Yor is incredible

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>she sees your dick

True the blu rays are already selling a lot?

why did they make her tits so big

who cares?

I do

Oh my bad

Impregnating Anya would be very elegant.

>The day of the axe is coming
You know it, I know it, We all know it

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Shitty seasonal wife is shitty

This picture has great NTR potential

>anal sex with yor
>she flexes
>broke your peepee


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You can even smell her dripping pussy.

She's MINE

Anime onlys really made these threads unbearable, ugh.

Your wife is shitty

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Where are her nipples?

In my mouth

I was gonna buy the manga before the series began but never got around to it. Prices have gone up and there are hardly any in stock now

Literally a psychopath serial killer

>Yor and Loid are a great couple
>Anya ruins it
This should would had been better without the psychic kid.

>dat NTR gaze
Uh oh

Anya loves titties!

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>inb4 blind hate because it's popular
Just get it all out now so we can get on with the thread, please

Anya is literally the smartest of them right now. Immediately figured out their real identities and is smart enough to keep her real self hidden, unlike the two adults who acted like impulsive idiots today. How long will this charade keep going that neither side suspects the others when they all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop? It's so stupid, it breaks my suspension of disbelief.

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I hope they go on to have a biological child and Anya gets to be a big sister

How many times per episode will we see the gag with she making a surprised face?

I want pedos to get the fuck out. Go watch the Kunoichi anime and don't come back.

Ep 3 = interview
4= celebration/castle

It's a recurring gag throughout the entire manga

>he doesn't like Anya'd stupid ass face
Might as well stop watching

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My biggest gripe from the manga so far is the lack of development on Loid & Yor's relationship.

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I'm drowning in fanart, Yor SURGE

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I want to kiss Yor

Well Loid isn't a real human bean so it makes sense, can't develop a relationship when one of the parties is faking human emotion

I imagine our cour will split right after they get Bond. That way he can be in the second OP/ED.
Honestly, I had forgotten how soon that was really.

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I blame those fucking Ostanians

Same, we just need more Loid/Yor

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I feel like it's only after the boat arc the ED would feel earned, good thing that its Anya dreaming

I'm hopeful that the flashbacks are a sign we're entering the loid healing arc

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Stop being Yorny.

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How big is Yor's bush?

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Both of them have manga/anime MC levels of autism not seen in a long time.
They could be fucking like animals and still have monologues like "he/she doesnt like me, i'm just imagining things."

Far preferable over Marin.


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She shaves



Loid isn't autistic he's just intentionally trying to distance himself so he doesn't get attached.
Yor is a little off though.

>wanting a romcom to self insert into instead of a good show
LN adaptions were a mistake.

She actually feels like the least developed of the main cast.

Is it a spy thing?

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>a little
Nigga she has 2 INT

Because i asked them

There's being dumb and then there's getting flushed from violence and murder, that's what I'm referring to.

Their relationship is developing, slow and steady, I believe the author will make an arc where Yor gets pregnant and she has an internal struggle about how she will have to left her job to be a full mother.

>Is it a spy thing?
Can't leave small hairs at the scene of the crime.

She is a assassin, not a spy.

Ah, it makes sense.


sex with Yor while Anya is watching

kys yourself

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anya is for head pats
stop involving her in your lewd fantasies

Is the manga based on a novel, if yes is there a translation avaliable?

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Sex with Anya while Yor is watching


The thing is how far does anya's mindreading work?
This kid could be listening in on people doing things nobody has any right looking in to.

Sex with Loid while Anya and Yor are watching