Dragon Ball Super

>get humiliated in battle
>cry like a little bitch
Why does Vegeta do this?

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The worst part is that SCHLURPza is the only villian to make Vegeta cry.

It's funny because he's like the only adult character who cries when he loses. And he cried a lot, like against Frieza, in Fusion Reborn and in ToP. He really is pathetic. Not even Gohan as a kid cried as much as he did.

Vegeta never drew a dime.

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Real thread.

Completely forgot about that, crying to SISSYza is still worse.

>HOW? I am the prince of all saiyans!!! An elite among a mighty race of WARRIORS but yet.. but yet... guh... uuuuuh AAAAAAAAAAAH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW



Jiren is not a villain

He tried to attack Goku's friends.

Together, we'll change our fate!

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What makes this worse is he was crying because he realised his dream was unachievable, these were the tears of a broken man kneeling before his greater.

Based Towa.

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If Jiren won the ToP, would he have wished everyone back?

I will not reply to the manga thread.

Cute and canon

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Goku was a dick who was stepping on Jiren's dreams. Good thing he got his ass blasted once master ultra asspull woreoff

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Because he can

Here’s an idea:

GT but Goku is naked for all of it!

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Bejitabro above me

vegeta was my gay awakening and i will always kneel for that

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JBGC. The DNA of /dbs/.

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Truly a work of art

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Goku is for Bra, not Bulma


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>IP-grabbing filename
Didn't peruse.

>IP-CHADbing filename
FUCKING clicked.

Don’t reply to me ever again you lowly rat.

Imagine spooning and cuddling with Zeno under warm poofy bedsheets.....

SHITper? Not canon.

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I kek'd pretty hard.

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He deserved it tho

Just how many hearts were broken during the original run of the ToP; has anyone kept count?

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Jiren. Jiren.
Toei. Toei.

Toyotaro. Die.

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>hiding behind a woman of all characters

Gohan was a lot worse. It's one of the things I really hated about him.


That Bejitabro in his cute underwear... post it. NOW!!!

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Why does Krillin also want Bejita to kiss Chi-Chi?

He likes to watch.

So fucking based

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is a faggot.

The alien just can't i these threads anymore


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Yeah i know, i know

>bullying foreigners

Crying is the most masculine thing you can do. Stop trying to feminize tears.


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Am i having a stroke right now????

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