The average person, if isekai'd into a fantasy world...

>The average person, if isekai'd into a fantasy world, would absolutely crush it and become a legendary chef known worldwide
You might not like it but this is the truth. No cheat skills needed.
>B-but what about the cut-throat politics and court intrigue of nobles and local lords?
Who the fuck cares.

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>would absolutely crush it and become a legendary chef known worldwide
Given that most women can't even cook and are proud of that, I'm pretty sure you are wrong.

Without modern stoves, ovens, cooking utensils? With weird medieval portions for a whole town? Where a few grams of spices cost their entire kidney?
Think about it, you may have superior cooking skills to everyone around, but you will never get the chance to show any of them, you will never work for a noble much less have the chance to cook for a king, you will die in mediocrity eating soup and hard bread soaked in pig fat with little flavor at all.

Are you implying people didn't know how to cook in fantasy worlds a long time ago?

When i played rune factory 4 i started cooking tons of shit and it was great being able too cook everyone's favorite dish and gifting it to them every day
i think i spent more time cooking than beating dungeons

In Rune Factory, you spend more time doing anything but beating dungeons. It's shit and they should waste that time making Harvest Moon(or whatever it's called now) instead of making those shit rpg parts.

Are you implying that poor people hundreds of years ago had more and cheaper access to food, spices, recipes, and equipment?
Because anyone with a basic functionality level in a kitchen is going to be more skilled than the majority of humanity.

But who would choose such a life?

We can see in the show that customers are just as shitty in another world as in this one.

>durr spices and microwaves
You do realize its about the quality of ingredients right? I don't think you've ever had a good meal in your life. Just imagine a harvest of ripe crops, recently slaughtered meat, and freshly baked bread. You didn't want to be wasteful back then so you feasted on every last morsel, scraped every last bit up with your bread. That's a real fucking meal.

Utterly mogs 1st world food. The only thing you have going for modern food is abundant spices, which you have to slather all over your frozen, microwave irradiated meals.

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I wouldn't, because cooking is boring.

Having advanced equipment and materials isn't being skilled, though. You won't have those things in isekai, and if you did, the professional chef would probably become better at using them at you, pretty quickly.

I'm sorry that you grew up in a city. We had a garden, went to a butcher, and made bread. You're just trying to sell the default to me.

>I'm sorry that you grew up in a city.
Even in a city you have easy access to fresh materials if you want them. That guy's just making up some weird strawman.

Eh then you're just agreeing with me. Your average medieval fantasy peasant ate good, high quality food. They were more skilled since they cooked over open flames and made shit by hand.

What skills does a modern kitchen even provide?

Guaranteed temperature management. Ie preheating a oven to 350 to bake cornbread perfectly or the ability to cook meat to a certain blood level (rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done)

I'm unconvinced. It's more extreme but those isekai where a neet creates dynamite or establishes some banking or ruling system always seemed ridiculous to me because it implies that knowledge of something comes with knowledge of how to apply it and gloss over all the expected complications or the unexpected ones in how different circumstances might be.

I can cook, but I have zero confidence I could do shit with fantasy ingredients and without my kitchen.

>Your average medieval fantasy peasant ate good, high quality food
>fantasy peasant

Would you mind posting some links to prove that you're not full of shit?

Because I was under the impression medieval peasants, fantasy or otherwise, lost all their teeth before dying at the ripe old age of 25. I'd be fascinated to read a credible source that says different.

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>Because I was under the impression medieval peasants, fantasy or otherwise, lost all their teeth before dying at the ripe old age of 25.
Found the american.

>last time I tried cooking I failed to make an omelette and spent the evening crying about not being an independant adult
C-can I have a cheat skill?

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Modern cookware are made from iron.
Medieval cookware are made of clay and wood which are superior for cooking as the distribute heat much more evenly and the wood absorbs unwanted tastes.

Spices are expensive, not because they are good, but because they are exotic.
Salt is the most popular ingredient in the world and makes huge impact on many cuisines.
In fact, salt and honey are already good enough

Food in medieval era are also actually freshly plucked.
Meat may be rare, but they aren't like modern meat industry which are BLOATED with chemicals and growth hormones.
Not to mention the preservatives that come with it

Most of our food are frozen which completely obliterates the texture of meat.
I once went to the province where they butchered a chicken in front of us and cook it the same day. The texture of the meat and skin are completely incomparable to the frozen delis

It is possible that a modern chef with modern equipments can gather a crowd but it is not something completely mind blowing.

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How are you going to utilize temperature control in an isekai, wise guy? Its a non-transferable skill
>ummm ill invent the thermometer and cast pressure cooker magic

What does dying before 25 even have to do with their food? Im confused

That's incorrect
They counted the high infant mortality which reduced the lifespan tremendously

If you survived past 13, you would live to see 80

I lived in a third world where there was a pig breeder in the corner and my friend had a small bakery. There were chicken and ducks in the backyard. Did not need too much spices and you don't need them now. You can make yogurt easily. You can make sour dough. A lot of food were fermented and that has a lot of flavor. Pork fat is delicious. Sugar may have been scarce in the past, but honey was not. Even now most first world cooking uses simple ingredients. Even now most cooking in the first world uses local ingredients that are easily grown.

