Arknights anime's PV2 is finally out.
What are your expectations, user?
I don't expect to see new characters since this arc will cover the beginning of the game but I'm confident that the animation and the ost will be excellent.
>PV2 Trailer

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They've never displayed an ability to show a cohesively flowing sequence of animation. It's always these weird trailer clips. It's wholly possible it's going to be a complete disaster.

Expectations none.

The quality seems a bit better than other Chinese anime (the bar is veeeeeeery low). But the story is a disaster, and the anime will make it worse if anything. Supposing it's even animated beyond the opening and not an unironic slideshow.

Did GFL ended? was it good?

Dropped it so no idea but it was total, absolute shit, meme-tier.

but user! according to fans the STORY is GOOD! one of the best, it has a huge amount of words and one chapter is like 5 hours long of reading! truly masterpiece.

how long will it take you monkeys to learn what a preanimated trailer is?

It's animated in Japan and directed by Japanese. Financed by Yostar Pictures, a Japanese animation company founded by Chinese.

How can this be a Chinese anime?

Source material

Outsourced to China. Make it look like made in Japan. Popular between Weebs!

Is it ok for me to think that every game adaptation is fucking shit? mobile or not? sure you can name a few, very few ones but is annoying how the fanbase ALWAYS ask for anime then complain its bad.

Keep your low quality baits for your reddit genshin threads or Hoyolab discussions, Rizky.

>Is it ok for me to think that every game adaptation is fucking shit?

>annoying how the fanbase ALWAYS ask for anime then complain its bad.
That's every adaptation, manga included.

Everything is preanimated, they don't make the episodes one week before.

I think they just wanted to include several scenes together, I don't know if they can hold this artstyle/animation but Amiya getting up and medic getting scared looked good.

>This games/anime selling point?
>All the girls have animal ears and horns

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Most manga are good animes

>RWBY anime
>now this
Is this going to be a trend going forward?

And you still get those fuckers crying about one scene that changed or skipped.

>Implying the anime wont look like that
>Implying those are not scenes from the episodes
Not everyone pulls a crappa fake advertisement stunt

Animal ear and horns barely count. But there are a few full fur characters, the ratio is extremely low.

After Azur Lane, the animation has improved a lot.
I remember when they animated azur lane the first time and the last two episodes of the first season were worse animated than the battles in dragon ball super

The anime? Yeah it ended. It got better as it progressed though ...
The game? It's pretty much dead ever since they introduced the furry skins.

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Eh, I think it will impress niwaka / Chinese & SEA weebs, while anyone in tune with the basics of animation will see it for what it is.

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>sakuga autist

>weird baseless projection
I just think having obvious animation errors in your trailer, no name staff, and a few other things are big red flags


Send it to Yea Forums

Will Yea Forums like this donkey?

When will Crownslayer come back?

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How disappointing that the anni units are a bunch of reruns characters.

Sane Spector will be nice

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> according to fans the STORY is GOOD! one of the best
It was the wrong fans. Most of us think that the plot is the worst part of the AK.

I think Arknights already has a lot of characters. I prefer seeing the ones that I like than getting new ones (unless it's something like Talulah or Crownslayer)

I like the regular specter but now I cannot use both if I get the SSR. To me an evolution system would have been better + a live2D skin but what I can say after the second Chen or Nearl. I feel anni should always be reserved for MAIN story relevant characters. Kal, Theresia, Talulah, Amiya blanco, things like that.


>story is a disaster
If anything its bland at start since game has a big world building component to it. With just following the first 6 or so chapters it will barely manage to scratch the surface, with lots of context being left unknown to watchers.

Literally no one says this, the general consensus is that the world building is excellent because it is and the events are usually pretty great while the main story is an absolute slog
>t. been playing since En release

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The main story, not so much.

The side stuff and character backgrounds are the things people enjoy. I would rather it be an anthology of side stories or a comedy series than adapting the main story like they are doing

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Warning sign that it's pre-animated

> All the girls have animal ears and horns
> All
Well, that's not really true. Bird races and sea inhabitants don't have any external differences from Homo Sapiens.

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Is that why the in-game event animations have always been in the same style too? Because they're secretly pre-animating the entire story?

staring none of the coolest race. Sanktas

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everybody shits on the main story. It's only really carried by the setting and the side stories.

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Bro your Exu? If they follow the storyline of the game, she will have several minutes of screen time.

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I've been investing in Exucoin for 3 years for this payoff

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You forgot tails.

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Moment to moment writing is often trash, because it seems to be writting more like a book than a visual novel (shit medium btw) but the ideas driving the story as well as setpieces are kino. Since learning about airships I'm planning on actually catching up with the story.

>Most of us
Speak for yourself skimkek

too bad with 8 episodes to work with you'll barely get to ch1

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Not anime.

I think the story is ok, good even. But I'm only on episode 4 so maybe that will change.

I feel like if you like reunion you will like the story.

i'm going to see Popukar right?

The group? I liked some of the members and how they work. I think they are a very good main antagonist group. though it seems that they are not in control.

We'll see. It looks decent so far.

Im banking on a scene in Lungmen where King, Exu and Texas fuck up a bar. Theyd be mad not to show off more popular characters.

>The group?

>we won't get to see brapman kino all things considered
Also this board belongs to Ursus now

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They’re not gonna get anything beyond chapter 4 at most, stopping at 3 I’d guess. We’re not gonna see shit from events bar maybe some snippets of Darknights Memoirs when W shows up.

This is getting multiple seasons for sure.

Eh. The problem is the only stuff you’ll see in the first season kinda sucks on its own, it’s groundwork. It’s the second season that includes Frostnova and onwards that’ll be good but that second season might not ever actually come if the first flops.

lowlight is such an autist. he will go all out for something so retard like multiple seasons anime

>"should we kill a homeless hyena, even if the home isn't real?"
How does anyone even convince themselves the main story is well written? You can forgive purple prose when it has actual flow or is chuuni enough to loop around to being cool, but this shit is just embarrassing. People just monologue and quip one liners that don't even sound cool in order to keep shit as vague as possible.

First season should be okay. It's basically going to be like first PV just turned into a full season.

But it's S2 where actually good stuff starts.

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will there be anything as cringekino as this?

They can easily make it good through action and world building alone. There are so many good fights even in early chapters.

I wanna see Patriot and Rosmontis in action so bad.

>good through action and world building alone
That's what GFL tried to do and look where that turned out. It isn't about the actual content but the execution of it all. Misha's arc was okay but the execution of it in game was plain all around mediocre.

They had no fucking budget to work with and it shows

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