Not exactly a Sword Art Online thread

Would YOU survive Aincrad/SAO, user?
What would your build/strategy be?

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i forget do you even have to do anything to simply stay alive?

Why does SAO keep introducing heroines when Asuna already won in the first arc?

I wouldn't have even gone in.
I actually wait for a general consensus to form from real people who actually play the game before picking something up.

I would go fishing at that place with the old people.

You will "starve" wherein the game will increasingly make you hungry, but no you don't have to eat technically
You need to sleep because you're technically in a coma, you're awake, just your senses are in digital space.

Progressive mentions how a bunch of people just do daily quests in the starting city and spend it on their inn costs and basic food daily.

>"pacifist" run
>kills my enemies (mobs and Players) with bugs, secondary effects like poisoning and ganking.

I would try to be a frontliner with a rare moveset so all the best gear in that moveset is funneled into me
>Beast mastery
something like that

Stay in lower floors, do safe jobs, don't wander around, pay attention to edgy pk guilds, groom little girls like silica etc

I do this build but as a AGI, not STR

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>Frontline, standard sword and shield.
There wont be any other opportunity to experience being an adventurer, better act it now to its fullest extent before going back to the trivialities of modern life.

Just hack and slash my way through, get my hands on premium loot, and cheese my way through until the gamedev gets wind of my actions and PKs me because he's an enormous manchild who hates the thought of somebody else being good at his shitty game. Literally what everybody else was doing, there never any strategy involved. Also I don't think I ever remembered SAO mentioning anything about leveling up. How the hell did they get points to add to your stats?

Yes because the game is easy as fuck to break, just grind your main weapon skill and battle healing to max and you'll never die.

I'll leave it to the speedrunners to glitch their way to floor 100

Everyone will be so focused at first on progression that they'll miss the questlines that end with EX gear and bonus skills.
I won't.
I'm a dungeon crawler/quest grinder for sure.
>relying on trannies

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why risk it on the front lines when you can have a comfy experience on floors 1-10

I would simply have a faster reaction time than anyone else and be given the rare ability to use an entire class of skills on my own, and thus be elevated to first-class citizen.
I'd have brought into that idea more if we ever saw any of the other rare abilities given for dumb shit like that attached to relevant characters.

Supposedly they were going to show up on Floor 90 or something according to extraneous materials.
Everything I love about SAO's worldbuilding makes my sword the big sword.
SAO is unironically wasted on Reki

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Did he fuck up SAO progressive?

Progressive was fucking great until Volume 4, where it returned to your standard Asuna taking over the story.

I wouldn't have gone in cause the brand new metaverse rig or whatever would've been really expensive.
I'll just watch a lets play of it later. That's what I did with Half Life Alyx

Reki seems to too much of a Asuna simp. Wasn't it so that Kirito only met Asuna during the murder mystery in the original novel? I think it was then retconed in the second episode that he met her during the first boss battle and then hasn't seen her again until that conference for a boss fight shortly before the murder mystery? And now it was retconned in progressive that they were together for a longer time much earlier.

High speed/agility build with a red spear enhanced with cursed damage, wearing a full body suit of blue.

i would look for non-retarded players, aka people (with past mmo high end raiding experience like myself, they will form the community that is going to actually clear the floor bosses.
these degens will certainly find the best way to get ahead on player power. my guess is dungeon split runs and/or nonstop 24/7 farming at some location with really good mob spawns
anyways after that's done and everyone is basically max level with BiS gear you just go through and one shot every floor boss and gg congrats on world first
p.s. anyone sitting around in towns is a fucking CASUAL SHITTER RPer

Achilles is the better smug fast spear guy.

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I'd spawn camp iron ore


Hunger should be real.
Run out of hunger you get debuffs until the game says fuck you you're dead and fries your brain.

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Kill all agifags

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I haven't paid attention to the series since maybe the first cour. Weren't most people put on life support in hospitals? I know the main characters were. So technically wouldn't it not matter? But i guess from their perspective they would still feel hunger through the game's programming.

>relying on trannies

Why wouldn’t you rely on them they are the ones with the autism to discover that kind of glitches and nothing of value is lost when they die
It would be retarded not to use them

also I'd just set up shop as a merchant peddling beans or some such. Everyone likes beans.

>Get stuck in SAO
>Lose internet connection
Fuck my IPS

shadow of the colossus literally retroactively debunked this image

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There is no murder mystery in the original novel.

Sure but like the other user said you cant realistically starve to death if you do your dailies so it's a nonissue. I think one of the quests was waiting next to a tree for a rare apple to spawn then you sell it for money.

Based non suicidal tourists. Please enjoy the floors us clearers unlock every week at your leisure.

>Would YOU survive Aincrad/SAO, user?
Make sure I don't get dual blades, not overextend, and stay in the lower levels since Kirito will handle it anyways?

You'd tie it to another ingame meter like health is all that would happen.
Since they can't remove the helmets they wouldn't be able to stop that mechanic either

I would want to play SAO just for glorious combat and the thrill of the hunt
For me it's parry build

I'd probably be an edgy loner on the front lines who develops the unique skill "Dual wield". That's right in a game about swords I'd be the only person smart enough and skilled enough and fast enough to learn how to fucking dual wield

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You're insane! Dual wielding? It can't be done!

