Date A Live IV Episode 3

The action was a bit stilted but it wasn't the worst the series has seen.

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Nia's inverse outfit was pretty weak though, although I don't recall the art we did see of it being clear to start

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I always confuse this series with the world God only knows. Before I watched No Game No Life I confused it with Date a live.

NGNL I kind of understand but the series is pretty visually distinct from TWGOK despite sharing similarities in premise

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I really love bunnygirls.
Don't know why I confuse them. It's just when I see a thread for Date a Live I think it's for the world only god knows if it's for twgoks I think it's for Date a live. I haven't seen either of these.

Nia's outfit yeah I guess in the Anime didn't stood out, maybe if Tsunako gets to draw it on her style we would get to see a better look at it. Still, I think it is pretty hot since she's basically Topless, not that she has too much to show but still looks really erotic.

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It just feels weird because the bottoms feel pretty detailed but there's literally nothing going on up there.
I guess it kind of resembles her astral dress but the lack of a headdress/veil or just anything just feels empty, and not in a stylistic choice sort of way

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Natsumi had a cute scene last week and now Miku proves that she used to still be a character.
But does anyone have a stitch of this part?

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I don't eve think she ever went full inverse nor I remember all the girls going full release spirit form.

I also made this because I was bored

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I think they were in limites release form because that power was later shown in a later volume to not affect a full powered spirit otherwisw Shidou would have stood no chance against Westcott.

>people now realizing that the animation in the OP is not a representation of in the actual show

But let's be honest, even the sitting around talking scenes in Season 3 looked poor

It's easier to fully drawn them in their astral dresses than just a combination of their current outfit and dress, which is what a limited release should look like.

We are talking about season 4 here. If this is the level of animation we are getting early on don't expect that much improvement in later episode, if anything it should get worse since the budget gets tighter and tighter per usual.

There is not reference in the novel for what her outfit looked like but I don't think she was supposed to go full inverse since she had that device on her head interfering.

The little amount of action we got doesn't bode well but I would hope they at least keep things as smooth as Episodes 1-2 and I guess the first half of Episode 3
An optimist would say that they didn't need to blow any budget on Nia's arc and I would be inclined to agree but the cynic in me wants to also say that they might have already blown through the budget and/or they're going to be strained no matter what when it's time to fight in Mukuro's arc

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This artstyle definitely doesn't work for action scenes, it feels sterile like there is not impact behind it.

I doubt they had that much budget considering where most of it came from but it still should be more than whatever season 3 had, but I wouldn't expect anything amazing for Mukuro's arc just something okay, the artstyle probably doesn't help.

Just okay would be fine at this point.

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This episode is why Tachibana should never be allowed to write action scenes. It was like 5 pages in the book and it really doesn't translate well in anime format.

They should have taken Yoshino's inverse dress for reference and design something new rather than just make it seem like her clothes were cut here and there.

The artstyle not working for action was already foreshadowed when it was used in Date a Bullet.

Yoshinon transformation is lel, I'm glad they keep giving origami the sakuga budget

Keep it up geek toys

Can't tell if this or inverse Kurumi's design were the lamest.

>Inverse Kurumi
That one design from Spirit Pledge?

Never watched DAB but holy shit they shouldn't picked this art for the season that is supposed to have more action next arc.

The one from DAB is the official one. The mobile game has a lot of donut steel designs.

Oh then I have no idea how it looks. Is it just White Queen or is there an actual design for Inverse Kurumi?

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And that was like what? Two episodes? This is going to have 5+ times the episodes.

White Queen is supposed to be her inverse form, apparently. It wasn't a Tsunako design.

No matter how minimal, I'm always happy seeing more Yuzuru

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They really should have stopped making more seasons, the more they advance the more action there will be and they simply don't have the budget or animators for it.

Blame China for adoring this series harder than Japan does
I think someone said that bilibili views for episodes 1-2 were like 1.2 million

This art doesn't fit Ai, Mai and Mii.

That's nothing, several other new shows this seasons are also getting million of views and something like S3 was definitely Kadokawa trying to milk the series for the last time since the novel was close to its end.

Those chinks mainly like season 1.

I hope they don't overuse the CGI for space scenes.

>close to its end
Oh how little we knew then
Guess they're not without some semblance of taste

Imagine still watching Date A Live.

Where else am I going to find a soft autist who talks like Yuzuru does?

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The names of Chapters 5 and 6 have been revealed in Germany
(The same happened earlier with chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4)
Titles may differ slightly in the official translation

Chapter 5 - Time for a Fairy Tale
Chapter 6 - When the Heart Opens

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I think we already were in the last arc when S3 aired. It was so close to ending that they aired the season 3 months earlier than any other season, including this one. S1, 2 and 4 aired in April, S3 aired in January. They really rushed that season because they weren't sure how long the last arc would be.

It's airing, so it's a good way to kill some time, a different story would be if people thought this season was genuinely on par with S1.

Imagine wasting your time saying this on a DAL thread.

Going by those titles, it doesn't seem like they are rushing it.

I think anyone who watched S1, who is not a harem hater, would say S1 was enjoyable, with the art being the selling point. S2, 3 and now 4 seem to forget this part.

This series alone has like two of them, soon to be three. It's not like there is a name for this kind of personality already.

At least Tama-chan looks okay but holy shit Ai and Mii look nothing like in previous seasons.

Go back to your shitty boring podcast, Joey.

Anything using ships will be using CGI, not sure how they will handle Shidou and Mukuro talking in space.

user, "When the heart Opens" is the title of one of the Vol 15 episodes. Judging by that Vol 14 is going to be adapted in 2 (and a half?) episodes.

I think they are rushing a bit, the fairy tale stuff happens in chapter 4 of the book and the unlocking of Mukuro's emotion in next volume. It will be 5 episodes with this pacing.

So, what the fuck are they going to adapt in the remaining 4 episodes? Volume 16-17. It will be a rushed mess.

>adapting 5 volumes in one season
It literally is S3 part 2, holy shit.

You guys have to remember the only reason this season exists is to advertise the game.

They had like two years to produce this thing and fix stuff because of the coff and it already sounds like they rushed things, amazing.

>It will be 5 episodes with this pacing.
We'll find out next week when Germany releases the episode 7 and 8 titles, but Mukuro's arc being 5 episodes instead of 6 doesn't seem far from reality. That would mean Vol 16 would be adapted on 4 episodes, and the season would end on the "Even hell isn't enough punishment for you" line that Kurumi says to Mio.

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I'm starting to get worried about Mukuro's arc.

Volume 16 won't be adapted in 4 episodes, if they cover two volumes in 5 episodes what made you think they will be able to adapt a single volume into 4 especially when it is an action volume?

It would be terrible to end the series in half of another arc, not only it would feel incomplete since the volume wasn't written to serve as a cliffhanger but it would also ruin another possible season.

I still like it a lot.

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>Mukuro's arc being 5 episodes instead of 6 doesn't seem far from reality
What about 4 episodes for a single volume? That sounds far from reality unless they go the One Piece route.

If Toei was in charge of this they would find a way to somehow adapt one volume in 12 episodes.

If it wasn't for this, maybe this season would have better art.

I wish they went for short stories instead, why rush when have all that content to adapt.

Because muh new girl for the dead chink game.

It's weird, like they don't need to have Kurumi be all that significant to shill her merchandise but we're rushing headlong to her volumes

They already had their failed experiment in DAB, why ruin the actual season? What are they thinking?

It's not like next arc is going to introduce a new girl.

It will if they adapt both arcs since Mio shows up there.