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1 hour until episode 1015!

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Today i will remind them

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is roof piece finally starting or is it more filler? because I will actually watch roof piece.

no filler

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Film: Red.
August 6th.

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>Yamatofags still mad about the poll
Move on

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Rent free

Otama Sex

Why are the strawhats allowed to double in power after every single arc?
They still look like manlets compared to other crews. Being big is just a liability.

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>who do the main characters in a shounen manga get stronger
an unsolvable mystery, truly

Some girls are bigger than others.

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Bigger is better

holy shit

I remember all of them were disgusted to hear that place lmao

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Any stream?


Yea Forums sucks, what's new?
even Yea Forums is better for OP.

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>Tonight suppose to be the best episode in months.
>General in page 4 with 18 replies


Not our fault some people here are so autistic that they refuse to post in a Yamato thread

Roofpiece cucks on suicide watch

Not a Zoro episode so I don't care.

It is tho

Carrot is shit

What time

This is what happens when you open with a Yamato thread. The only 2 yamatospammers cant handle a single thread alone.

well Yamato is shit after all

>POV: you're a tamanigger finna be dabbed on

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who cares about kekdo and big meme??? also the anime has been below subpar for a very long time and nothing is going to change that


Set fail for one piece

Is there any stream link available?


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Best place to get a quality vod? This is an ishitani episode, and I don't want to wait until tomorrow.


can't wait for the next arc to come so fags can gravitate to the next nakamabait arc princess

Thanks I totally forgot about it existing.

people asking for links are newfags

Nyaa is best place for currently airing stuff


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I'm at this part in Season 3 where the Bellamy pirates are just destroying Luffy and Zoro and mocking them for like two episodes by this point because Luffy has randomly decided that they won't fight back no matter what. Is this supposed to be enjoyable? What the fuck is wrong with this show?

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I'm ready for Yamato to start crying and cumming and farting and shitting and squealing over Luffy's boyhood dream

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I’ve seen this post before.

I guarantee you haven't, I just made it lol

nice pasta

user don't you get it? Luffy and Zoro are being manly and super cool by not lowering themselves to the level of Bellamy

post tits or gtfo

Post the panel you want to see animated the most

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>dividing the one piece anime arcs by seasons

It's cuck shit in which you are willing to die for your believes because apparently, that's how you show them.

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20 minutes

>I can only understand shounen if people are hitting each other and am unable to understand callbacks even this early

I'm sad I'm going to have to wait two weeks to see Law being a tsundere

I probably will start a thread about this, but Can we discuss a hypothetical, in which ace survived marine arc and everything else went like it did, but with ace alive on the submarine.
I still can't comprehend the whiplash compared to prior arcs. We saw people get blown up by nuke sized explosions and survive, hell one arc prior mr. 1 was shown to still be alive.

How would the story have moved on with ace alive? What would be different, what would stay the same?

say sike right now

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where can i watch this with you fellas live

I used to troll with this exact image 15 years ago

Come to my house bro.

its on youtube live but the experience is gonna be awful

For this episode? Red Roc. In general? Pic related.

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frfr we bussin it nocap fsho knomsayn

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Sabo wouldn't have been made and Ace would have taken his place. So all in all, not that different

>How would the story have moved on with ace alive?
Ace was created to be killed, so he'd lead the WB remnants into their fight with BB and die there.

>How would the story have moved on with ace alive?
The same except Ace dies to Kaido instead of Akainu

Why would Ace join the Revolutionaries? That makes no sense, it sounds like you don't really follow what Sabo's role in the story is.

The sum of the square roots of any two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side!

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I don't like watching the heroes of the show get mocked and bullied

I don't know, since the WB pirates disbanded he could find another purpose there since he will 100% hate the world goverment with his whole heart

Keep watching Jaya

Soft brain

But the ''bully'' is a pathetic shitter.Why even bother?

Read chapter 1 again without speedreading. Until then, never return to these threads

Hakichads won

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i want to have sex with ulti's breasts

Only with her tits?

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ulti’s so hot


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fucking same user. Really just the Nika form in general is what I want to see

I got my coffee, I am ready.

That's what makes it so unbearable! This guy and his crew are so full of themselves and built up as so unlikeable and then when the strawhats finally meet them and you think they're about to get their comeuppance they just bully and shit all over them. Not what I signed up for :/
I don't read manga

Its the equilateral

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>It is tho
Opened the live, you better not be lying user I want my Zoro kino.

the one who brings the dawn

It's the adaptation of ch. 1000

You dont get their strength of will, keep watching and the bad guys will get whats coming to them

I'm getting some frozen yogurt. Pure snow vanilla flavored.

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when you grow up you will understand this scene better

stream where?

>I don't read manga
All the more reason for you to leave

You better wait two weeks for the adaptation of episode 1016

Saving Private Ryan.
after the BB war defeat during the time skip, Ace went to the revolutionaries to try to help because he felt guilty so many people including whitebeard gave their lives to save him, easy.

Nami is the best one piece character

I am FUCKING ready

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I'll keep watching I'm just whining to get it off my chest. I hate this kind of writing that's like "haha isn't this so unpleasant audience??"

Bonney could beat both Yamato and Ulti

Over there

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*sucks finger*

>Zoro and Kid in the preview
We're definitely getting a bit of 1001

link or else

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Doesn't 1000 end with all five of the supernovas in the roof?


What the actual fuck are you talking about. it’s literally a children’s show but you are apparently that stupid to comprehend simple ideas.

It does, but in 1000, only Luffy and Law act.

1000 ends with Luffy Red Rocing Kaido dude

/opg/... It's time.

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>animeonlies still have to go through Jobffy losing 4 times

Luffy sure is in a hurry to job.

>Yfw Sanji learns to use Tekkai while being able to move like Jabra



I do really enjoy all the drama Luffy and Zoro had to go trough to reach the roof and then Law just shambled himself from the basement to the roof in one chapter

>Marco eating a pineapple-is
the madman

>Yamato desperately telling someone to pull her finger

Mere bullets cannot penetrate oni skin

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guns are the strongest weapon in one piece.

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