Spy x Family

Episode 1 was such a great fun and funny father x daughter anime with huge potential to be a great father spy x daughter sidekick anime that's better than Cop Craft
Then OF COURSE they had to introduce a hot busty superhuman autistic wife, so quirky! yet extremely boring with the most terrible voice actress in the industry as a waifu bait for readers, turning the series into complete boring shit.
Yor reminds me of Violet Evergarden yet even worse and way more boring. I can't believe it's actually possible.

Anyone feel the same? can't be just me.

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Axe soon.

Sounds like a you problem. The whole premise is a fake "superpowered" nuclear family.

>can't be just me
it can, and it is

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third post best post
OP is a fart-sniffer

>can't be just me

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just say you wanted another Usagi Drop

>with the most terrible voice actress in the industry
I can agree with this.

A hot husband for those who want a hot husband, a hot wife for those who want a hot wife, and a cute daughter for those who want a cute daughter.

This is why it has such a wide appeal.

Yor is quite literally carrying this franchise

no she doesn't
her personality is such a blank stale wall I have no idea how can she be interesting to anybody

t. Fiona. Go back to fantasizing about Twilight while you train in the mountains.

Anyone else worried this Loid flashback arc is going to end with it being revealed that Westalia are the evil aggressors and Slyvia is evil?

the fuck?
have you seen her dialog beyong "arigatou" and " naruhudo" horribly written character honestly

>animeonly OP

Loid deserves a bullet to the head. Westalia isn't going to be evil, but his agency sure is. All spook agencies inevitably get corrupted and are by nature evil.

you sound like a whiny bitch

>with the most terrible voice actress in the industry
well yor not wrong there

I don't think this series is bleak enough to show just how nasty glownigger agencies really are

This anime is probably the best proof of how investing in shilling is what you need to do for your product to be popular, I don't even think that it's bad but no way in hell it deserves to be this popular, there are way better SoL titles, the action is subpar, the animation mediocre with 3dcg crowds, the ost unmemorable and the comedy so far pretty repetitive, I can't believe how easy is to manipulate the crowds nowadays.

Who is Yor VA? Kind of reminds me of Kokoro

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Saori Hayami


she's another impossibly sexy character that isn't aware of how sexy she is so you can pseudo-groom her into being your very own fuck machine

thankfully there's no NTR shit this time around


Was this the worst anime episode of the entire season?

Welcome to the present, people has 0 personality and acts, does and thinks like the large crowd does but the large crowd does that because they have been psyoped into it.

Literally made for ntr
cant wait for the doujins

Violet evergarden autists have latched into this before Nightfall appearance?? Huh?!?!

Go away, Fiona.

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>Yea Forums loves comfy anime now
What happened
You faggots love only edgy anime

>animeonlys already getting filtered

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Yeah i also wish it was just a remake of Hinamatsuri.
there was a familiar relation in usagi drop (half-aunt), but SxF features adopting a stranger, while the focus is on spy and telpath hijinks not SOL so i donr see the comparison.
usagi drop was a better show though, shame we never got season 2.
the Spy x Family manga only got popular here cause the smug anime girl reaction faces were spammed by resident shitposters.
Its pretty mediocre otherwise.

>that's a complete fucking lie
>SnK's dumpster fire ending BTFO edgefags forever

bros that ed is too much...

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They hated him because he told the truth.


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you lack self-awareness
both this and VEG have the most normalfags of normalfags audience. This especially, long before the adaptation. this is THE most popular non-shonen manga in the recent time.

uh oh

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>Ugh, a popular product i like is popular? No, it can't be, has to be exterior forces behind it because i only like popular NONpopular shows!
Disconnect your fart fumes any time.

I can't unhear Yor as Miyuki.

1-3 = good
4 = shit

because her garbage seiyuu can only do 1 voice.

This post deserves its own thread. go make one later.

>Yor lewd assassin training
>Yor tricked into doing lewd acts as practice for being Anya's father
>Yor on a mission accidentally took an aphrodisiac
What did you vote for?

Hypnosiskino is back on the menu, boys

You can't see popularity if you don't look for it. I didn't know it was popular until the threads went to shit.

