Princess Connect

>does nothing for 2 whole seasons

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I dunno she seemed cute and funny in every episode.

It did plenty of stuff in the second season and it sucked.

And that's a good thing.

>Plot boils down to giving the villain a sad backstory 15 minutes into the final episode, and redeeming her

Yeah, but I'm "filtered" for not liking the plot focus, right?

I liked the first season a lot - I've been fond of pecorine unbirth porn ever since. The second season sucked though

princess connect really needs to do more with kokkoro. she's the real draw of the franchise

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Her going 0x0 is enough.

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>>does nothing
not in my NTR doujins

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She does her part being a cute daughtermotherwife in all those doujins

funny? you think she's funny?



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There should be a season 3 with nothing but SoL episodes, those were the absolute best we got out of this show.

Yui when?

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After everyone else has had a turn with the MC.

I wish I could buy my own Kokkoro

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Part 4 when?

Next Comiket, but I have to say part 3 wasn't that good. So I am afraid part 4 do not deliver.

the only bad part about it is that he didn't came inside, atleast not depicted; everything else is progressively better.

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She :x's.

Is she doing the unbirthing or is she the one being unborn?

My pedo semen on Kokkoro's flat underage elf chest!

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>ugly cat
>cow tits Kokkoro

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This isn't how you give a cat a bath.

I liked both seasons

She looks cute.

M-maybe next season

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Are they underwater?

She did her :x face plenty of times.


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Only if Little Lyrical become the MCs.

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is Kokkoro actually a Loli?

I just thought of her as a petite elf

In geimu she has 11 yo in real world she has 11 yo

It would have been better if they actually went through with what they were threatening.

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based nopankoro

That shit is anime only. Even as far as in the second arc they don't hold back with showing how shit of a person Kaiser Insight was.

Game Peco also never misses a beat in calling him a man every time she talks about him. I seriously hope the game ending is a lot better.

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My wife, Pecorine!

It's confirmed they want to make S3 and a movie but the dates are TBD.

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>petite elf
All elves are petite.

Reminder that Kokkoro is a crazy girl who want her lord to be a retarded child for ever.

I'm perfect for her then.

This so much...

Kokkoro is a holy woman and would never do something as sinful as NTR.

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would drink her holy water

Best daughter-wife-imouto

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Indeed, in fact, Kokkoro is the cuckqueen

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>I liked the first season a lot
>The second season sucked though
Glad I’m not the only one who thought this


user was trying to say that she is 11 in game.
In real life she's a robot apparently so we don't know how old she is

She did a pretty good job at keeping my dick hard


Her being so loyal it's exactly why her NTR doujins are so hot.