" is, but she should, absolutely, possess all of the intimate practical knowledge of yeast and have a holistic understanding of it. Probably better than the MC because she's had to LIVE baking bread while MC is just a tourist.

I'm guessing the two adventurer girls who knew MC back in the old world also gets dixcked?

Then it's literally blackmail - "obey my will or I will erase you existence". That's the act of a devil, not a goddess.

>I can't defeat my enemy, so I'll have him reincarnate as a harmless bird
Brilliant plan

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>user, we still have people in Africa living in the stone age after 7,000 years of recorded history.
I doubt any of them didn't know how to hunt even when living in the wildness.

Will the noble girl he saved in the last chapter join the MCs harem?

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I know of a tribe that subsisted on rats and seeds.

I thought the Egyptians ate unfermented breads?

When did humans first collect tree sap?