Was there any way he could have won?

Was there any way he could have won?

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Straight up saying fuck the mind games and killing light when he had him captive then eventually catching the other death note users

I never understood his death.

Why did Rem feel at THAT exact moment she was suddenly cornered and had no choice but to kill L? How would him figuring out the rules are fake suddenly mean Misa was 100% going to be in danger (the only reason she would kill herself by killing L is if Misa was 100% fucked)

Why was this situation suddenly the breaking point vs any of the other times it looked like Misa was screwed? Why didn't she anticipate Light had a plan to avoid all this during the next 13 days? Why the fuck couldn't she just wait a day as she already knew Misa had Shinigami eyes and would be able to tell Light L's name at a moment's notice?

Wow...his death was actually contrived as fuck

Live action movie of it had a variation on the ending where L wrote his own name into the death note (die in 24 days, max amount) and after the whole shebang went down they figured out Light was Kira since his name wasn't in the book the shinigami tried to kill everyone with.

in the Netflix adaption he writes Light's name down in the death note

Is that the ayo shieeet mofugga adaption?


L would have won if he wasn't a law autist since Light was his only good lead even if he didn't have 100% proof, and Light would have won if he wasn't an Ego autist with a God complex.

Not while keeping to his morals, no. He died to a unstoppable and unforeseeable shinigami suicide bombing.

the original JP version had a good L ending.
>L read the rules of the deathnote
>"you can't write a name twice in the death note, the first one takes precedence" (Rule15?)
>L in secret wrote his own name in the DeathNote
>Light does keikaku bullshit
>L notices and pretends to die
>Light laughs
>L stops faking his death

JP movie version*

his intelligence is inferior to Lights according to the author

L ends up in the Shinigami realm and kills Ryuk in the Death Note audio adaption


When did the series go off the rails?
It's been a while since I saw it but I feel it spiralled out of control around ten episodes in.

Because it was, poor contrived writing.
The usual situation of trying to write super intelligent master planners. Writers of fiction aren't super intelligent master planners, so they can't come up with actual master planning plots that would actually work in real life.

This. Light would've been absolutely untouchable if he hadn't been retarded enough to fall for the Linds L Taylor ploy. It is a good character moment though, because it outs Light as being full of shit about making the world a better place, since killing Linds was just him powertripping.

In the vast majority of adaptations L wins because they cut out Mello and Near. Light was desperate.

Which character from any show would make the best use of a Death Note? Can you think of anyone who would accomplish more good with a death note than say, Oberstein?

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How to Read 13 is conflicted about that. On one hand it lists Near and Light as 9/10 on intelligence while L is 8/10, on the other hand one of the creators says the plot requires L to be the smartest.

The Lind L. Taylor scene was a great one. It shows Light’s impulsiveness and flaws, it shows how threatening and smart L is, it’s great establishing for both of them.

>Light as being full of shit about making the world a better place
He scolded Mikami. He wanted to rule with minimum fear. He only wanted to end crime and make the world a better place.

Read this scan

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> the plot requires L to be the smartest
How can you say that when Light successfully finessed and killed L?

It took 3 geniuses to take down a high school kid

He won every single episode since the 2nd one, even after he died.

AND he killed (yagami) 2/3 of them

When l recruited light or even eqrluer when light told that inmate to write a stupid riddle in blood on the wall

Is this canon?

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Bit of both, I reckon. Light is genuine in his desire to make the world a better place, but he's also human and prone to flaws. He imagines himself as a mysterious, beloved, benevolent dictator but when Kira's authority is challenged he immediately turns fascist and removes disagreement with any amount of force necessary.

Well, if he had been American he would have just shoot Light in the face to test his theory.

>and Light would have won if he wasn't an Ego autist with a God complex
No Light would've won if Mikami didn't fuck things up.

Why didn't the task force find it suspicious that L died the minute he announced testing the 13 day rule that if disproven would confirm Light and Misa as Kira?

I'm talking about the japanese/ korean one, not the netflix shitshow

L was far from a lawfag. He wanted to beat Light at his own game because they were similarly-minded lunatics. He wanted to prove it with 100% certainty because of his turboautism, not because of any legal concerns.

Damn, what’d Ryuk do?

Because L was going to start suspecting Misa if he was allowed to test the fake rules. Only L suspected that the rules were fake at that point and that Light and Misa were kiras but if he was allowed to live further that would change.
>Why was this situation the breaking point vs any other times
The only other time was when she forced Light to save her and that wouldn't work this time for obvious reasons.

He did win.
But to answer your question (if he could avoid death)
But that doesn't matter - the odds were ridiculous against him and he was still almost always up to Light's bullshit

Based. Yagami scolded Mikami before he fucked shit up see the scan here

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He's a retard on an ego trip.
Literal child mindset


Yes all he had to do was take Rem into consideration when trying to disprove the fake rules sence she told him they were legit. If he looked at the old security footage of Misa's incarceration he would be able to see Rem beside her, he could put two and two together and get Rem to confess. L could compromise by letting Misa go (like Near did) and Rem would throw Light under the bus.

>How can you say that when Light successfully finessed and killed L?
idk i wanna agree but Light had supernatural help. L's capabilities were bound to what he could do on Earth.

Why was Rem simping for that ho anyway?

>ruins your series

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Who's to say Rem wouldn't write his name down the moment he looked at the footage?

No. The author admitted Light Yagami was smarter than L. Cope fren

Mellow was alright but what was the fucking point of killing L just to introduce an inferior version of him.

>L could compromise by letting Misa go (like Near did) and Rem would throw Light under the bus.

Would Rem agree to that? and Misa could just write L's name down as revenge for L sentencing Light and Misa would still be out there with a death note, she might just keep killing criminals.

I assumed she cared for the Shinigami that gave his life for Misa. And then came to care for Misa after observing her.

low iq

Has anyone seen the sequel movie where there are like 4 Kiras active at once, and Light has a son who was born with a death note?

What do you guys think of the deleted scene from the anime where Light and L kiss?

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L does have a lower IQ compared to Raito.

Light Yagami has the most maxed out stats than anyone in the Death Note-verse.

Higher intelligence than L which is one of the only stats that matters

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He could have Watari do it discreetly.
>and Misa could just write L's name down
She would have to see his face again and it be impossible for Light to set that up after she's been freed. L could also have part of the deal be that Rem gives him Misa's notebook, so long as it saves Misa she would be willing to do it.

>April 28th 2010

What? Light died on January 28th 2010

>fixes the ending

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Light died before 24 years old

Teenagers are still considered 18-256


Was killing Wedy and Aiber necessary?

How did Light even get their names?

by talking to them

>Doesn't understand scene
Light wanted to kill Rem and L. Rem knew Light would not intervene to save Misa

It is weird how they made him a femboy in the epilogue.