One Piece

Holy shit, this episode was literal perfection. Every Yamato scene was beautifully done.

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Jinbe is cooler

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I finally get to use this image for the anime. What a time to be alive.

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who is this in the thumbnail

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Ahogechads we won, we finally won!

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I'm just having an episode, pay no mind

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Gonna need a loop of that, chief

this episode made me like yamato

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Holy fuck this episode was good, I feel bad for watching it on YouTube.

This episode should end all discussion. Yamato is joining. At the very least, the idea that such a character would stay on Wano is so laughably out of the realm of One Piece’s themes and writing conventions that “uh duh she had the Wano guardian fruit!!!”fags deserve the rope

>Stops Kaido from interfering with the war
>He now has free time to abuse her Son(daughter)

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But Yamato what if their balls touch during the threeway?? It'd be gay incest!

Yamato is not joining
fuck off already

>kaido gets a filler line where he mocks the idea yamato will ever be able to leave wano
what did he mean by this

I wasn't aware Oda wrote all the filler scenes the anime produces.

I guess Toei got to the Denjiro/Kyoshiro reveal before the manga by pure chance?

Based, Imagine being the retard who still think she's staying in Wano at this point.

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Imagine Franky’s first appearance was at the end of Enies Lobby.

I think it's safe to say Yamato is up there with best written straw hat

Koido is a carrotchud. That's why he is so miserable and butthurt all the time.


Might as well have been, he was basically a different character during Water 7.

Yamato first appeared two years ago, user, and Wano isn’t done

But he existed and did things.

Or there was simply a distinct lack of named Wano characters the time the opening was made and he was added there to fill out the space beside Ashura.

I’m just saying it’s uniusual that the character popped up during the climax. Either you are right and somehow this isn’t the climax of Wano arc, or it was just a simple last minute decision.

You will keep coping until the series has ended. You are fated to cope and seethe

Wano was a mistake.

Chapter 971 wasn’t the climax of Wano, no. We are at the climax of Wano almost 100 chapters later. Any guess on how many chapters Franky was in the story before Enies Lobby ended?

I binged the manga from the beginning for the first time over the last 3 months, finishing a few days ago. Yamato’s appearance is definitely the most unnatural feeling introduction of a Straw Hat member.

Will you, Yea Forums?

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Wano is about to end in 20 chapters tops. Enough time for Kaido's flashback and the ending feast.

Are we talking percentage lengths?, because Franky was referenced to exist fairly early on in water 7 compared to Yamato in Wano.

Why is Toie going all out for a non-straw hat? She isn't even joining.

Don't worry she isn't a strawhat.

Tell me why you think being a speedreader gives you some sort of authority on bow One Piece is written

around what episode should I watch from the anime in the current invasion of Kaido's castle?

Because she sells merch with her fat tits.

You retards said that when Luffy unlocked COC coating and he’s aboit to lose again

Toei works in mysterious ways.

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Yamato will surpass Oden and WB and you will like it.

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How does he do it?

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>This episode should end all discussion.
You underestimate mental illness.

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Where did I claim I was an authority? I’m just saying it’s not congruent to the rest of what I’ve read so far. The arc isn’t over so I’m not claiming Oda won’t explain why it happened this way in a way that makes sense. It’s just different.

It's not hard to as long as she doesn't spend a year dancing in her underwear while two assholes turn her country into a shithole for 20 full years.

Yamatofags are quite an authority on that.

Genuine sigma energy.

Yamato is the worst written character after sabo/oden.

Part of the toonforce powers

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I mean she spent 20 years living like a rat on Onigashima and accomplishing nothing but stopping Ace from destroying the mansion.

monkey see niku
neuron activation

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Why does Yamato not use swords like Oden?

Gaimon tier character.

Gaimon is actually well written.

because deep down she still loves her daddy and wants to bonk just like him

He’s fine. I’m just completely indifferent to his existence.

She never learnt how

>watch episode
>yamato section DRAG
>3 min of kino at the end
the animation was clean.

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One Piece episode 1015 only confirmed what I've been saying for ages.

Yamato is the only good thing Oda has given us post time skip and I will die on this hill with that statement.

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Thx Megumi.

20 years hating kaido
Having 0 rebels army
Baffled me, is that even logical?

Oni's genetically good at using clubs it's in her blood

>huge oni tits
>but they’re attached to an autistic retard

>What will defeat Kaido?!?!
>even bigger............PUNCH
ok hackda take a fuckin break

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>Yamato first appeared
Holy shit. Time truly is a bitch.

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No, it's almost like she was a last minute addition. How many secret turncoats do you think she could have made of waiters and pleasures if she hadn't been fucking retarded? Even the numbers are apparently on her side.

Oda said that Kaido won’t be defeated by a strong punch.
Fight’s not over

What if Luffy punches him twice?

How about TWO strong punches?

I love One Piece so much

Yamato is better written than any strawhat. Cope and Seethe.

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>Reverse mountain until the end of Alabasta: 71chapters
>Onigashima: 91 chapters so far

Now you know that Onigashima is already longer than the time we meet Vivi, until the point we said goodbye to her.

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are you fags going to buy her figure?
I wanna see what's under her skirt so bad.

the problem is you're wrong there's two things

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>almost like she was a last minute addition
Yamato barely had any interaction with the Beast pirates.
I don’t think she ever spoke to the All Stars.

Sanji and Law are better. But that is it.

You dont understand OP. I understand it all

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holy shit

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so what lies at the end of luffy's dream is 100% going to space right?
too bad oda's circle of mangaka friends likely took oda's idea and used it ahead of him lol. toriko, dr.stone, what else am i missing? if they didn't do oda like that then the reveal could have been surprising as fuck (at least to me)

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This is cinema.

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Get fucked Blue Monkey

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My irrelevant wife is so cute

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No way. I'll only buy figurines once One Piece is finished. There's far too many characters and my wallet, space, and self-respect need to be considered.

Expect this for underwear though

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We won

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I've already bought two Yamato figurines. Im ordering this next one too

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read again
literally when still a child
she interact with a lot of beast pirates
yamatofag are just dumb