Golden kamuy

waiting for the last raws to drop

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Was the spoiler real?

What a ride it was...

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It looks real enough.

The color page looks very real.

Link it.

I love momke so much holy shit
Sex with this chimp..

this was the spoiler pic on the previous thread

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Color page looks real enough but that Sugo on right just looks fake. Asirpa's head also looks shopped on the body.

white text on Sugi's jacket: if there is a meeting there will be a parting, if we part, it becomes the next window
big text next to Asirpa: see you!
text in bubble: shall I call the husband?

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Monkey cheating on Tsuki again

Doesn't look that fake to me but it could be a flashback or Asirpa's memories.

Could he have been talking about how momke has only ever used his sword against lolis?

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Why is Asirpa so sad?

so when are the raws dropping?

What the fuck I can't believe Shiraishi died after he fell on his head in the second to last page.

umeko won sugibowl

Did he use the wrong sword here?

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Haha imagine being the tattoo artist and having to ink her boobs and crotch haha I bet that would be hilarious

Cam't believe Asirpa got FARMED

Dogshit cliche ending.

I would have probably died of a heart attack

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Am I thick or this doesn't make much sense? I guess they went separate ways and then met again, right?

posting the raw because those 10000 hours in MSPaint look like crap and 99% of Yea Forums can't into moonrunes
Goda knows exactly what he's doing

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I'm waiting for the raws to drop to assess the damage

I don't know whose dick he's sucked @Sueisha but they let him get away with anything!

Is this a page that will kill golden kamuy?

I mean Enonoka had no stake in anything and there was no reason to risk her life, she must have needed the money really badly and she got a husband out of it too. Very cute.


That dirty grandpa just stood there and watched it too

>marrying Cikapasi
death is a preferable alternative

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But cikapasi is sexy shota

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The original sin...

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I am surprised to have found no OC of daddy-issues shoi with Enonoka's grandpa

>dies a meaningless pointless death while tormented by poison hallucinations

That's the effect of Asirpa's poison, sinners are exposed and die full of regret and pain.

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still makes me laugh

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shh... business and client relationships are of upmost privacy.

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>Last volume released before the manga ends serialization is #29
>Momke is now the face of Golden Kamuy in manga aggregators
Aye, I can live with this

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How many hours before it drop?

He's the future of the imperial army after all

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Officer of the Imperial Japanese Army practicing his surrender

He's just the right age to be KIA'd as an admiral in the 40's.

It doesn't mean anything yet, nispa, people are reading way too much into it. It's a tagline for the final chapter, of course it'll have some vague shit about parting.

Hes so cute why did Noda kill him off instantly

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Please Nodagod just give me at least one page of Tsukishima/Monkey

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You think we'll see him "transfer his credits" to the Navy?
He'd look so hot in a navy uniform...

no gays

But momke is alive

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marathoning this since yesterday, currently on chapter 220

Edogai looks like Kikuta-san had some fun with Vagrant-boi

catch up soon nispa, raws could drop any second

godspeed but get the fuck away from our spoiler full threads

O-Gin was so fucking hot

I always pictured him resigning his Army commission and starting over in the Navy as a family thing, after Tsurumi lost his hold on him.

He reminds me of Jobin from part 8 but cuter personally

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>Just found out Enonoka Monkey pairing is a thing
Damn those nips literally ship everything

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it was a joke ship by noda before he paired her with the shota

Didn't even realized he was castrated by his mother untill a recent reread.
Poor guy.

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