Why are there no Korean anime?

Tower of God is the only one?

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The Webtoon is a fucking disaster of too many characters, and S2 never ever

Fuck off, gook.

I don't think you know what anime means. No matter which direction you try to well actually, you're wrong.

Why should there be?

the korean long forms are pretty damn good

I don't know what's the correct name but Korean and Chinese "anime" is pretty bad, which is strange they have a lot of talented artists, money to invest, and a shitload of people to do the work but so far everything they do looks soulless

Nothing Korean is good except maybe the great leader

Didn't Freezing get an anime?

kek based but seriously, their long form shoujo are great

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>Shin Angyo Onshi


Korean shit sucks.

Horrible koreanime, so hard to watch. Horrible plot, horrible execusion.

>Tower of God is the only one?
It was made by Japanese studio that did nagatoro

There are plenty of Korean and Chinese anime, but they're all trashy.

i just checked anidb there's barely any

>2D Korean after 2010

>Shin Angyo Onshi
Oh right, that did get an OVA.

They're too busy making young justice

>young justice
The fuck, that's still going?

Johnny Destiny Space Ninja.

It doesn't, there are still some gems out there. It's manhua that's irredeemable

Because gooktrash is trash, faggot.

Is it just me or is 99% korean stuff NTR/relationship drama

The art's been good on the few I've read at least

Solo Leveling is god tier


>Solo Leveling is gook tier
There is no good gooktrash.

i think you are reading on the wrong(lewd) site

read To Not Die. it's pure kino

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If it's not Japanese, it's not anime. Korean animation belongs on Yea Forums.

a lot of the korean long forms are absolutely great

the author is korean but the publication was japanese, so under the japanese system
there aren't any korean anime from korean studios

Ah, hi Mario. Took me a second to recognize you. Go take a knife to your throat, okay?

Priest manhwa is kinda good.

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All the good Korean stuff are live actions

it's like it's actively trying to rip off the absolute worst parts of a shounen series.

Why does alot of Korean webtoons always have big evil rich corpo guy as a villain

Because they're really bad. Look at the adaptations we got, none of them lasted more than a single season because the source material was awful.
Also, if you're Mario, you can fuck off.

because they are evil

their CNC lathes are pretty robust, to be quite honest with you. respectfully.

This is the only recent one that comes to mind.
King of pigs, Seoul station exist, there's a North Korean animation about communist anthros.
There was a south Korean kids movie called Leafy (or was it daisy?) hen in the wild.

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The American adaptation of this is strange.
Shame the manwha was never completed.

Steel Rain has two adaptations.

I want an adaptation of annarasumanara, kisswood and Pale Horse.

they really need to start animating their long forms

>bad show with a great OST
many such cases

Why should they ?

The one with an actual international recognition and not just low-iq SEAniggers flocking onto it

Author is lore autist that made interesting world but the fact is that world like that would never fucking work as a series, power gap between newcomers and rankers is too fucking big, so author had to do million asspulls to lessen that gap.

not anime

technically a lot of anime is korean since the Japanese outsource the inbetweening to south korea

tell that to a nip you absolute tard
if it's animated, it's anime

Oh, didn't notice you're here too, Jeremy. So you've had enough with shitposting JJK, eh, now that you're changing your target to this random webtoon.

>no good gooktrash
Kubera mogged 99% of modern fantasy both in Korea and Japan so hard it isn't even funny

Winter Sonata
Akatsuki no Yona

>Mogging anything

Wait, i never check Akatsuki No Yona. Is it really an adaptation of Winter Sonata

Redpill me on Kubera. Heard the worldbuilding is great.

I want to hate fuck this bitch so much its unreal

No, Winter Sonata anime adaptation has the same name.

You forgot this masterpiece from the Best Korea.

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