Digimon Ghost Game

Episode 23, "Moaning Bug", airs in 1 hour. Too much Champion makes Gammamon go CRAZY!

Episode 23 preview: youtube.com/watch?v=LS1zsTxu2YI

Episode 23 synopsis: On a night with a pale red moon, Digimon suddenly turn violent and attack people. Clockmon asks for help from Hiro and the group in order to stop the attacks, but...

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When is the chuuni going to fuck the jellyfish?

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When he finally unleashes chuuni power and turns Jelly into jelly.

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Also Jellymon rapes Darling but unintentionally


More screenshots from this week's episode. They remembered Angoramon's love for Ruli's piano playing!

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Episode 23 stream: youtube.com/watch?v=TuIf5QbxTxg

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she looks pretty cool right here

Alternate link: youtube.com/watch?v=QrYcY9dGzz8

Starting shortly!


potatomon is fucking dead

coronamon at it again

The animation this week has been pretty good.

action ruli

Yeah, really good at times.

Gammamon and Jellymon looked kinda cute, but possessed Angoramon looked pretty scary.

>action Ruri is literally real


>champion shoots down the satellite in space

>humans bad

>trusting a ningen
not even once

More impressive than Colon's infamous ISS bullshit.

EPISODE 24 PREVIEW: youtube.com/watch?v=SBh92FaO5LQ

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Next week's MOTW is Ajatarmon, a Vital Bracelet mon.

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Cute Clock!

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And it's a perfect.

excited to see this bro animated, it's a cool ass design

Judge the episode

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Better than Kizuna/10

Hoping the woman who kidnapped Morphomon comes back later

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>Morphomon is a tool for women to abuse

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Subs in an hour, you mean.

subs out

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oh look, jellymon is back to normal

bretty gud. It was cool seeing Clockmon and Mummymon come back.
Surprisingly well animated too.

Looks like our little trio are terrorists now.
>but it was inactive!
can't change my mind. they still destroyed government property.

Action Ruli

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why did you post this perfectly normal picture of those 2

Based Clockmon

it was nice to see mummymon come back. dracmon can't be sidelined for much longer, can he?

Dracmon's still bad so they gotta wrap up that plot point eventually.

No shit they’re finishing the plot line since the evil Digimon have to join up later on

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I like that Clockmon became an ally, he was pretty cool this episode.

2 for 2, man.

This episode felt like it could have become a short movie, animation and storywise.

Kino. I like to see other humans getting involved with Digimon

Whats with the slow posting ? This wasnt a bad episode.

Lack of plot despite the callbacks.

wait for tomorrow.

It was a good episode, just not much to discuss other than how nice the animation looked since there wasn't plot development unless you count the fact that Mummymon returned or other people are noticing digimon online