Daily Gunslinger Girl Chapter

Return to the Bird Cage

Chapter 56

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late and dumb

I’m very sorry for the late thread
I left my phone in my friends car and bad to wait for him to come

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Time for misery!

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>dodging the question
Oh no...

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Hilshire just enjoys bringing pain upon himself

Can you even apply anesthesia properly in these circumstances? Doesn't it require an overpaid professional to carefully measure the amount so that it doesn't kill you? And doesn't it need a machine to apply?

More like a dumbass

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>just a sharp pocket knife

He just wants to look cool in front of Triela

Probably some basic anesthesia that just numbs the area
Nothing medical grade

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>turned down by best girl
Suicide is the only option.

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NO it’s not

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Wow, I hope Jean meets with a horrible end

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Man, the translation I read really butchered this scene.

Sleepy Hilshire

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Good GOD look at those traps. Is that achievable natty?

Are those really antibiotics?

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They'd probably just shoot him, Triela

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>No anesthesia because I don't want you running off
>Runs off
Triela you dolt


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>create a brainwashed murderbot in order to carry out extralegal assassinations and clandestine government operations and train her to believe that the purpose to her existence is carrying out dangerous missions
>but also ensure her handler will go to ridiculous lengths to shield her from harm, even at the expense of the mission or even himself, out of guilt and his sense of personal responsibility for her
What were they thinking?

Hilshire needs an adult!

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Another sickening case of young loli's taking advantage of oji-sans after a long day of work. Frankly I am disgusted that this manga would show something like this uncensored. I don't care if it's "art", its tasteless.


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I'd like to live Triela real hard as long as I can, if you catch my drift

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This is rape.

And that’s it for today
Triela deserved more than being a murder loli. She got lucky with her handler though Hilshire is a good guy

I guess asking if you ran away from home would have been better now. Eh.
If you have a question feel free to ask

Thank you for reading
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Thanks, OP

Thanks for the dump again op

The only nips here are Hilshire's!

Thanks for the chapter OP.
My main complaint with Section 2 from the beginning has been their use of child solders. But honestly, Hilshire has been totally redeemed. The fact that Triela was made into a fighting cyborg against his will and he became her handler out of guilt/blackmail is entirely respectable.
Still though, no excuse for the higher ups in Section 2

It's okay if it's Triela

Turns out there was a smudge on my screen right where her nipple would be. You win this time OP

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1 gun
SIG-Sauer P232

Thanks OP. Glad you're alive.

I'm trying not to have sexual thoughts about murder cyborgs but man, these Triela chapters are making it hard.