Face it guys. Era of tsundere is over

Back in the day bi-polar, unnecessarily violent, dishonest, and often flat/short Tsunderes would win.

>Eva's Askua was the default winner of EoE
>Loses to new character Mari in Rebuild

>Miku the most popular in polls
>Loses to Yotsuba in Toubun

>Fate's Rin
>Seiba the most popular
>Sakura is considered the canon OTP with Shirou

Current anime meta is a mix of
>comfy/direct tomboys
>hiyakasudere w/ prefix (anjou-san, uzaki-chan, nagataro-san, takagi-san, etc)
>girl-next-door-girl with long dark hair with a hint of tsun/kuu-dere
>default obedient servant/slave/indebted/etc in isekai
The 90s to early 00's tsundere is dead and it's a good thing.

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Era of tsundere has been over since Shana III in 2011.

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For the best honestly.
Liking tsunderes requires literally "i can fix her"-tier mentality, tolerating the terrible tsun and expecting to be chad enough to see the dere.
Wholly unsurprising why male leads simply tolerate any and all attack, they are pathetic chumps.

Life is a circle, they will loop back around eventually. Just need 1 to become popular and the others will flow in.

Wormfags, when will they learn?

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Type Moon doesn't even care about Stay Night, Shirou, or who will he end up with anymore.
You will consume Grand Order and you will like it.

It’s too bad shana gets lumped in with the rest of them. She is only harsh to the mc when she does not yet like him and expects him to die.

Not all tsunderes are like that.
Classic styled tsunderes are just types that are cool/cold at first and warm up to people/mc over tie.
It does not require the MC to fix anything and more just the persistence to get to know the person.

Anime also became shit around 2011 with the exception of few

You will all exhaust the library too one day and know this is fact

mash isn't a tsundere either

For so long I thought I was into tsunderes, but it was just coincidence and I'm really into small chests.
Then I discover I am a kuuderefag.

Taiga was a tsundere done right. She actually had some character development. This trope irks me a bit b/c most tsunderes are pretty damn annoying.

kuuderes aren't doing much better

which kuuderes?

>Taiga was a tsundere done right

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>Sakura is considered the canon
3/10. Bait and fake news.

when was the classic period exactly? rumiko's tsunderes are exactly as i described, while bitches in battle harems are purposefully exaggerated and abrasive

Oh look, it's this thread again.

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Nice try, wormfag. HF will never be canon except inside your deranged mind that contradicts the underlying structure of Nasuverse and Nasu himself who is a Rinfag.

Don't you have a Maou-sama thread to sperg out in?

Shana is one of the best-written tsunderes in animanga. Shame JC staff screwed up her anime with all the filler and pacing changes.

Kagome is tsundere done wrong. She's just another in the long line of bipolar violent tsunderes like Narusegawa.

It's just that main heroines in animes have always had that
>>girl-next-door-girl with long dark hair with a hint of tsun/kuu-dere
factor to them.

It's very simple to discern good tsunderes from bad. They aren't bipolar/violent and don't revert backwards after development

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I Swear that nigger just won't quit. He's made his life mission to discredit every archtype he hates.

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>Uro: There's yet another different type of love depicted in the Sakura route. It really expresses the dark sides that all women have, but how men can accept that and love women regardless. Something akin to the "dignity of men" comes across.
>Nasu: "Romance" is something where a couple blindly pursue each other's ideals. "Love," on the other hand, is something where two people accept each other, including the painful reality that comes with it. There are no ideals to be found there. It's just about coming to terms with reality. Saber and Rin represent the fun and sweetness of romance. But I wanted to express the tragic nature of love with Sakura.

>Q: Are the three routes of Fate/stay night parallel worlds existing at the same time? I was curious since I was how it would look to Zelretch.
>A: They're parallel... sort of. But if Zelretch was observing, it'd become true, and my feelings on the matter is that I'd rather two routes disappear if one was true.
>If all of these became possible at the same time, the other routes would become meaningless.

>Nasu: When it comes to pairings, I feel that Shirou and Sakura was #1.

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Rin is in the wrong side.

Didn’t like taiga become nicer during the christmas episodes and patched things up w/ her family in the end? I’d say that’s some alright development.

>The age of TsundeRie is over
You never know what you have until it's gone

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>misconstrues and appropriate to trick people into thinking Zelretch is only observing one world when Nasu's IF statement is a clear indication that he isn't or else it would make having multiple canon routes meaningless.
Like clockwork. Zelretch isn't only observing HF timeline, so too bad for you, wormfag. Tsukihime and HF exists in different universes and Zelretch is from Tsukihime's world, retard. All the more.

>Sakura is considered the canon OTP with Shirou

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>Bad tsundere on the left
>Good tsundere on the right

>all those different filenames
Seems like it's commonly used because lots of people know it to be true.
>Zelretch isn't only observing HF timeline
Funny, considering HF is the only route he appears in.

I genuinely want to marry Shiori Shiomiya.

>commonly used
You wish.
>only route he appears in
Zelretch was in a different universe before he slid over to HF's timeline because Rin managed to use his sword. Keyword different universe. He isn't even in HF timeline now since he is in strange fake timeline. But keep coping and telling yourself otherwise, wormfag.

