Dragon Ball Super

What did Toriyama mean by this?

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That Goku and ChiChi lead a dreary, passionless marriage.

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Children can consent as early as they understand the word.

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Let me guess, Bejitabro?

>Gokubros IMMEDIATELY project their cuck fetish
It's THAT easy.

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meow meow

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What is Toriyama doing right now?

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I'm a one happy Cuck!

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>vegeta is a kind person

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As a Gokubro, I wholeheartedly agree with this.

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Gokufags are a blight to my kingdom...

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Our role model.
The owner of the strongest ki attack in canon.
The humbled fighter
The last of his clan.
The super prodigy.
The first human to surpass an Android.
The first guy who was 2-0 against Goku.
The heart of the Z fighters.
The strongest human.
The ONLY character to remain undefeated five WHOLE arcs after his introduction.
The FIRST human to surpass GOD himself.
The clutch master himself.
The legendary fighter.
The first human to reach Super Saiyan tier.
The champion of the 22nd Budokai.
The enlightened one.
The loyal friend.
The future of the Crane school.
The hidden hope of the universe.

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Canon slut, coping bitch.

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>literal GOKUGOKUGOKU thread
Damn, my hero is INFLUENTIAL.

meoooow meow meooooowwwww!! meow. meow meow meow meeoooowww!! MEOW! :3

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>dumps Maron
>marries android 18
>strongest human
holy based

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Why isn't he wearing gloves?

What is this panel supposed to prove? Why do you keep posting this?

>the manga is not canon!
>u-unless it's saying bad things about CHADku, then it's totally canon!
So which one is it

Look at INCELgeta trying to escape reality with cuck fantasies and LAUGH.

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I need a better or model figure of hop



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Sub Recoome.

The kissv thing is in the anime too, which means is Toriyama's plot point.

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Meow! :3

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Our, more importantly, THEIR PRINCE is really all they think about, huh?

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He was worn out from fighting Cell while Bejita was sitting on the sidelines, dishonest BITCH.

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meow me-ow meeee-oooowww, meow meow meow

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>Gokubros and Bejitabros getting in the way of 17's catwife
Stop posting.

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>Fight that Bejita won

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>Yamcha is stronger than JOBJOBJOB

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No, in the anime Goku is confused about mouth-feeding. TARDgeta is the one that mistook that for kissing.

YamCHAD is so strong.

At least put in some effort when you try to falseflag, fucking rat.

Glad to see people showing their respect to the strongest.

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>Sub Recoome.

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I falseflagged too much, I don't even know who my favorite character is anymore. I think it was a Saiyan?

Recoome tanked that, btw.

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Meow! meow meow meow meow!

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>achieved nothing

This isn't a kids show. It's too violent and teaches bad lessons. Everything is solved by getting stronger and beating the other guy up. And it goes on and on and on and on and EVERYTHING is a fight. Everything is solved by fighting. On and on bigger and more. Stronger and stronger. It's so infantile but it's not for kids. My god.

watching the anime is pretty annoying because you never know if something is filler and didnt actually happen.

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when i was a kid i thought his third eye was a tattoo

>18 gets away

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Achieved orgasm


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>the strongest win and muh morals dont matter
seems realistic

If it's in the anime it's canon.

Goku? Kissed his wife.

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Is everyone who posts here a literal fucking pedophile?

>a little hole

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I used to think it worked differently than his other eyes, there are some sense where two of his eyes but the third one is open.

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>Gets absorbed
Achieved? Nothing.

Antis don't belong here fuck off.

Someone posted a Tori interview recently where he straight up said if each manga chapter were directly translated to episode it would only be 10 minutes a piece and that the regular episode duration is 30 minutes. And that he was hardly involved with the anime and left it up to his collaborators

>18 gets eaten in the end
Done. JobShitCuck? Useless.

only bejitabros

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>Toei filler

>Having enough autism to create a bunch of infographics about Tienshinhan's power
>Not having the decency to use the colored manga panels
I will filter every single Tienshinhan infographic until they're properly colorized.

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>he thinks I can't filter him this way
Already done.



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>tenSHIThanbro is a filterBITCH

>[Other characters that are not Tenshinhan´s fault]
Next, he did his job.

>f1lt3r rat begging for attention again

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>JOBat spam
CHADogs fucking WON.

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>Jiren isn't rea-

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>It disap-peared!
>City is still completely visible
He needs new glasses.

That would be way better. But unfortunately c*pitalism got in the way and ruined many moments in the anime

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>Muh colours
Grow up BITCH

wtf is this real!?

You're right... I-I can't refute this...

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He means "Goku is naive and aromantic"

This art?

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Average Gokubro.


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What phenotype is Uub??

I do not use the colored version of the manga because I hate how it looks.

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>b-b-but other characters didn't do TenShitHan's job for him!

JOBgetabros are that desesperate.

>Gets beaten the FUCK down
>Gets saved by Gohan
>Gets saved by Goku
>Steals Goku's kill after Goku already won the fight
Yup YUP, Bejita fucking LOST.

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