Dragon Ball Super

Discuss the latest manga chapter.

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How come Goku never defeated Vegeta?

Gas and Bardock had a good fight.

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He did though.

Because Goku doesn’t want to accidentally kill him and upset Bulma and Trunks.

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I like reading cute and romantic manga, probably because my life is fucking miserable. And yes, Goku is my favorite character. And no, that's not a bad thing, a lot of guys are into that kind of stuff.

Bartleby MontClair of Dresden? One shots JOBren.

I don't care about the manga.

No, I refuse.

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>discuss the SHITnga

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...is what I tell myself every day so I don't go and burn all the copies I have of DBS manga.

>what was that bardock form

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Gentlemen... I am going to begin my viewing of K-on!.

>discuss the GODnga

Wanna guess what faction this mutt belongs to?

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Have a good time, Gokubro!

If vegeta is the prince of all saiyans, why is he always kneeling?

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Gentlemen... Post your favorite Ponies. NOW.

Enter the real androides del futuro before the retcon.

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>Goku headcanon

He never kneeled to WEAKkuBITCH.

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Events that would break these threads.
>DBS anime comes back on a July.
>Toyo gets fired.
>Goku and Vegeta have a serious fight with a clear winner.
>Villian tells Goku, Vegeta, Jiren, or another important character to kneel and forces them to.

>both threads are GOKUGOKUGOKU
My Hero is the best.

What do you guys think of Vegeta's new form?

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Proclaim the score.

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So you can fap to her? No.

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Ignorant? Yes. But I'm trying to learn, sir.

What happened to his widow’s peak?


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Bejita-sama is 2-0 against VASSALku.

Hair implant.

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HillBilly On Command

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For me? It's Twilight Sparkle. GokuCHAD btw.


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Sunset Shimmer has pretty eyelashes.

Best era.

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2-0 but he surpasses Goku.

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This is Gohan's wife.

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Too bad this artist is a Panpedo and a fusionfujo.

Someone remove SHITccolo from this pic, he's ruining it.


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FUCK I FUCKING LOST AGAIN WHY CANT I FUCKING WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

>Jiren isn't rea-

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CHADrasa? Won!

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Someone remove SHITgeta from this pic, he's ruining it.

>Not being a pedophile
You're no Gkoubro of mine.

Being an Artist= being a Degenerate


Make way, the CHADS have arrived.

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Damn right.

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Rarity is so fucking GORGEOUS! Bejitabro btw.


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Imagine a blonde Pan.

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Someone remove those SHITyans from this pic, you can't even see Yamcha, Krillin, and Tien behind them.

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>Cuck fantasies
Why are you like this?

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Wrong. All the posts before mine? RTH.

My hero's muscles... I wanna be embraced by them.

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They are better flat.

Main six? Applejack
Background pony? Derpy
Princess? Luna

Gohanbro btw

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Chi-Chi does NOT have disgusting cowtits like Bulma.

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Calm down Bulma/Chi-chi.


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Based fellow Bejitabro. Those guns could break my entire being at any moment and I would thank him.

>Chi-Chi's power level increases by 1
Nice fusion you have there, kek.