I will dual wield shields!

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i will duo wield two bows!

But user this isn't RO using the Freya emulator, wielding two bows is impossible!

I'll quadruple wield four knives!

always bothers me that people were stuck in SAO for 2 years, you KNOW that if this was real life it'd take like, a few months tops for the entire game to be cleared

as for what I'd do I'd rape all the NPCs and watch as their programming isn't advanced enough to fight back

I like log horizon more so i would follow follow people who like that too because we are bound to find a good strategist autist who can lead us to a floor where we can settle and make a nice safe town, once all the SAO retards kill themselves trying to be kirito then we’ll make a strong group with a way better chance to win or we could just keep living in the database until we die irl

I dunno but the SAO characters feel more like people who watch anime instead of people who play MMOs

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>muh strategy
they will go to the biggest guilds with the strongest players
>nice safe town
that's the starting town on the first floor

i just want to fight

Just know that if this were real I'd gank all you fuckers

> you KNOW that if this was real life it'd take like, a few months tops for the entire game to be cleared
Difference is that Aincrad people didn't have Youtube nor walkthroughs nor datamines nor any of the shit people usually have to autistically clear the games like that. There's also how they do not have infinite retries either. It's one and only one.
Also, Aincrad was not full of autistic speedrunners eithers.

Aincrad is one of those things that are cool on paper but are borderline impossible to truly write out in reality.
100 floors. All with different biomes, enemies, quests, weapons, skills, armors, NPCs, etc, etc, etc.
It's inconceivably vast. You need to the autism of 10 Tolkiens together and twice as much time as he had to be able to put that out on writing.

>>You need to the autism of 10 Tolkiens together and twice as much time as he had to be able to put that out on writing.
>sanderson writes SAO

>You realize the cardinal system operates the same way as gaia and probably has its own foundation of human order

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>>sanderson writes SAO
Sure, then you have the worldbuilding but 800 pointless side characters and no narrative.

Is hollow realization a good game for someone that enjoyed the arc with yuuki? It's like 5$ on the psn store

Good since the main plot here sucks ass.
Seeing little snippets of Aincrad at different times from the pointviews of different people would be the perfect format to explore the place.

Remember in the Gameverse no one but Sachi dies.
So Yuuki doesn't die and is one of Kirito's girls. She just lives all day in the Medicuboid and wants Kirito to have ingame sex with her so she can have sex but not give him AIDS
But Gameverse Kirito is an idiot and it's inconceivable to him that anyone except Asuna is in love with him

It's an okay game. The production value is nigh nonexistent tho

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Exactly. Most of the time a new game people will be throwing themselves at every problem to be the first to figure it out, accepting 100s of deaths to speed through it. A meta quickly develops based on players finding what works best, and people reroll into it. People get to practice on the hardest shit, get good at it through trial and error, and then start doing naked no-hit runs or whatever.
SAO is 'stuck' in that day one mode, but they're /also/ avoiding danger instead of rushing into new areas. To make things worse, 90% of the players hadn't even played a game /like/ SAO before, since it was the first VR swordfightin' game.

Let's assume that 50% of players aren't cowards (highballing it if you ask me)
So that's 5000
You said every time they encounter a problem they brute force it and lose 100
There's a field boss and a floor boss on every floor minimum, that's 200 per floor
They fail by floor 25.

I wouldn't play that shit game to begin with.

I'd have a fucked up build because I'd intially focus on fun instead of trying to make an optimal character. A bunch of random skills and talents that I'd mildly regret because I spent the points on what I thought was neat instead of focusing on a niche, most likely around cooking (VR food would seem novel) and healing/item recovery (because I'm a permahealslut in games and because I like being self-reliant). I'd do okay on lower floors but be only marginally useful at the front lines.sage

You want to be the useful guy in the party? Guide people through the dungeon and make food and shit.
That guy's important user don't call yourself fucked up

>I know you can hear me, user! Take that stupid helmet off or I'll take it off you myself!

I'd be dead no matter what I do in game.
More merch.

Yep. They take everything slow and as safe as possible because unnecessary casualties both mean, yano, real people dying, and every 'clearer' lost reduces their forces for the /next/ fight. They're going into most fights ~5 levels over the zone level (non-clearers more like 10 IIRC); that takes a lot of extra grinding, exacerbated by likely diminishing returns on exp. If you get less exp from lower level enemies and/or exponential growth in exp reqs per level (both of which are pretty common), then grinding up to be 5 levels over the zone starts to be a ton of work.
And they're all running around with unoptimized builds because they're playing a brand new game.
Btw I'm not sure there's a floor boss on every floor; there almost certainly wasn't on floor 1 or 75, for instance. Doesn't really hurt your point, tho
Gisu pls

It'd be a decent generalist build but from what I understand that 's not the type of character to bring to dungeon raids. Maybe I could be a tag-along for smaller parties/loners who want to chase a distant quest and want some utility, providing a variety of skills even if they're not top-tier.