Mushoku Tensei

>Studio Bind cut Eris' toilet scene from the anime
>they will be doing the Onimai anime, which is full of piss
Will Studio Bind finally find redemption and atone for their sins?

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So several more years until S2?

>Elise and Roxy have "Girl talk" after Roxy keeps walking in on Elise. Roxy says how she wants to wait for a knight who saves her in a labyrinth and they go finishing the labyrinth together and fall in love.
>I'm wondering If that foreshadowing was already in the WN or did the anime add that extra "love talk" scene
Not sure about the WN, but there was foreshadowing in the LN about her fantasy of wanting to be saved and falling in love. IIRC, it wasn't in a "girl talk" scene with Elise tho. It was in a section that which expositioned on her background/backstory. And her fantasy was based on someone she knew and how they met their husband (I think?)...either a teacher at university or maybe Bloody Kant? I know there was back and forth with Elise and Roxy in the LN similar to that scene in the anime, but don't remember there being as much of a set up in the LN using Roxy+Elise as in the anime.

>Studio Bind cut Eris' toilet scene from the anime
I've forgotten this apparently. When was here a toilet scene?


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Probably not. Money bets they'll cut the piss out of this one too.

>How could Norn even resist?

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there is nothing to discuss, make threads when there is an actual topic at hand, such as a new manga chapter or anime news.
Don't make these general style posts anymore, please, it's just ritualposting now and even the normalfags go unchecked since the threads are so dead nobody cares about keeping them out anymore.

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Realistically what are the odds that he consoled Eris in the Oldeus timeline after Rudy rejected her?

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0 because he, Sylphy, and Ariel were in hiding and Eris was running around following rudeus. Then months later they all died.

Oldy found Eris in Luke's parental home... Do we need pages of lewd, steaming handholding and head patting before we can face the reality that she's destined to be skewered on Luke's longsword?

Eris was waiting outside the Notos mansion so could enact her genius plan of:

>1) Verbally abuse and physically assault Oldeus
>2) ???
>3) Eris and Oldeus get married

implying luke could skewer ANYTHING on his longsword

cope, seethe, mald mosaic face

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People didn't have problems with constant MT threads before, why complain now?

Season 2 with be 100 episodes.

It's the "excitedly witnessing ojou-sama's peeing" line from the LN. The LN was just that one line and didn't show anything explicit. The manga changed it to her wanting to use the toilet and Rudy would wait outside. The anime cut it out entirely.

literally just a bunch of anons crying because MT is more popular than their favourite series that won't get any threads.

An user a thread or two ago recommended "Banished from the Hero's Party" as a similar story to MT 10/11's newlywed life. Read the first volume and it's giving similar vibes so far. It's not as well written as MT, but it's still enjoyable. I'd recommend it for any other anons looks for a story about a newly married couple.

What are you doing?
Trust in Hitogami.

This series would honestly be much better if Rudy wasn't so OP and got guidence from man-god every time something happens.

Very little suspense that anything too bad happens. Rudy never really loses much or makes any major mistakes.

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Hitogami is behind the Onimai anime, but he's only delaying the inevitable. Soon, Orsted will come for him

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>t. hasn't read the novel

Do you know which chapter? Or around which chapter?


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>as109 new doujin

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he is even more OP in the novel but pretty much every issue he faces is solved for him by somebody more powerful

>anime only brainlet outting himself even harder
In the novels he practically can’t win 1v1 vs high level opponents.
Also you got those replies because you don’t know shit about Hitogami,
Hito was only using Rudy for his history changing experiments, like take how he graciously told him about Lilia’s and Aisha’s location, Zanobas arc’s conclusion is basically direct consequence of what happened in previous Shirone arc where he ‘helped’ him that ended with Pax and Zanoba’s exile by using Rudy, seemingly nothing important at first however which resulted in the destruction of Shirone, Pax’s suicide due to Hitogami's butterfly effect which means Orsted no longer knows where Laplace will be born(he even knew the exact guy that would be born in Shirone and was planning to kill him when he was baby) meaning he’s fucked and he would probably decide to forsake the loop if not for Rudy and Orstedcorp.

>tfw Eris c3 still hasn’t been translated in English

It’s pretty much this honestly. They can always not bump the thread and not participate it’s their choice simple azzat

Just search volume 2 the chapter where Eris gets kidnapped

that’s not really surprising since he is he behind multiculturalism and is the globohomo of MT world

>it's real

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The piss is a central part of Onimai though. One character also literally got introduced with a toilet scene. Unless Bind decided to be jerks it would be hard to cut them out without changing up the story.

The raw is even region locked behind some dumb app and the raws aren't on nyaa yet. Sometimes a I wish I was a spic, I might have 20~ fewer IQ points, but at least I could partake in alive animé posting.

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I hope a car runs you over weirdo.

Erisbros... not the orc cock... not like this...


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> “Men often keep a number of women for themselves, but the opposite is practically unheard of. That was merely the way God made us humans. After all, a man can give their seed to multiple women, but a woman can only have one man’s child at a time. It does seem there are demon women who can have multiple men’s babies at once, but the same cannot be said for our race.”

And the Luke's with a woman who have 5 babies from different men lmao.

Orc cock you say? Based Bash.

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>one line
how is this a big deal then?

it’s not, but anons like to shitpost about it because it would’ve been pretty amusing to show it on live TV

Isn't he just saying that he is so smitten with Eris that he'd be OK with being her second husband here?

All the while foreshadowing his eventual relationship with Ariel?

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She's twelve and scared, and she makes him hold her hand while she's on the toilet because she's afraid he'll go off somewhere her if she lets him leave her sight.pretty cute.

Im at my 4th reread of this series and I realize NOW that when oldeus dies he was seeing roxy and sylphie using his future sight.
how fucking retarded am I, Yea Forums? its so fucking obvious in hindsight.

Don’t worry another user said exactly the same thing a few months ago when he was rereading the series.

Bash would unironically be around King/semi-emperor class if he were in the six-sided world. With hit racial toughness added on top of that he could probably beat Eris.

Now there’s a new doujin idea.

I wonder if Asanagi will be allowed to do doujins of things he’s officially working on.

monogamy bros...

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one is Nana, who's the other whore though?

Do orcs even exist in MT? I think the pig headed guy like Blaze was categorized as a demon but there's aren't any orcs right?
I wonder why.

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Bretty good

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They're just random hoes

>black hair
>6-sided world
there is only one hoe that match the description

Literally all of begaritto continent have black hair. Not to mention also K2.
It's asians that don't really exist in MT.

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my throne

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Sticklphy rod

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I want that throne

she can have my rod all right if ypu know what i mean!