Why is musclefaggotry still a thing in manga? Only homos get turned on by shit likes this

Why is musclefaggotry still a thing in manga? Only homos get turned on by shit likes this.

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And there are lots of homo otakus?

Its not about being turned on, its about creating characters that visibly look tough and strong

Only trannies hate muscles

A tranny wrote this. We aren't turned on by this retard. We are self inserting. Big muscles are cool. Big muscles = power. Bitches love big muscles. But you would never get any of that.

Are you a skinny weakling OP?

Because muscle is beautiful
Unlike the weakling faggot characters

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It always astounds me the amount of people who can see a Baki or Kengan character and think "wow, this is pretty gay" instead of feeling admiration and the desire to work out. You see what you look for I guess.

not everything is about getting turned on, coomfag

Considering you took the time to save an image of a muscly dude, you yourself must be one of the homos you're talking about OP.

You are thinking if "Bara". A lot of folks like muscle because they are cool and aesthetic looking. Heck that's main reason I'm a Kengan, Baki, Fist of the North Star fan, and Tough(personal favorite)

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>Only homos get turned on by shit likes this.

I thought most of a was filled with faggots and trannies

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Stop posting this

>see muscles
>immediately think "gay"
You sound like you're in the closet yourself. Sculpting your body to the peak of what it can be is something everyone should see the appeal of. If you're a man, you should be inspired by it.

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but most women are not even into muscles, which means that men like that only attract attention from other men, which is the gayest thing possible

>but most women are not even into muscles
most women aren't into most things. the post didn't even mention them anyway.

>lifting for women

> t. lanklet faggot

Normal men are muscular user

>lifting for w*men
>generalizing half the planet by saying most don't like muscles
They don't want pic related, I guarantee you a large number want someone like Chris Evans

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Your insecurity is showing, fatty

>most women are not even into muscles

It's literally hard wired into their brain retard

muscles put women on easy mode as long as you aren't ugly beyond repair or a manlet

>wanting to get turned on by a male
you're the faggot and also like everyone else said you are also a tranny

most weebs consider trap and futa to be 100% straight

most people consider weebs to be fucking gay, what's your point?

feels good man

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another day of thanking god that im not an actual faggot like OP

Nice cursor

op sounds like a closet homo unironically

If you're trolling you got me cause I can't see it.

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>thinks muscles are gay
OP is a feminine cuck confirmed

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You can't possibly be this low-T.

Traditionally, Japanese have always seen people who are extremely bulky as gigantic faggots who spend all day in the gym fantasizing about being more muscular like their manly posters. I'm not necessarily entirely against this mindset, though times definitely have changed a fair bit and MC's who have toned physiques are a bit more popular than they used to be.

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>Traditionally, Japanese have always seen people who are extremely bulky as gigantic faggots who spend all day in the gym fantasizing about being more muscular like their manly posters.
Sounds like cope from not being able to get huge on a rice diet

Rice is the king of carbohydrates.

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And yet they their ideal of masculine beauty is a guy that looks so feminine he looks like a chick that had breast cancer and had to amputate her tits because that's the only beauty standard achievable for them.

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mcdonalds will turn them into high T ayan chads

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Why ARE Japs so tiny and frail when they eat rice and fish so much anyway? Just small portions?

Sexual attraction is the last thing normal humans that are not you think of when this shit happens.

But you need protein to get big and nips treat meat as a luxury item.

lack of milk and red meat. Mongols are not short twinks like their asian neighbours because they always had a diet rich in protein

I'd twunkmode too if I had the body type for it
Instead I'll have to settle for aiming to be Baki

the achilles heel of the twink aesthetic is that pretty boys hit the wall even harder and sooner than women on their 30's

Are there any series where the MC goes from twink to HUGE as the story progresses?

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women are soulless retards who don't even know what they want half of the time until someone tells them that they want it
who gives a fuck what they think

Baki is a twunk, retard. He has a pretty face and a swole body. What you need to settle for is being like Jack.

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Black Clover unironically

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if you ask any woman what is their ideal kind of male they will say bullshit like a guy that is sensible, romantic, kind , intelligent and that they don't care for the looks or bank account

not manga but this one. Yes, the title is that retardly long. And also Luther Strode if you are into non-capeshit comics

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muscles are disgusting lol
men just need to look lean like this, it's so easy, just pick up some metal bars a few times a week, but so many guys can't do it lol

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That's not true, women just don't like roiders. The beauty standard for me has always been something like what the Greek statues look like

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>Chris Hemsworth
Pick one

including the smol pp?


Most dicks look small when flaccid

Never ask the fish how to be caught, ask the fisherman.

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Didn't people shit on Raiden when MGS2 released?

He's at 5% body weight in that shot. It's not healthy. He's in pain.

only in the west, his twinkness was praised by the fujos in japan

body fat*

Priapus was a greek god that had no purpose other than to show that hung men were pathetic for their standards

>Priapus is marked by his oversized, permanent erection, which gave rise to the medical term priapism.
I never actually heard the medical term for when your boner lasts more than a few hours. Apparently rare cases of clitoral priapism can happen too.

I'm not a homo and I like looking at pictures of muscly men. It's an aesthetic thing, like looking at a piece of art.

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