What happened to Nelliel Tu Oderschwank?

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Hopefully we will find out soon

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*Espada music*

Partnered with Grimmjow and helping protect the arrancar kids/Kazui's future friends

she became my waife

i still wish ichigo was more hollow like and the world building revolved around hueco mundo

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Arrancars are so gay.

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she titjobs my bwc while sucking on its tip

Nnoitra is so lucky

Calm down, Kubo

Who the fuck cares? Bleach sucks ass and Kubo is one of the hackiest writers I've ever experienced.


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Cope retard

Seethe, Bleach drinker.

Rukia should have gotten big tits after becoming a mother

cope brainlet

There were only two men above her in ranks (not counting Mr. Skeletor), and they were horribly asocial, so I don't blame her if she sought a mate stronger than her.

Dilate anti bleach tranny

Starkk complaining about loneliness like a retard when Nel could have perfectly been his friend, considering she befriended those 2 Arrancar and wasn't really evil.

Sometimes I resent Bleach for lacking some more depth on its writing, it focuses too much on the fights and you're left wondering on the little details that would make it a more solid story. Such as the daily lives of the Arrancar and how it all worked

>"What if we took Rydia from Final Fantasy and gave her a skull hat"
>"You're a genius, Kubo-sensei-rama-sama"

We don't know if Starrk was recruited before Nel became a kid

The original Nel design is hands down Top 5 coolest Bleach characters, blame Kubo's coomer brain getting rid of the nice Espada outfit and having her wear some green rags

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Nnoitra was a literal women hating faggot. Tesla was unironically his butt buddy.

She wore green rags because she was living as a child hermit out in the desert.

literally poor man's Persona


Kill yourself



Kill yourself

Reminder that Kubo loves Nelliel the most.
>Between Rangiku, Orihime, Yoruichi, Harribel, Unohana, Isane, Nelliel and Noel, who has the largest chest size?
>I think I probably draw Nelliel visualizing her as the most well endowed one.

>Q. What do you prefer, a girl who expresses her feelings clearly like Ninny or a girl who is cool and doesn't show her feelings like Noel?
>A. My preference for female characters depends only on the size of their breasts, so I would choose Noel.

>My preference for female characters depends only on the size of their breasts
>I think I probably draw Nelliel visualizing her as the most well endowed one.

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Starrk when dying realized he had friends with all the other Espada. He’s one of the few to follow Aizen because he got exactly what he wanted.

As of CFYOW, she’s training Aura to become the world’s best mommy in hueco mundo.

In Brave Souls, Nel’s boys kidnap Ichigo for her every birthday on April 24 for their surprise party every year.

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Did Orihime force all the other Bleach girls into Ichigo’s harem yet?

It’s not easy to notice at first but Nelliel’s skin is a few shades darker than most cast members. It’s really easy to notice compared to Nnoitra.

Based couple

>There were only two men above her in ranks (not counting Mr. Skeletor)
Then who are you counting?

Best girl

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>"nel, you know i don't like you so why do you always follow me?"
>because you're weaker than me

>"i'm 3 and you're 6 so you should follow my orders"
>"aizen's dead so those ranks don't matter"

this condescending bitch is a good example of why you don't give femoids power.

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Kubo should add a filler fight for her in the anime against some low tier sternritter, there are 26 of them anyway.


Based necrobumper.

Didn't fuck him, so who cares.

>Didn't fuck him
Orihime will see to that.

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She became my wife

She married Halibel

>coom to her hentai
>start watching bleach because of her
>drop it before she shows up

Life of a coomer...

Yammy maybe.

watching over her husbando while the other whores play on the beach

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>really great piece of art
>only shows Yoruichi in her fucking cat form
I feel cheated.

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I want to touch Nel's breasts

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I have the figure of her from Pink Pink Studio. Paid over $500. But was worth it.

Post pictures

Did it happen?

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It's even worse if you were to watch the anime. She transforms into her ultimate form, looks cool for a couple minutes and immediately jobs.
She's never seen again or talked about after being knocked out.


>immediately jobs
She doesn't though...

Watching the "rescuing Inoue" arc, my attention span has completely died. All these demoted Espada are corny and sauceless.

Read the manga, their fight are covered up within 1 and a half volumes.

>Not liking Dordoni