Summertime Rendering


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>shes no really brown
every time, fuck Japan

can't wait for her doujins

Picked the fuck up

Oh you poor secondary nig- err, nip slut.

The number of shows featuring a nubile girl sitting on that pooping chair foam all over being shown from behind must be in the thousands.

>removes nipple

Nagatoro but good and cute

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And hairy.

based japan btfoing nigger lovers

Gonna need proof of that

Spy x family is more kino.

Ugly and not the main girl, fortunately.


Delicious brown loli

Picked the fuck up at the speed of my boner popping out

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Not enough feet, dropped

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no, fuck you for trying to use tanned anime girls for your political beliefs.


Based and true

>footnigger filtered

Ushio should have stayed dead desu

I saw this episode of Bokuben

Kill yourself fag.


There are no brown people in Japan.
Have you actually been there?
They're extremely racist, they refuse service to non-japanese people.

t. brown

There are plenty of brown people in Japan's southern regions sounds like you've never been there.

>The number of shows featuring a nubile girl sitting on that pooping chair foam all over being shown from behind must be in the thousands.
As it should be.

The fuck... isn't she 15?

Too old

Go back already
Seen your shitty post elsewhere, and now it's here. Go back.

>election tourists think I give a fuck about real brown people
I just want chocolate bitches and I hate tanned sluts fooling me

I've heard it's like Higurashi and I hope people mean the original Higurashi or at least the first season and not Gou and the other sequel. But when that old guy talked about shadows I thought about that weird mystery anime whose name I forgot. Something about a bunch of people hating their life and wanting to disappear in a village and drove there through a bus. The anime was about some kind of inner fear. I hope it's more like Higurashi than that second anime I mentioned.

>original Higurashi
Nah don't be fooled bro.

The first season was great. The second season was disappointing with the reveals.

I know. That's why I said it's nothing like original Higu. But you can still try, I think you should read the manga instead.

>doesn't like natural tanned girls

There's plenty of niggers in wester animation.
Serve yourself.

Since they cut out the nipples, they could have at least added the hair she complains about

Tanned Japanese women are really kami's gift to chikyuu

What is a chikyuu?

I wakaru, I wakaru. Their sonzai riyuu is to be nakadashi'd.

Not much bro. What's chikyuu?

Delicious brown.

I like Hanae Natsuki but he totally can’t do the accent right for this show.

yor doesn't even get raped

>Reddit x Family
Good bait.

>electricity besides water

None of the kids really have the Hiroshima-ben accent, only the adults.

They should’ve hired the VAs who can actually do the accent instead tbqh

so this is a rezero rip off?

Many such cases. We have kids in Texas who speak like Califorrnians because of TV. Sometimes even British accent because of that pig.

Isn't that blackface?


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picked up

>shima on brown
Fuck Up