ITT: God-tier OPs for shit anime

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Diebuster was good though.

good pick

uhhh, yep

>uhhh, yep
huh. nope

>huh. nope
definitely a yep

>definitely a yep
no, i don't think so



diebuster was good

fairy tail was pretty good when i was 14


this OP is so fucking good, always listen to it when it gets posted.

The OP for your favorite anime is really amazing. I listen to it all the time.

The literal definition of a shit show with a good OP

The OP was shit too

nope don't think so

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I worked at a place that had this playing regularly. The OP got me so hyped to see it, and I was so disappointed by how little the show delivered on my expectations.

It all went to shit after the shaman's house burned down.

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no way

>a place that had this playing regularly
what kind of place would play the Xam'd OP?
some trendy bar?
a weeb club?

A Toys R Us with a PS3 on a demo loop. Xam'd was distributed through Playstation I guess

Speaking of Round Table

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Hence 14-year-old's don't get to make important decisions

Diebuster is good you cocksucker.

Sorry, user. I'm . I meant to agree with you, but mistyped.

to this very day, I still don't know what a chobits is
I should watch chobits

You're better off reading the manga. The soundtrack is great, but the anime is just a harem romcom but all the girls get paired up with different guys in the end and the MC is left to fuck is robot

>Oooo ooo ooo
Damn. Bringing me right back.

this is a bop and a half

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Xam'd is a terrible show but at least it's terrible in ways that are interesting. Sometimes I think about rewatching it with a corkboard and string just to see if the story makes sense on any level.

Watch the movie "Her" instead. Shorter duration and delves deeper in the "human-sex robot relationship" topic.

no it's bad

Not shit but kinda meh. OP is a banger though.

Ok, serious question. Whatever happened to Round Table or Nino? Did they both retired?

Fuck you, Turn A is Tomino's magnum opus

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The anime was disappointing compared to the game, but the Masami Okui OP was great.

both OP and ED

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Great OP. FT is good though desu.

A bit different but relevant - there's no clip from the movie Odin to link to easily, but this song is the backing track for the scene that introduces the cast and setting. It's the only good thing from that entire movie:

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I genuinely wanted to love this show, too. At least the OP was great.

"look mom if i post more stuff about shitting on Gundam, especially Turn A, i'll be taken more seriously by the adults out there"

i just finished this anime and good lord what a insufferable thing to watch
i'd say the girls design might be the best stuff coming from this anime but most of the time on the anime they're drawn so ugly