Saori Hayami can only do one voice.

retard EOP

nothing against hypnofags, but there's saiminsushi hypnosiskino, then there's everything else


>this is THE most popular non-shonen manga in the recent time.
This is a shounen manga, you dimwit. Stop mistaking shounen for a genre.

How destructive was the ending visuals for the Goslingposters?

oh and here I thought I'm the only one who think this. I picked up the manga and honestly I don't feel compel to keep on reading past the part after anya attend school. It's entertaining but the main conflicts are pretty lame.


why;s the OP song so fucking bad hoyl shit

Abe does it again

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>I can't believe how easy is to manipulate the crowds nowadays
there is no point in history where it was particularly difficult to manipulate the masses, technology and propaganda techniques just got better

Actually OP is almost certainly just a pedo angry that the show isn't all about loli fan service.

>adult woman and man living together as a husband and wife
>they don't have sex
It's shonen alright

Just watched the episode with my fiancée after a long day. Good shit. I almost succumbed to Abe's power move and impregnated her there.

Is it really Abe if it's adoption?

WTF Anya is an esper? Let's abandon Anya and go our separate ways.

>Lloyd is Loid because THE AUTHOR SAID SO!
>Yoru is Yor because THE AUTHOR SAID SO!
>Anya is still Anya and not Ania because UHHHHH......

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yeah. i mean... yeah

>recap at the start of episode 3 for a one cour
This isn't a good sign, is it?
I'm sure it'll get a second season and all that but wew.

Protip, you belong the the crowd. The manipulation started before you were even a single sperm. Before your father, and his father was one.
But no, "you" are the only one to break free from the spell, and instead spend an equal amount of time on Yea Forums for it. Because you're not a "sheep"

Anya is stupid and four years old, she doesn't know any better.

>OP has Anya going out and enjoying her adventures with her new Parents
>ED has Anya going home after a long day of adventure
They did great in making OP and ED consistently about Anya.

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God I wish it were this easy to get a beautiful wife in real life.

>Read this as Ania
Fucking souther barbarians. Learn runes or fuck off

And the author is a Japanese who doesn't know any better about non-japanese names romanization.

even adopted kids might start asking about siblings

Can you point where I'm wrong or give your own insight or opinion or are you just going to act like the sheep that you are? Are you denying how the modern society works? Or perhaps you think that there aren't experts that can psyop people into watching whatever they want to make it popular?

They needed extra filler because chapter 3 stands in a weird spot between short but important on its own, so they needed to fill in time. Chapter 4 works better with chapter 5 so they just added a bunch of stuff for this episode to make it longer. Not that I'm happy with it, I feel like all these constant recaps from the narrator are jarring. I hate it.

You're a faggot, OP.

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think of the normalfag audience with their goldfish memory and attention span

You haven't seen the twitter posts yet?

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Have you seen the retarded anime onlies?

No, I don't consider myself immune I probably have loads of shit in my head that doesn't mean that what I said isn't true though.

Its Japan so its way better this way or else it will just turn out to be another Grooming manga

this shit is so boring. there's more happening in virgin road and i dont even remember the last episode

I like how cutely you single out a post instead of replying to the deluge of people calling you a nigger.
So tell me, why doesn't this deserve to be popular by your almighty fartsniffing self? (not that you are the original poster, just another leech feeding off his well deserved (you))

All these languages out there and you chose to speak facts

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Stfu you have Dozens of father/daughter series to enjoy.

This series is worse then Gintama at going from 0 to 100 and back to 0

>me watching this episode

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Hmm yes, you're knowingly brainwashed, but not "that" much so you can tell that you stand out from the "crowd", the ever nebulous term for everyone who don't agree.
But you do agree that the influence is there. You're just somehow not "that" deep in it.

To bad most of them end with
And then they become lovers in the future because Japanese don't understand that loving your parent or child doesn't mean you want to fuck them

Read the post again, I explained why there.

The tone is just weird in the anime.

k, b

Haven't seen the new episode yet...
Should I listen to the faggot OP?

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Just read the manga.
Way more comedic.

OP's anus blown the fuck out.