Ran is finally here! Did you enjoy her episode?

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Ruru's armpit

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Will Ran be angry that I overslept her episode?

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Yes, I did enjoy the episode. It was Deliciousmile/10 (same thing that one can say about Yum Yum herself).

Also, Yum-Yum's BumBums and Tum-Tum.

Why was her early concept art so misleading?

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My cute wife! I love her nickname and will always consider her a cuter "pi" name and character by default but "Kokopi" can exist too I guess. No need to fight over it.
A new addition but not a replacement.

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Makopi stinks but it's a good stink.

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The Makopi user

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Uh oh

I wasn't that impressed with DP's OP at first but it's growing on me.

It was a great ep!
MenMen is so cool too, the fire was unexpected.
So happy, DP is a good season and next eps are going to be even better.
Gentle/Ran, Group finisher, Secretoru and Black Pepper debut.


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oh, and she is going to grow up too!
I'm really curious about the next eps

Remember to cheer for Gentle and the bundoru gang and not the cures!

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but I'm not a villain

what's the appeal of cute cures?

precure are meant to be enjoyed by old men and women

You don't have to be a villian to love Gentle and know she deserves to win

is 'black pepper' really Takumi Blanco's name?

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I like how she slurps up that fiery henshin ramen

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That's a super cute Yukari.

>pink sentai is actually an insane yandere who gives no shit about killing someone who touched his wife
This is the best SHT ever

this time it's sentai with the murderous pink

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Donbrothers is unorthodox as fuck and I'm loving every second of it.

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I don't get it. Is it a headband? A tiara?

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Howdy partner.

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She has little stars in her hair, what's so confusing about that?

it is weird to see a ranger, ANY ranger actually wanting to kill a person. and i think it goes without saying that his waifu is so, SO. DEAD...

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Finally justice has been served... also can someone translate?

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Yum-yum is so small and cute, I want to mount her.

Is this the Ai Mai Me artist or someone drawing like them

dunno, just found it on twitter.

>red eyes
>knows about recipepis
Could Amane and Gentlu be related? Or am I just imagining things?

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You're crazy, why would someone as upstanding as the stuco pres be involved in stealing recipepi.

>so you're part of the bundoru gang who has been changing the taste of my food?
>this is for ruining my food all these times!
>this is for saying those customers only came because of the reduced price!
>Now that I'm precure, this is my chance for revenge!

well this was unexpected

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cutest jobber

It's all on your mind. The student council president title is only given to honorable members of the school community that would never, by any means, harass its members or disturb the order. Gentle has attempted to attack students and destroyed school patrimony so there's just no way a person like that would be in charge of such position of power since our education institutes work under the old and perfect democratic model that assures us that only the most fit would be able to occupy the role.

Ep 7 subs:

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god's work user

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Been waiting for this. Thanks as usual.

who's this cute lady

Thanks smeggy peggy

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Hello. Been in and out of /pc/, just how life goes sometimes. Seeing some of the birthdays that happened was nice, especially Pamu-Pamu's with all the heartwarming art.

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Hojo Hibiki

Hibiki from Suite Precure.
Thank you for the subs!

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I've seen some comments that Gentle redemption feels somewhat harder than other previous redemption since Gentle isn't an outsider to society (like Eas and Twilight) and during Ruru infiltration in Hana's house it felt like they were avoiding Ruru doing anything too bad (she brainwashes Hana's mom and summons a Oshimaida once or twice?). Gentle feels more agressive in these two last episodes and she actually causes some reputation damage to shops she visits (and closed the South American side of the town)

I appreciate your continued service every week. Crunchy is no good

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CR is really phoning it in lately, must be the Funi merge

Thanks sweetie~


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God I hate this bitch

>and closed the South American side of the town

if only... theres a reason the Bundoru attack Oishiina instead of traveling around the world. they even said it in Ep.2. A recipepe watches over ALL the food it represents in the world, not only the Mexican food district was taken down, but ALL MEXICAN FOOD IN THE PLANET!

not directly mind you, but Mari didnt just mentioned the Latin/southamerican food district, but all food in Latin/South America.

Mexico would cease to be if tacos suddenly tasted like garbage.

probably that happened already. and its possible they are gonna downplay it or retcon it as that the damage only affected Oishiina instead of the world and that Latin america is fine, but for now, Mexico is BONED.

Maybe that's the reason why they're targetting Oishina specifically, there's about everything on the city so they don't need to run around the world to complete their plans. Gentle possibly would be a world tier criminal though because she's ruining actually ruining hundreds of millions lifes with that.

yeah, thats definitely it, the bundoru are saving millions in travel and lodging fees with this strategy, thats for sure-

It's true, we cannot exist without them