Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

So this hag is just jealous that no man wants to fuck her, and is leading a whole clan of kunoichis on with a terrible lie.

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What were the animators thinking when animating these?

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Why is she so sexual?

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pink hair, smug smile and expectant look
these are some of the ingredients that cause a desire for correction of the more violent kind

I really enjoy all of yamamoto's works and his character designs are great but I don't really get anything sexual off of watching this or even reading the manga allure jutsu chapters aside, it's just cute ninja show god i hope they do the allure jutsu chapters

hard work and guts

I'm starting to think Yamamoto might secretly be a lolicon.

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Sazanka does feel gayer in the anime.

how did you even reach such a preposterous conclusion?

>Eh?? You're a man? I'm bringing you in. My village is looking to interrogate you

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her name is benis it was predestined

This teacher is doing a terrible job of her objective is making them scared of men

What’s the etymology again?

Yeah, but honestly, the twins in their first appearance, already look gayer than Sazanka in all 3 episodes so far.

You just explained feminism

Google TL says "Venice peach"

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blocks your path

She literally meets up with a dilf for monthly fuckings.


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And what's the real reason?

Holly molly there's a lot of feet shots.

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>ninjas get in love
>abandon ninja lifestyle and settle down
>the tradition slowly starts to die as result

Forceful measures are taken for bad children.

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Ninjas keep falling in love and running off to fuck like crazy and make families instead of reproducing when the ninja elders want them to.


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Wherever I am, I must also rape.

She's clearly fucking beardo

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Thank you! Sounds simple and convincing
And thank you too!

Can you blame her?

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I think there's the whole other male half of the clan doing the same
there must be a deeper arrangement of some sort

how did they get away with airing this

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I was laughing like a maniac when I got to this part

someone put a troll face on that scroll

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the string is not connected properly
I can't unsee it
I hope you're happy

Benis might be extremely sexual, but what has the strongest effect on my dick is Sazanka's mesugaki-like face.

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Breed the overdeveloped baka

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>successfully took last thread in suzushiro's name
too much sex in this design

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Rindou is such a fucking mess, holy shit.

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haha it looks like POOP
POOP on tachiaoi's head!

Post the angry version

those eyeless faces are creeping me out

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I love dorky klutzes...

So, are men actually scary or not?

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Is that a boy in disguise?

sideboob best boob

The "men" they're probably gonna meet at some point are shotas so not very scary. Maybe they'll be scared of the male teacher tho, especially with his beard and deep voice.

no, it's the universal conspiration theory of you-know-who

Scary for Tsubaki because she will likely become an unwed teen mom who doesn't know who the father is.

What's the appeal of Sazanka?

me on the right

Kuroko but not annoying

What's not appealing about her?

Her alluring eyes.

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Her tummy, cunny bones and erotic feet.

Her butt

her eyes


her tiny body

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i do.

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How was this allowed!?

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I just preordered the first volume. colverworks is really working hard on this. They actually expanded sensei vs benis fight. Which wasnt really a fight

How badly will Asago fall for a shinobi boy who can cook and comfort her like a good house husband?