Aikatsu and Pretty series

Sumire was the sexiest secondary.

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Yuu was sexier

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Until she lost her limbs.

>mfw it's a >boys episode next week

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>boys groping Matusri

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Its been so long since I've been happy. I've changed so much and it's all your fault.

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Australian meme

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Not sorry

I wonder why achikiko doesn't like the magic guys.

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So who is her dad?

Me and her child and lover

magic jews are sucking the power of the magiclet goyim, they pretty much said it

The same mysterious man sending magi to Matsuri's hairclip.

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>Myamu: I knew you weren't a Chuppi

So I guess her dad is from magic realm?

Hughie's backstory of being Myamu's grandpa's apprentice and meeting Matsuri's dad and Touma will probably explain it next episode. It's interesting to note that Matsuri's dad has an Omega pin on his suit so he might be the chuppi Hughie spoke of that influenced his life or it could be Touma for the same parallel with Matsuri and Myamu.

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Matsuri can grow 3 more arms to jerk off more Ainons.

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She needs to grow more tits to feed more mouths also she'll need all six arms for my dick

There is something funny about Myamu liking cat videos.
Also, I wasn't expecting on screen hardcore lesbian sex.

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Myamu's anti-muggle racism being solved by Aine being a wizard all along seems like a bad message.

>Myamu: Hey, Mia, what's wrong with your friend's face?
>Matsuri: Jesus Christ, Myamu-chan.
>Aira: Um... she's Korean.
>Myamu: Oh, is that all. Why are you friends with her?
>Aira, Naru, Matsuri: Myamu-chan!
>Mia: Listen, you! You talk smack about my Hye In and I'll pound you into the... wait, why AM I friends with her?
>Everyone (except Mia): *gyafun*!

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Why do I have the felling the is doing all of this for pussy? Imagine exploring your children, one of them super autistic, just for exotic pussy.
That actually kind of based.

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Man he reminds me of the main villain of Hugtto because of his looks. Tsubofumi strikes again.

Don't bring ojisan's self insert George into this. That is a funny coincidence how similar their designs are.

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Is it in 3D?

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This episode is fucking gay. If Matsuri and Myamu don't make out on screen I will be disappointed.

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Literally me.

Don't open this either

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the big succulent milkers

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It's in Pri-D.

I want Auru to be my boyfriend (female)

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>Going for Jennifer pussy.
>Planning on raping the gay out of Myamu.
This man never stops. I'm surprised he only has two children.

And the gay trains continues next week.

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please tell me he sings next week

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Sumire is a beauty

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The episode had legit sexual tension.
Are yurifags winning or hetfags winning? I have no idea with Primagi yet.

what's up with miruki here? Her face looks a little too much.

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Spoiler: Him and Hughie put on a banger of a duo performance that it inspires a 2 person unit tournament, the episode afterwards is the girls fighting over who gets to be Amane's partner.

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/ai/ has made me a happy person, since I can listen to gokigen music.

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>Pretty series
>Boys singing
What kind of franchise do you think this is?
All jokes aside his eyes go kind of magic on the preview so I say it's probably a 10%.

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Sorry. I turned on her anal vibrator to full power by accident.


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When will Matsuri perform a song like Que Sera?

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Miruki's chest...

If anything, this episode foreshadows a dark Myamu arc.

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I started reading her manga and noticed suddenly it clicked that it's kinda like Woody Woodpecker but as a cute girl, she's pretty much invencible (actually she dies multiple times but the demons HAVE to ressurect her because she's a "hostage") and always trolling others.

This interaction reminded me of that one time where Jin interacted with Naru but it was inconsequential because their respective plot lines had nothing to do with each other due to RL's separate branching storylines; in another season Jin would have been the main antagonist and Naru a much more imposing active protagonist.

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>in another season Jin would have been the main antagonist
But that’s KinPri.

Oh yeah, should have worded it to sound like that.
But you get my point; it was very unconventional.