How would you rate Kishi's writing in Boruto so far?

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What's up with these Naruto and Boruto hybrid threads? I just want the normal Boruto generals back.

why are sasuke and naruto's knees touching?

It's being written by committee with Kishimoto only supervising.


Name a single thing in Naruto that wasn't Yahagi's idea.

Reminder, Kishi nerfs Kakashi because he's afraid he'll become much more popular as Naruto (protogonist).

unironically great, especially the latest chapter, he really made things faster and more schizophrenic, while not having too many retcons and retardation that the war arc had, making the series far more entertaining. hopefully him and ikemoto have a clear idea where they're going, so that we won't have many retcons and asspulls, because boruto has the potential to surpass naruto as a series

Kishimoto is not writing Boruto. He has never been credited as a writer.

Being shit in the second half.

I think Naruto's civilization is advacing too fast. I mean, we are already seeing huge ships. They could even discover America like Christopher Columbus did.

Computers already existed in part 1.

And then never mentioned or seen again because of the Early Installment Weirdness trope.

There were tvs and telephones after the chunin exams as well.

I haven't read it since they killed Kurama

What a boring sense of fashion

They were shown up to the war arc, when all the Damyos had a Zoom call.

This like complaining about ramen being already a thing in the Naruto world despite being created long after the feudal era.

Kishimoto is NOT writing Boruto

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>outdated data
he's writing since ch52, if you cannot recognize that this is kishi's style, then you are retarded, especially when you consider how ballsy some of the stuff was compared to the restrained kodachi era

Dunno, it hasn't been long enough to make an accurate assessment of the writing considering he only reappeared the chapter before Kurama ate shit and died.
He's pretty tied down to the shit that Kodachi left beforehand and you can tell Kodachi was going to ice Naruto with Baryon Mode rather than Kurama and so Kishimoto had to come in and save the series from what would have been the dumbest decision by having Kurama be like "JK lol, I'm the one that is actually going to die. If you die then our profits are going to drop significantly and then we're completely fucked."

Mommy Kaguya

all the talking animals.

kodachi never had the balls to ice naruto, furthermore it wouldn't have made any sense since if anyone is gonna kill him, it will be kawaki

I dunno, man. It seems pretty fucking suspect that Kishimoto takes over the very chapter after Kurama signs Naruto's death warrant. Kodachi isn't exactly a smart writer and killing off Naruto would spike ratings something fierce.

Kishimoto IS writing the Boruto manga as of now.

Is that picture an example of the Will of Drip?

Naruto could've died using Baryon Mode perfection fine. Sasuke could've just been used to revive him by sacrificing his own life using the Rinnegan. I'm pretty sure the readership wouldn't drop that much if Sasuke died instead of Naruto.

>I'm pretty sure the readership wouldn't drop that much if Sasuke died instead of Naruto.
I'm not sure if you're just redpilled on the Uchiha menace or unaware of what killing the second-most liked character in the series would also do the series.

I doubt Kishimoto jumped in from his own volition. It was probably a suit who stopped Kodachi because the risk of killing Naruto (especially before the story even reaches its endgame) could massively hurt sales and asked Kishimoto to come back because apparently Kodachi was already troublesome to deal with.

He's credited as "Supervisor" not "Writer"

It's less of a deathblow to the series if you kill the second most popular instead of THE most popular character. Fans were already predicting that Sasuke might die.

have you read the first chapter? if naruto dies, it will be by kawaki's hand, that was always the plan
he's gonna die lol, it's inevitable

He's probably letting Ikemoto write it from drafts. There is probably no main writer now. It's just Ikemoto and Kishimoto sharing and putting ideas in the manga.

This was from the jump festa long after 52

He hasn’t been credited as a writer a single time, when Kodachi was writing he was clearly credited

No he isn’t.

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I wish the moon cannon would be referenced again.

It was a movie thing, so that's probably why.

Anal with Sakura.

Barely anything from Th Last is referenced despite it being a "canon" movie. Even Toneri has been put on a bus via Urashiki and hasn't been seen since.

But at least Toneri appeared and even had voice lines in the Boruto anime unlike the moon canon.

Does anyone feel that Kawaki stole Sarada's role as co-protag?

in the manga, yes
in the anime, no

>He's probably letting Ikemoto write it from drafts
lol, ikemoto can't write. He's credited only as an artist. he can barely draw. it's being written by committee. monkey's on type writers come up with the plot and kishimoto acts as an editor, yay or naying. he probably doesn't even care considering he tried to wash his hands of Boruto for S8 (which is why he told Ikemoto not to imitate his artstyle. though ikemoto probably couldn't successfully do that anyway.)

Even there are a team of monkey's typing, Kishimoto still spearheads the story now.

What if Sumire is meant to serve as a vessel to revive Amado's dead daughter?

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Wasn't there a theory that says Sumire is meant to serve as a vessel to revive Kaguya?

Yeah. Nue is apparently able to approximate Kaguya's jutsu for some reason. It was supposedly created using Hashirama Cells, which might just be derivatives of the God Tree. It's just weird that she's being paired up with Amado of all people, and is privy to all his sussy actions. We also know that reviving the dead in this series, whether as a zombie or as a living person, requires a sacrifice of someone else's life. A soul for a soul. And Amado's already helped Jigen kill countless children in pursuit of his wish, so what's one more to finish the job? Especially some smelly orphan girl nobody would really miss.

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Fans were already predicting Naruto would die too


no because Sarada was never supposed to be co-protagonist

There's also a theory that says Amado's dead daughter is Kaguya, so that could piece all of this together if Amado is going to sacrifice Sumire.

nah Ikemoto is definitely writing the dialogue. There's a certain edgy style to the dialogue that makes it clear it's coming from one person.

This but with every character not named Eida, Code, Delta, Shikamaru, Amado, Boruto, Naruto, Sasuke and Kawaki.

How would his dead daughter be Kaguya?

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Stop posting "theories" you read in the comment of ESL thumbnail videos

She's only new gen character outside Team 7 that's relevant, yes

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