It's magic. Ain't gotta explain shit.

Your view of the past is wrong and you are hopelessly divorced from reality.

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>“Don’t come here, don’t come here!” Hong Yi’s clothes were torn, his muscular chest was exposed.

>A morbidly obese female Gu Master chuckled as she approached him: “Little sweetheart, can you escape? You have ended up in my hands, accept your fate. Just submit to me, hahaha.”


>With a soft sound, Hong Yi’s clothes were all stripped away.

>The female Gu Master jumped, about to press on him.

>“No!” Hong Yi screamed in fear, at the moment of crisis, he unleashed two hundred percent of his potential, he broke the seal on his body and pushed the female Gu Master away.

>“Impossible! How could you break the seal I created?” The female Gu Master was startled and angered.

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Yeah, actually, a little googling shows that I was pretty off, even as a playful exaggeration. The 25-30 life expectancy was from like 15,000 years ago. It hovered around 50-ish for a lot of the medieval period. Also, dental hygiene was halfway decent due to a lack of sugars.

Wasn't able to find anything confirming that the food of medieval peasants puts our own to shame, though.

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I just want to cuddle hugsize kot in another world

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Anyone got spoilers? Manga is slow as fuck.

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??? You were talking about what a modern kitchen provides.

So this even good or it's just oh my raw fish and rice and egg?

Can't we have an isekai MC that isn't a coomer? Not the shy oh no too sexy kind I can't watch kind of MC but an actual man that will only have sex after marriage with the person he loves. Is it so hard to make an MC like that?

pretty much this. on top of that they will enter homeless status upon entry. digging your way up from the absolute bottom is a feat in itself in modern times let alone medieval fantasy worlds.

Fine then, my question was misunderstood, but sticking to that tangent. Can that even be called a skill? The modern kitchen actually removes that skill from the cook. You're not managing temperature at all you're just turning a knob on the oven. Maybe for advanced oven recipes you use a thermometer for inner temperatures. Grilling food over an open flame is an actual temperature control skill. Cooking in a pot over a flame is actual temperature control. Modern kitchens lack that mastery of fire. You have to be a grill chad to have any sort of applicable skill.

Any other skills a modern kitchen can provide? I'd argue precise baking with specific measurements maybe.

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Put "eating food in a bumpkin village" on your bucket list, user. This is not a lifestyle that has disappeared from the world

they made ramen and bread in Dr. Stone and it was absolute garbage to the modern day people but to the stone age people it was tasty

>beta japanese dream "I'm not useless, is just people can't see my value!"

>its set in our world

>Are you implying that poor people hundreds of years ago had more and cheaper access to food, spices, recipes, and equipment?
And you think you do in an isekai setting?

What was the first example of this? I'm thinking Index

If I ever got isekai'd I would make growing coffee beans one of my main goals, right next to surviving until I reach a village and bagging a royal sugardaddy to take care of me.

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That's not just a japanese thing, there is a reason why union speak is on the rise.

Ill try to find new world plants like corn and chili peppers.

>I'll beat the shit out of the big boss right away
This is pretty entertaining

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I really really like Otome isekai but ONLY if it's a male protagonist. I specifically like when they also romance the villainess. And it's even better if the protagonist is the prince or at least some high noble. There are a couple but unfortunately still very few, truly a shame.


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I can think of like two or three total that fit all those critera

Coffee i think that one of the top things that i would miss more than anything else.
>My family

I'd like an otome isekai novel where the MC is a mob and irreparably shatters the otome plot into pieces along with an ensemble mob/background characrer cast.

This could've been Rio if he wasn't such a limpdick faggot.

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Seeing that repeated beatdown was fucking great

>main character hides his strength protag has a gae bolg variant that causes tinnitus until you go insane instead of piercing your heart
Jesus christ how horrifying

How do you faggots continue to consume this isekai garbage? You're genuinely worse than shonenshitters.

Only a couple of weeks until the GATE of Otome Isekai comes out

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Coffee? Pfftt. I'll grow sugarcane. Make sugar. I'll rule the world with sugar trade.

This is actually horrifying. I get scared when my ear starts ringing afraid it might be it for a permanent ringing.


>Not a new IP
What did you post that didn't get any replies?


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I drop it whenever it becomes boring (usually around Ch10) and find a new isekai. It's my strange addiction.


This I rather try to return to my world at any cost.

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What are some isekai that use good old fashioned summoning methods like reading a motherfucking book instead of getting summoned out of fucking nowhere like a directionless loser?

what is going on?

I'm slowly building a pool of truck knowledge
>you can get potassium chlorate for primers by passing chlorine (known) through a hot suspension of calcium hydroxide (slaked lime) in water, subsequently adding potassium chloride (sylvite)
added to the truck knowledge pool
(less dangerous than fulimate of mercury)