Some tsunfag was assmad enough to start a counter-thread kek:

tsundere will always be the queens. Keep up with your cope if it helps you sleep at night.

>Taiga was a tsundere done right

>Didn’t like taiga become nicer during the christmas episodes
You mean the same taiga that still pulling her stupid tsundere shit and then literally fought her bestie in ep 23?
Or the taiga ran away, fought with her mom, and then pushed Ryuji off a literal fucking bridge in ep 24?
Or the Taiga that did a 180, bailed on MC, and just upped and left for 25?
So moe right?

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>thread mentions nothing about tsundere
>it was created a minute after this which means OP couldn't possibly have seen this thread yet as it takes time to appear on catalog page
What a schizo.

>he slid over to HF's timeline
Thus, it's the canon timeline out of the three FSN ones.
>m-muh guest author fanfic that Nasu doesn't even consider when revealing new lore!
Every time.

Rin isn't bad IMO. She's only abrasive towards Shirou when he says and/or does something stupid, which is a lot of times through each route. Even Saber is exasperated with him at times. Other than that, she's nice and is mostly focused on keeping her honor student persona at school.

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She's a cunt in HF and F/HA.

>ignored the fact Zel was in a different universe and isn't in HF universe anymore
Sasuga, wormfag.
>overseen by Nasu
Cope. FGO shits on your headcanon too.

FGO shits on Narita's headcanon fanfic, yes. Also, Zelretch has never and will never appear in Fate or UBW, but did appear in HF.

>implying just early 2000s
>implyinh it is over

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Stopped reading there.

>doesn't know that strange fake Servants already appeared in FGO
>doesn't know that Zelretch laid the foundation for the holy grail in Fate, UBW, and HF
Typical tertiary wormfag.

I haven't played F/HA, but IIRC she's only a cunt in HF because she doesn't want to be unable to kill Sakura because of her own feelings (she was going on an on about being the landlord and having the duty to take out Sakura because she was a threat to the city). Even at that, she did show compassion towards Sakura in the end and was willing to die with her.

Even more, she canonically has feelings for Shirou in that route, and deliberately stepped aside when she realized him and Sakura were together. This holds even in the epilogue.

In fact, you could say she's a cunt only when she thought Sakura was going to kill everyone, other than that she's nice.

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You must be joking.

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Fair, I’m assuming she left to get her shit together w/ her family before eventually getting down w/ Ryuji.

Arguing about canonicity in Fateshit is like arguing about canonicity in capeshit.
There's so much back and forth between so many authors with so many timelines and retcons and the head author approving anything for money and kicks that only a retard would choose any given scenario as THE ONE AND ONLY REAL ONE as his hill to die on.

Taiga is not even tsundere just a bitch. For the first half of the series she likes kitamura and she isn't tsundere with him at all

Not all Tsunderes are Tsundere about everyone.
Akane was inconditionally dere about Dr. Tofu, Negima's Asuna was inconditionally dere about Takahata, and so on.

The three main routes are canon. F/HA is a "maybe" fragment that is only taken in consideration because there was a hint that it might be an alternate reality. And even then I don't think it's been confirmed whether it's canon or not.

Do you even know what's happening in that scene?

TsundeRies permanently altered my brain as a kid. Now all I want is to be someone capable of breaking through the cool, hostile tsun layer of a small, flat cutie and finding the sugary-sweet dere underneath.

Sinon is fine. OG Rin is fine.

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You don't.

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Where does kasha fall in?

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> Asuka
> Anna
what the FUCK is the appeal of tsuntsun and tsungire? I never got why these types of characters are popular. I can at least understand the appeal of classic tsundere because she's bound to nice sometimes, but a cunt that is just abrasive and rude 24/7? What kind of masochist wants a bitch like that?

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OP here.
I don't dislike Rin. I like Rin more than Sakura. I just also know that Rin is a discount clone of Aoko because I'm not a filthy non-VN casual.

Even if Rin>Sakura it doesn't change the facts:
>Shirou is best with Sakura.
>Shirou never compromised his ideals for Rin nor Saber
>only Sakura got her H scene animated.
>Sakura is always paired with Shirou as a domestic partner in official merch, she gets the most vanilla stuff with Shirou in F/HA, or how F/KLPM in Miyu's Shirou picked Sakura.
Stop trying self-insert and you'll realize Sakura and Shirou are fit for each other.

p.s. you guys reek of fate/dbs shitposting.

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I'm not much of a mecha fan and less into really old anime, so I don't know.

Believe or not Dengeki Bunko still clings to tsunderes to the point of forcing pic related to main heroine status AND giving her own spin off series which heavily relies on the main series to not flop.

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Beatrice isn't tsungire. Battler is just retarded.

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If a girl can't literally kill me, what's the point? It's the same logic for why short girls are inferior: If you aren't playing shadow of the colossus in bed, are you even fucking?

Guess who has "I can help her" mentality

Shitdex is worst girl.
Both her and Mikoto are tsunderes done wrong.

Accelerator is tsundere done right.

Index is not tsundere, just a normalfag.